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And Our Hope Is One


And Our Hope Is One

In honor of the day when "the fiery birds of war come home to roost," the poem "Shema" - the most central Jewish prayer for the oneness of God and all people - by Jewish-Puerto Rican poet and activist Aurora Levina Morales. On 9/11, she noted the surprise and outrage of so many Americans learning we are "not immune/ from the tragedies spawned in the ready rooms of our leaders." "Hear, oh people," she cries. Wake up, and make peace.


Faith that defines a soul as opposed to faith that is only a name, a label that separates rather than unites.

One God - any faith or none at all. It is what you do not what you call yourself.

The greatest faith has no name ... it is just faith.

One God - any faith (no faith required)



Dense with truth, our troubled truth here in this youngster of a country.

This stood out for me:

"....we have been hypnotized by the fantasy that we are the freest of all people
to quietly accept the coup of the unelected, and the ravaging of the planet;
we are passengers in a car driven by men drunk with plunder,
ricocheting through the world leaving trails of devastation:
we are the ones who must take the wheel,
stop this hurtling death ride, downshift into decency, not because we are wiser
than the crushed and bleeding in the streets, but because we are here.
We are not the designated drivers of the world:
but we are designated to stop what we can reach."

A rallying cry to awareness and action if there ever was one.


A powerful poem! Thank you.


Thank you, Abby. That is both powerful and powerfully moving.


Exquisite. Thank you.