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And the Oscar Goes to…


And the Oscar Goes to…

Randall Amster

We learned a few important things following the President’s speech to Congress. First, we now know that he is able to read from a teleprompter, after all, and stick close to a script for an extended period. Second, someone in the Administration got the message that it might be a good idea to give a major speech that doesn’t make it seem as if the apocalypse is scheduled for next Tuesday. On both counts, some are giving the President high marks for showing a less incendiary and more statesmanlike side.


You can't let an apocalypse happen that quickly. You need to give the con artist time to plunder the public treasury and bask in the glory of his tremendous accomplishments. His house of cards will come tumbling down around us all soon enough.


and this:


I'll bet I agree with Amster on basic issues, but in this essay it's hard to tell. A lot sound and fury, but what is he trying to signify? A lot of cliches, rhetoric, generalities, and soft suggestions; but nothing tangible. This is the general stance and tone of the liberal.

Let's have a general strike.


Yes, trump "played loose with facts" showed a "clear willingness to leverage the future as a means to artificially inflate the coffers of the present - as well as the clear impetus toward deregulation in all spheres as a means of enhancing corporate profits and priorities. These core themes need to be further unpacked." Unpacked?

C'mon Randall please, be more aggressive with this narrow-minded uneducated idiot mental case who only believes in his fantasy self and profits uber-alles for his 1% cronies! His "worldview articulated in this speech" and his "vision" are so destructive, ignorant, and obtuse we are well on the way to a very doubtful (and potentially short) future! Very cynical I know......

He has "a dangerous tendency to flout the inherent interconnectedness of our lives and our futures. There are no walls high enough to alter this reality, and resorting to illusory rhetoric doesn’t change actual facts. Empty gestures toward being "great again" at the expense of others and the world around us aren’t simply misguided" - they are deadly destructive to the entire worlds peoples, our Mother Earth and all Her other creatures! He has zero understanding that all things are connected!

Great writing and accurate Randall, but as @lcotler wrote, you could have (should have, IMO) been more direct and far more forceful in describing speech, agenda, threat, and personality. Peace!