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And the Winner of the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate? ...Bernie Sanders


And the Winner of the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate? ...Bernie Sanders

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Fox News hosted the first full debate between the "top-tier" candidates of the Republican presidential candidates on Thursday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders took in the show with an active social media hashtag to offer his reflections on the GOP discussion—remarking on their responses, making note of what issues they avoided or refused to discuss, and letting his 2016 rivals know what it might look like to #DebateWithBernie.


As this country continues to circle the drain, let's point out that the event last night was not a debate. "Show and tell", maybe, but not a debate. Just because Fox calls it a debate doth not make it one.


My first thought from the opening shot of the arena and 'moderators' was...Miss America pageant.


How telling that the spectacle of "debate" is held in an 'arena' funded by financial bookkeeping software corporation Quicken.
Think about it. All bookkeeping considered acceptable to the most bloated, corrupt financial institutions in human history is by definition exclusionary of all aspects of live deemed non-essential under the legacy premise of 'externalized costs'. Most recognizable in terms saturating the contemporary lexicon from 'collateral damage' to ______ (fill in the blank).
Buzz words like a silent buzz saw fragment meaning and context, Most people are becoming aware (continually maturing into the realities of their/our own lived experiences) that these are not debates but rather performances by cowardly gladiators in the armor of constant training to sharpen profiles of control, authoritarian expertise where the direct experience of the consequences of the practices are arrogated to 'underlings' by the 'top dog'.

Framed as spectacle, these seem to be gathering the poisons of contortion where 'inclusion' means nothing more than being able to buy a ticket to be 'in the audience'. The din of the constant hammering of this armor increasingly rendering what is a living planet and most essential long-term life, like trees and forest biomes that require multiple lifetimes of stewardship for integrity of health, into a weedy, polluted sub-divided lot on which only a single season GMO corporate owned terminator seed is allowed.


Unlike Bernie, I chose not to go to Bullshit Mountain (Fox News) and see this spectacle. The only real "winner" was Israel. All of them genuflected to the Neo-Cons and came out against the Iran deal.


None of the so called presidential debates are real debates. That goes for Democratic debates as well. All they are is question and answer sessions.


They were as a Ship of Fools, Peter Welford:


I didn't waste my time or limited brain matter on these 16-17 glad-handing, anti-intellectual, pandering, sycophantic, bloodsucking wannabes. How many of these drygulchers are currently being investigated for criminal activity or already under indictment for felonies? Was that even brought up? The world must be shaking their heads or laughing their collective arses off today. Then shuddering at the thought of one the these batshit crazies in The War Room. As our MSM and NPB networks play the straight men to these willfully ignorant, hamfisted chumps. Can you actually believe the selfie of Kim Kardashian and Hillary was mentioned on NPR this morning as stealing " the day and play " from Fox's Fog Machine? Oh my, we're very deep in the doodoo, here. And, Bernie must not miss this opportunity to let Hillary have it for the picture of her with a porn star from Hollyweird. Is anyone really surprised these idiots are Israeli Firsters, too? Who do you think they're getting paid by? Even " Chuckie Cheese " Schumer is displaying his true colors, today. Surprised they're not red, white and blue? I'm not in the least. He's as bad and as phony as advertised. Like I said, we're in the uncharted territory of the port-a-potty, with this crowd. " Save yourself if you can "


Thanks. If the lines were drawn any clearer or thicker after this hot mess, " Blind Lemon " Jefferson would trip over them, on his way to Dallas.


Fox doesn't actually deliver real news...why would they show a real debate?


Why don't you piss and moan after Bernie's elected president and doesn't do what you want?


A international pattern seems appearing. In Canada, after almost fifty years in office, conservatives lost to leftists in Alberta, Canada. Currently in the British Labor Party,

"Corbyn's sudden ascendancy has been fueled by an influx of new activists, many of them under the age of 30, in the Labour Party, which has seen its membership grow by more than 60,000 in the three months since the elections.

To his supporters, Corbyn, 66, represents an opportunity to reclaim Labour for the left after years of political triangulation under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown." http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/8/7/corbyn-mania-grips-british-left.html

Donald Trump is leading the Republican presidential candidates with a racist populist campaign, this when in bewilderment Chuck Todd declares the rest of the business focused Republican pack the strongest group of candidates the Republican Party has fielded in decades. Bernie Sanders is drawing large crowds for his speeches, especially drawing from the young.

What seems occurring is an electoral revolt against the austerity policies of both traditional right and left wing parties in numerous countries in the West and South, considering political changes in South America. Whether this revolt can succeed as a left wing reaction, and not a right wing neo-fascist reaction as in several Eastern European countries, I do not know, but I can hope.


I would appreciate a list of populist policies that Donald Trump is proposing if you have it.


Yes, I understand your response. However, you are considering Trump from a left-wing perspective. He is propounding a populist position from the right-wing perspective. To what this comes is a blaming of all of one's woes on some sort of social change. Thus, Trump has been insulting to women, and racist towards Hispanics. Importantly as well, he does not speak often of the "trickle down" economic policies of the rest of Chuck Todd's "strong" field of Republicans. So, what he is doing, and proving successful at, is the same sort of thing Bernie Sanders is doing: appealing to the effectively disenfranchised vast majority of Americans who have experienced a significant decline in their well-being since the financial crash of 2008. Rather than the communal response of Sanders, however, Trump espouses the class response of the bigotry of neo-fascism. Thus, putting aside whether right or left, what is important about both Trump and Sanders is the representation of the effectively disenfranchised majority.


Jill Stein needs to follow Bernie's example so that when the 'real' debates are held she is tweeting her answers while the 'anointed contestants' are on stage!


Wouldn't that make Ms. Stein a follower of Sen. Sanders and not the leader of a new party? s/


Well the problem is that the Dems may very well give more lip service to environmental issues, but when push comes to shove, their actions belie their words - I despise the Reps positions, but at least they make it pretty clear where they are coming from - the Dems are notoriously hypocritical, words for their "base", actions for their benefactors ...


Oh, i dunno - requiring that we don't support entities that engage in slo-mo genocide hardly seems like a demand for "perfection" ...

As for this "paid troll" business - are you a "paid" subscriber to the SR school of comment?


Don't hold you breath waiting for Sanders to take pot shots at Hillary - that wasn't part of the "deal" ...


The only thing missing was the contestants riding in open convertibles.