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And the World Will Live As One


And the World Will Live As One

Lord, what would John Lennon have made of the Trump monster? Marking today's 36th anniversary of Lennon's murder, Yoko Ono posted a plea for gun control, calling his death "a hollowing experience" and pleading, "Together, let's bring back America, the green land of Peace." With so many seeking solace in these ugly times, mourns one fan, "Oh John, you really should be here." Lennon then, and likely now: "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."


Just as with John F. Kennedy, I remember exactly where I was when the breaking news story came out saying Lennon had been shot and died.


How come only the Good Guys get assassinated?

Because all the assassins are Dicks.

Or hired by the Dicks.

Or framed by the Dicks.


Because the good guys are too moral to hire assassins. Not that this is a bad thing. It is a slippery slope if one takes actions similar to their oppressors, that they might eventually become like them.


Change in the world begins in the imagination.


Either we will learn to live together as one or we will all die as one.


"Together, let's bring back America, the green land of Peace."

When was that?


The darkest day of that year.


That was before us whitey's got here.


" How come only good guys get assassinated."

The short answer: because they are stepping on the toes of the violent, bad guys and the good guys never retaliate violently when the bad guys step on their toes.


Since it is the Christmas season, these words of John Lennon seem appropriate:

Imagine no need for greed or hunger;
it's the brotherhood of man.