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‘And Then the Dogs Came’: Dakota Access Gets Violent, Destroys Graves, Sacred Sites


‘And Then the Dogs Came’: Dakota Access Gets Violent, Destroys Graves, Sacred Sites

Sarah Sunshine Manning

"This demolition is devastating. These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors. The ancient cairns and stone prayer rings cannot be replaced. In one day, our sacred land has been turned into hollow ground." —Dave Archambault II, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman

On the afternoon of September 3, a procession of prayerful water defenders, consisting of men, women, and children, walked on foot up to the original protest site where the first demonstrations took place in early August.


Brothers and Sisters:

You are not protesters, you are protectors of your sacred lands. These thugs and their attack dogs have absolutely no right to intimidate you and bite you on your sacred land with vicious attack dogs.

You have the right to self-defense from these oil company goons and their attack dogs.

If I could be there in person ( I am with you in spirit ) I would supply you with pepper spray to protect your bravery and righteous cause from these thugs and their attack dogs. Protect yourselves, from these vicious attack dogs, with pepper spray.


Once again the native people of North America are showing us a way to a sustainable future. What we owe them is immeasurable. But instead, the oil interests act in bad faith and with aggression.


I grew up during the civil rights movement, seeing dogs, police batons and fire hoses turned on peaceful American citizens. Good God almighty, have we not learned anything???? Where is the outrage from the supposed leaders of this collapsing and corrupt country? And the citizens of this country are outraged by a courageous American patriot's refusal to bow to a song which idolizes war, slavery and the very theft of this land from it's rightful owners, which oil corporations are now raping. I haven't said the pledge of allegiance in more than 30 years. With liberty and justice for all, what a line of BS! Yet the masses robotically recite the words to songs and pledges without even a twinge of guilt.


If there is justice, this desecration will be the catalyst to shut down this project and this outlaw corporation.


The Cops watched from up on the hill.

That all that needs to be said. Had the protestors turned violent those cops would have come down with their billy clubs and guns for yet another Wounded Knee. It sickening.


Reminds me of the Nazi's destroying Jewish cemeteries.



I'd like somebody to tell me what Cheryl Mills is up to these days?


These corporations don't care whether they violate laws, court orders or even cause injury and later have to pay huge compensation. They have figured out that they can buy their way out of this stuff with future profits. The fines, settlements, etc are minimal compared to their windfall profits. In a nation of unequal justice the penalties given to the rich and powerful are always proportionately way lower than those give to low or middle income. There really is no incentive with either monetary loss or incarceration (which almost never happens) for them to change their behavior.

It is a game and they know they will win in the end because they have rigged it. Of course they don't give a damn about traditions, sacred spaces, families or human life. They are only interested in a profit for their shareholders. In this they are well supported by government and the American system of justice.


That is not going to happen. Under our current system justice exists if you can pay for it.


Just because someone trespasses on land you have acquired, to protest, it doesn't give you the right to sick dogs on them to bite them. I would think law suits are in order.


Good point. We've been committing war crimes in the middle east for
decades now, and been allowed to do it, no prosecutions.

Why not let an energy company do it here to some more brown people? Seems
to be the Murican way.


I've been wondering the same thing. What are the candidates saying about this? Where is Obama? Despicable.


Private property is theft.


Found this comment on another site.

+15 # Majikman 2016-09-06 09:09
Amy Goodman did an excellent review on Monday of the attack on peaceful protestors. FYI those dogs were supplied by Bob Frost kennels in Ohio, apparently unlicensed, and were handled by untrained, ignorant "dog" people. I sent this memo to Frost kennels:

"Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” did a lengthy piece on you and your dogs being used to bite and intimidate peaceful protesters and their horses at the Standing Rock site. As a handler/trainer of GSD’s I was horrified to see wonderful dogs being used so irresponsibly by ignorant handlers. What the hell is wrong with you? The video also showed a dog being carried off in the arms of its handler....prob ably kicked by the horse it was attacking.

You’re probably ex-military who cares more for the buck than the welfare of his dogs.



I just looked at the Web site addressed and left a request for clarification on their "contact us" pane. We shall see what response I might get. I do note that one of the 4 photos that cycle on their home page shows a dog in full snarling attack; 2 show children holding puppies, and the 4th shows a dog in the stance we saw in the video, a hand on its butt. Frost Kennels, btw is in Ohio.


This would help. We all need to chip in for this.



I'd like to know whether they've been asked to come. The bulk of the funds is to be used for the "Herbal Medics" to get there (I forgot to look from where), and it says they'll take a trailer and water drums, but not whether those drums will arrive full (DHS had supplied, then removed water trucks at the start).

Frankly, I'd rather support the protectors directly if I could.


Post how to do that.


Whose "human nature," you jackass...

DAILY you take the crimes committed by specific interests--typically big business, govt. interests that are no longer accountable to The People, or the MIC--and turn them into YOUR version of the problem of human beings, human nature, or "sheeple."

Obviously there are human beings protesting this. Unless, in your prejudiced, narrow-minded eyes THEY are not people at all.

I am tired of your ridiculously prejudicial broad-stroke condemnations of ALL human beings.

If there's any "sheeple" around, it's you!

SAMPLES of your SICK commentary:


All good sheeple show their loyalty and their submission to their masters by standing.


... but not as well as the MSM and the ruling class plays the sheeple?


Scratch below the surface of the human mind and you almost always find an ignorant irrational hateful reptilian brain.


The sheeple don't even think about which USA leaders have been war criminals.


Don't worry, fossil fuel will soon be all gone; and once 6,000,000,000 bodies finish decaying, things will get better.

Your HATRED of the human race hardly contributes to ANY discussion and I am tired of it.

It's done to divert discussions away from ACTUAL events with ACTUAL criminal actors.