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And They’re Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020


And They’re Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020

Ruth Conniff

The cork was barely off the champagne on New Year’s Eve 2019 before a crowd of eager candidates began their 2020 presidential election stampede.

Elizabeth Warren has formed her official presidential exploratory committee, dedicating her campaign to “fighting for America's middle class.”


Bernie/Liz 2020.



I am still open to persuasion by democratic candidates…

There are 3 things that I want:

  • a candidate who will defeat Donald tRump
  • a candidate who openly supports economic justice for the working classes
  • a candidate who openly acknowledges the seriousness of climate change

Candidates who are billionaires need not apply. Candidates who take Wall Street, pharmaceutical corporate, health care corporate and fossil fuel industry contributions need not apply.


One of the very least talked about 2020 Democratic Primary Presidential candidates is Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, US House Representative. She appears to be on the verge of declaring her candidacy for the Presidency. Though greatly overlooked, she is the second most important candidate known to be a possible contender, next to Bernie Sanders. Tulsi Gabbard is the first Samoan-American and the first Hindu elected to the US Congress. She currently holds the rank of Major in the US Army. A strong supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016, Tulsi Gabbard would be as likely as anyone to become the Vice Presidential candidate of Bernie Sanders should he win the nomination for the 2020 Presidential election. This would make Tulsi Gabard the first female Vice President in US history, upon a Sanders/Gabbard win. Bernie Sanders remains the years-long prohibitive favorite to win both the Democratic primary and the Presidency itself in 2020: berniesandersandthecarnivalofamericanelections.home.blog


So… why are you not firmly backing Sanders?

  • The most popular political figure in USA for the past 3 years, and one the polls showed would have blown Trump away;
  • The leader in economic justice advocacy for his entire career; and
  • the most aggressively pro-environment/ anti-climate-change candidate of all.

If progressive folk don’t coalesce around Sanders, what you will see is a free-for-all in which all of the more progressive candidates are eliminated by the establishment who will pick a Biden, Beto, or even worse. And that all but guarantees Trump a 2nd term.


The Democratic Party establishment (the third way clintonite scum) spoke loudly yesterday, as their first act in the new Congress was not against Trump. It was to try and beat down the new progressives just elected to the House and to extract blood oath to Pelosi, Perez, and their Nixonian agenda.
That should tell you all you need to know about who the party will be backing in 2020.


I’m one of those small donors who supported several candidates ahead of the mid-terms, including Beto O’Rourke. But I won’t be supporting him, or Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Kamala Harris (for example) in the Democratic primary race–as much as I admire all of them. With my limited disposable means I intend to choose authenticity over ideology and substance over celebrity. Empathy AND experience: these are the qualities I believe we want and need in a presidential candidate and that’s why I believe that Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown would be the best candidate to unite a fractious Democratic party while appealing to a polarized nation. I believe that if he chooses to run (and I hope that he will announce sooner rather than later) he would be, hands down, the best and most electable anecdote to Trumpism. I will look forward to more coverage of him and Amy Knobuchar, who would make (in my view) a truly great team.


Maybe instead of the DNC crowning a winner before the primaries even start
we will have several possible candidates and a real choice.