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And You Thought Republicans’ Health Care Bill Couldn’t Get Worse


And You Thought Republicans’ Health Care Bill Couldn’t Get Worse

Sacramento Bee

At this point, it’s only a matter of degrees how misguided and cruel the proposals are by Republicans in Congress to “fix” America’s health care system.

Still, the bill unveiled by Senate GOP leaders Thursday is even worse in some ways than the horrible bill the House narrowly approved in May.


Look out, Republicans, or those Out of Power Dems will unleash some really Strongly Worded Statements!

You know, the Party that, when they HAD Power, immediately put Single Payer OFF the Table, BEFORE negotiations had even Begun.

Parasite Insurance Industry OUT of Health Care.


This is a great article, historically from a source that has managed to survive mostly intact.



I think there are a growing number of people that are realizing they are not being represented by either party. So this is going to take mass participation by citizens on an issue by issue basis. Eventually it will change, much like a pendulum it doesn't swing one way. How long it takes is another matter.


Just what does the GOP think is going to happen to all those disabled seniors in nursing homes? Most do not have families that can take care of them. When the money runs out do we just park them at the street curb for trash pickup?