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Anderson Cooper: Opposing Illegal CIA Wars Is Unelectable


Anderson Cooper: Opposing Illegal CIA Wars Is Unelectable

Robert Naiman

A key reason that the US has so many wars is that big US media have a strong pro-war, pro-Empire bias. You rarely see big US media badgering a politician for supporting a war that turned out to be a catastrophe. But it's commonplace for big US media to badger politicians for opposing wars, even catastrophic ones.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper is a perfect example of this phenomenon.


I remember the dual feeling of both shock and relief that came over me upon reading a story published in Harper's that chronicled the degree to which the CIA infiltrated mass media. The program earmarked financial rewards and a variety of grants doled out to those writers who pushed the old, familiar--U.S. good/Russia bad (or fill in the blank ____________ to produce alternative "enemies du jour") narrative.

Add in Project Paperclip and the knowledge that too many Nazi Scientists were enamored with their own 1950's version of Total Information Dominance (and awareness) and therefore pursued methods of covert mind control--via a captured media that relayed carefully calibrated messages, often. At this juncture, major inroads were advanced into breaking down the human mind through trauma-based mind control operations. Fascination with "the dark side" prompted U.S. military brotherhoods to import these "scientists;" and as is clear from the networks currently dedicated to torture (at a number of offshore prison camps), morally bankrupt policies took root and grew to serious and dangerous proportions.

Of course many of us were under the romantic notion that The Church Committee exorcized the demon of Big Brother's spying operations once and for all.

Enter 911: Another trigger that proved all too reminiscent of precisely the same "motivational device" deployed by Hitler to usurp Germany's existing bodies of law. In their place were instituted a very different basis for "civil liberties." Hello: NDAA and Patriot Act (newly instituted here inside "the homeland").

When Phil Donahue was demonized for challenging the War Fever drumbeat that fed into Bush's run-up to already planned ("case is being fixed FOR war" as The Downing St. Memo put it) wars; and no radio stations dared to play anti-war music, and as playwright Bill C. Davis put it, the media was saturated with "Generals: On Stage!" The only considered adult/reasonable/valid point of view was the one that rallied for war.

Nothing else was allowed to be aired in the same way that Obama held closed door meetings on the so-called Obama Care enforced-insurance-apparatus; and held similar closed door meetings to push TPP and TIPP... total corporate takeovers of global food, energy, media, medicine, and other supply trains. And to ensure that NO other voice could be heard to expose the criminal wrong-doing, a war on whistle blowers began.

I had no idea that this Aryan (Anderson Cooper) was a bona fide CIA spook. But note how deftly CIA protocols operate when under the guise of a free and open debate--as befitting a "free and open" society--the parameters of that debate are controlled by one schooled in manipulation, dis-information, and intimidation to the point where his own psyche has no doubt become too morally polluted to discern Truth from the daily served-up-salads of falsehoods; nor do such sycophants much care if The Truth Shall Set Them (the misinformed masses) free... so long as their team wins and Might Makes Right. (Mars rules--the ethos of warriors, at work. Whether in full Nazi uniform or that of a U.S. marine, it's a universal archetype that a particular population niche salutes... before all other "gods" and ideological premises.)

IT is armed and dangerous and self-professedly M.A.D.


You will note how this ex-spook was born to wealth through the vanderbilt clan.

It no accident so many of these "heirs of fortunes" are groomed by the CIA and no accident that so many of them will marry into wealth. There a careful selection process that goes on.

In the old British Army if one was born to wealth one could gain a commission as an officer in the Army no matter how competent one was. The same stuff is at work here.


If you really want to look under the hood of "this baby," then you can't avoid considering the genetic lineage that goes back many centuries. The more I think about it--and what it tends to produce in the way of unchecked, repetitive carnage, the more I think that David Icke is onto something.

There is a lot of material that has streamed in via interviews done by Kerry Cassidy of "Project Camelot." She has FAR more respect for military (and ex-military) than I do, but her interviews reveal lots of fascinating tidbits about the UFO cover-up, the reverse-engineered technologies held by corporations like Raytheon. And how what these "outfits" are up to is often intimated in sci-fi films in a form that many now term: Predictive Programming.

So this idea of cloning, three-D copy technology, weapons that we can't imagine, and space/time travel are not just fantasy.

Cathy O'Brien, Kay Griggs, Ted Gunderson and others explain that there are covert branches of the military (CIA) that use mind control techniques like giving soldiers (or others) LSD without their consent, using sleep deprivation, and other torture "lite" protocols. The goal is to cause the mind to split off into separate personalities.

There is such a preponderance of evidence on these covert practices as to suggest a lot more than hyperbole or conjecture.

And how about the amount of Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and Secretaries of State emerged from the moral quagmire of Skull and Bones fraternity rituals and/or those practiced by the elite at Bohemian Grove?

The ugliness is sickening and this rabbit hole not only goes deep, it seems to be where too many figures of power reside like Vampires who can't abide the light of Truth... or daylight.


I almost never watch the tube anymore, so this was my first experience of the man. My first thought was that he was weird. My second thought was that he looked like an albino space alien. My third was that his actual performance confirmed my second thought.It was a WTF moment for me.


You often mention project paperclip but that just one small part of CIA funded operations to seek more effective means of killing or of control.

The Japanese during WW2 had Unit 731. this unit performed experimentation on humans in China and Korea including testing chemicals and biological agents on live subjects to chart the result . They performed vivisection on live test subjects without using sedatives to test pain thresholds. They would remove organs from otherwise healthy individuals to chart and measure the effects of exposures to chemicals, tobacco and the like.

Russia captured some of these people after the war and tried them with war crimes.

The USA gave blanket immunity in return fro the information being shared with the US Military. The US then went on to use chemical and biological agents in North Korea and even did some 300 live tests at home in the USA against Civilian populations. Major us cities were subjected to "live tests" to see how quickly contagions could spread.

These bastards even were looking for ways to make Ebola more contagious.


It's interesting to read the link Naiman provides to Anderson Cooper's blog at CNN, with Cooper's explanation for his having worked two summers at CIA headquarters in Langley.

CNN moderates the comments on their website and on Cooper's blog, and has removed any critical or inflammatory comment regarding his two summers working for the CIA. All the allowed comments that made it past the moderators are along the lines of "Oh Anderson, you are so wonderful!"


If people would read the actual text of Anderson Cooper's comments, provided in the article's link, on his job at the CIA at age 19, I think they might agree that too much is being read into it. I've read Cooper's autobiography, and although he happened to be born into an elite family, I think people are demonizing him a bit much. He didn't even realize he was rich until he was around 10 or 12. He's a pretty down to earth person in spite of his wealth.

I think the questions he asked Sanders are fair ones. I am a Sanders supporter, and the only qualms that I have had about him concern his apparent weakness in the area of foreign policy, especially his ongoing support of Israel. He did appear to be backing off a bit in stating very recently that Palestine should have its own state. I sent Sanders an e-mail asking him some questions about his support of Israel a month or two ago, and received no reply. I'm sure he gets a zillion e-mails, so that wasn't too surprising. Anyway, I think we had better damn well ask all the most probing questions we can now, rather than to lament it later, as we have in the nightmare Obama turned out to be.


Fact Check
Actually, Anderson Cooper will not be receiving an inheritance from Gloria Vanderbilt. Please refer to the following article:


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I think Cooper is a likable guy for an f ing spook and did a fairly decent job. I felt sorry for Chafee when Cooper came down on him with those two damning questions. Chafee is likely toast and won't be in the next debate though he seemed to be the most anti-war candidate of the five. I wish he would give up his place to Lessig, who has some intriguing ideas.


Good post there SR- I also had no idea that prim and proper little Anderson Cooper was CIA-Nor did I realize how infiltrated/inundated our 4th Estate has become with CIA Editors and Gatekeepers...


Thanks for posting that article link, mbrownec. I didn't know that info about the lack of an inheritance for Anderson Cooper. I wish more people knew this, because they are assuming he doesn't have to earn his own money. As I posted before, I did know a bit about him. I had read about his brother's suicide in his autobiography, which is a good read, BTW.


i always take everything with a grain of salt. It's completely plausible that Cooper did those two summer stints and was not recruited or groomed. It's also plausible that he was, and there's a solid published record of direct and indirect CIA and other agency manipulation of "independent" corporate media. That said, i agree that leaping to declarative statements that "Cooper is CIA" is not communicating anything useful.

Whether Cooper is an "asset" or not, i remain very aware that "independent" corporate media is not to be trusted, and is often avidly spinning itself to present a view in keeping with the desired view of those who have looted the Earth and those who make war.

Cooper may indeed be a decent human being. i don't spend time considering personal lives of star actors. But he would not be the CNN superstar that he is if he were considered a threat to go too far "off the reservation" regarding issues dear to the corporate military state and the ultra-wealthy.


In the linked article, did you catch Cooper's somewhat ironic statement regarding the debilitating effects of inherited wealth on the initiative of the heirs, in light of his mother's career?

"I don't believe in inheriting money. I think it's an initiative sucker. I think it's a curse. Who's inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their own life?

"From the time I was growing up, if I felt that there was some pot of gold waiting for me, I don't know that I would've been so motivated. I’m doing fine on my own. I don’t need any."

Vanderbilt, 90, the great-great-great-granddaughter of the railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, is said to be worth $200 million after amassing a fortune as a jeans designer and from her perfume company.


Does anyone now anything about 'honeymooned in russia' comment? Seems like that one might stick...


The link in this article offers Cooper's explanation that he was only a summer intern at the CIA, and evidently not a covert agent. What a relief!


No, his inheritance is probably all going to the Clintons and the Obamas!