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Angela Merkel’s Cologne Test


Angela Merkel’s Cologne Test

Amy Davidson

On Saturday, at least three groups of marchers assembled outside the main train station in Cologne, Germany. They had each come to offer their response to the attacks on women who had gathered in that spot a week earlier, to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The first march was organized by Pegida, the anti-immigrant organization that emerged in the former East Germany and has been holding regular demonstrations in cities across the country.


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A ridiculous framing of the issue. And you do this precisely to HIDE the misogynistic element. Proof of your counterfeit sentiments on this subject is found in the fact that you can't even spell the word (misogynistic, to the uninitiated).

You wrote:

"If one is from a mysoginistic society with a thoroughly corrupt legal system, then letting certain persons get away with petty crimes is part of "kindly" treatment - and sexual assaults all the way up to rape are petty crimes."

Your entire post is pabulum.

Why comment on a subject you lack the understanding to comment about?


Being kind and humane is good. But Frau Merkel needs to make sure that her kindness does not lead to spoiling her country. It is not surprising that the Arab and North African Muslims would commit the kind of crimes like what they have done in Cologne. Respecting women's freedom is not in their religion/culture/tradition. Frau Merkel needs to reeducate most of those people in order for them to be in harmony with the Western liberalism, secularism and humanity. She needs to decide on how many of them she can reeducate within her projected time frame before deciding how many she should allow in her country.


You misspelled "memorable". Oh man, you're screwed now. :slightly_smiling: ha


Sweden was a largely peaceful country before immigration. Now, Sweden, the poster child for 'multi-culturism' (really should be called NO-culturism as it destroys the cultures of the hosts and the guests), is the Rape Capital of Europe.

Even the Muslim Press agrees: https://muslimstatistics.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/sweden-77-6-percent-of-all-rapes-in-the-country-committed-by-muslim-males-making-up-2-percent-of-population/


Now, this is all a result of immigration.

The media is also covering it up. The recent assault was reported by the German media a 'peaceful' and 'uneventful'. Well, that was until about 100 assault complaints came in and it hit the net. Then the mass media HAD to talk about it.

In Sweden a gang of immigrants gang raped a woman and the media called them 'Swedish boys'.

The point is that immigration is not bad in itself until it outpaces the capacity for the host country to integrate immigrants. That is why it is done GRADUALLY normally. Otherwise, it is not immigration. It is an INVASION. What is happening in Europe can be described as nothing less than a willful invasion to disrupt Europe and European civilization. The Saudis will not take ONE refugee though they have the money for gold plated Rolls Royces, lots of space and about a million vacant air conditioned tents used once a year for the Hajj https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hajj

No, they won't take them even if they are of the same religion.

As for Christian immigrants from Syria who are also being killed and raped by Muslim extremists, they may need special treatment because they are being targeted for democide and elimination, and would be fleeing to a COMPATIBLE culture that is based on similar values. Many of the ISIS extremists have stated opening they will infiltrate and export 500,000 ISIS fighters to Europe in amongst the legitimate refugees.

So, under the circumstances, what Europe (and all other countries affected) need to do is hit the PAUSE button, and put some pressure on the Sunni countries to take in Sunnis, Shia countries to take in Shiites, Christian countries to take in the Christians. In this way, I believe the cultural homogenity will create a more peaceful outcome to this manufactured crisis. This is not about race. It is about CULTURE and RELIGION and WORLDVIEW. Host countries, can only handle so much volume of incompatible cultural immigration before it ends up in chaos. If you like violence, chaos, and women having to stay inside for fear of being raped in your neighbourhood, then feel free. For me, it is time to hit the PAUSE button, and fast, and with some compassion of course for the Europeans and the real refugees. It only requires some common sense and creativity to accompany the compassion and the compassion cannot be for just one group over the other. Justice is about action being RIGHT. Violence is about violating people's rights and what is happening to Europe is a violation of Europe. They may have to resort to FORCE to protect themselves and it will be perceived a violence and be returned with more force to protect and defend. This is not what anyone wants for Europeans or the immigrants who have had their countries toppled and blown to bits in the interests and for the massive profiteering of the military industrial complex with thrives and encourages perpetual war. Note that the immigration invasion has helped the stock prices of Big Guns, Inc. Common sense is not so common anymore, it seems.


Maybe I am imagining things. But, it looks like my common sense reply was censored. Amazing. If what I posted is censor worthy, complete with legitimate and trustworthy sources, no foulness, no ad hominem arguments... nothing out of the ordinary that is not being talked about in mainstream and alternative news outlets, then it would appear that no alternative viewpoints are allowed. Understood.


So, you really think that the Middle Eastern (Muslim) culture is not misogynist? You are an ignoramus if you think so; you are dishonest if you do not think so, but saying it anyway.

BTW: Could you name the female head of state of Afghanistan and the years when she held that position? (Even if that were the case, that country is by no means a champion of women's rights/freedom.)

Pakistan had a female head of state/government because of the feudal power and power-transfer culture of that country; not because of anything like Pakistan being a champion of women's rights/freedom.

You talked about two isolated cases of rape of women in the USA. When women (or any kind of people) move around freely, once in a while they would encounter criminals; that is normal in an imperfect but good society/country. But I would not advocate putting any kind of people in a cage for them to be safe all the time.


Razia Sultan (she liked to be called Sultan over Sultana) was the Prince (she preferred that over Princess) of the Delhi Sultanate, which ruled a part of Afghanistan. You are talking about a feudal ruler of the 13th century to make your "if" statement, "If Middle Eastern culture is so misogynist ....."!! Both her and Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan are deceptive examples for if the societies/cultures there were/are misogynist or not. While I agree with you that Western military interventions have not helped the Middle Eastern people, I certainly disagree with your idea of feminism under hijab/burkah or through underground beauty parlors. Sorry, that is all the time I had for this subject for now.


I am not impressed with the two links that you have provided. Nor do I buy your talk of feminism. The women who wear burkah/hijab willingly have no brain to think that they are brainwashed willing victims of Islamic oppression of women. Some of the Iranian beauty parlor women seem to understand their victim-hood, but they have submitted to it; they are not feminists by any means.

Look, this is not a matter of any particular region (West, Middle East, East, etc.) of the world. It is a matter of human common sense, human sense of right and wrong, and human sense of respect for the rights and dignity of oneself and of other human beings. It is a colossal shame for the world that the most intelligent life form here, in the billions, so blindly follow the nonsense, injustice, hatred and barbaric atrocities that are found in most of the religions.


No, read my sentence correctly. The subject was "The women who wear burkah/hijab willingly" and the predicate was "have no brain to think that they are brainwashed willing victims of Islamic oppression of women."

And what is the balderdash in your last paragraph? I do not follow anything blindly; I reason, and decide case by case if anything is worth considering/following, no matter what the source is.

I think I am done with you, buddy, on this.


Since you asked me to not give up on you, let me try one more time; and let me try to make it clear to you that I did not say that I gave up up on the subject, I said that I was giving up on you.

Look, you even read the simple English sentence incorrectly, where the subject was "The women who wear burkah/hijab willingly" and the predicate was "have no brain to think that they are brainwashed willing victims of Islamic oppression of women." I did not say that anyone was 'willingly brainwashed'. In fact, for the overwhelming majority of religious idiots, it happened from the family and community when they were too young; and they keep defending that nonsense/injustice/hatred/barbarism their entire life, even though they never had a chance to objectively choose it. There is actually no such thing as "willingly brainwashed", we are talking about "willing victims", they are willing victims because their brain has been washed, mostly before they developed enough to have a will. To enslave that kind of people, no whips or guns are needed. The religion-traders are enjoying their enslavement to religions, but it is costing them and the world too much.

BTW: Here are two other examples of "brainwashed willing victims":

1) The Muslim suicide bomber who actually thinks that he would go to heaven by doing it.
2) The so-called untouchable Hindu who actually thinks that he did something bad in his last life, and that God is punishing him for that in this life by making him do menial/dirty/hard work for less.

Oh, yes, I have talked to some of the burkah/hijab-clad women, and their reason for doing it is fear of Allah and desire to to go to heaven.

Well, John, here are three links for you to read more of my thoughts: