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Angela Merkel Sounds Death Knell for TTIP—But Don't Thank Donald Trump

Angela Merkel Sounds Death Knell for TTIP—But Don't Thank Donald Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday at a joint press conference with U.S. President Barack Obama that negotiations over the corporate-friendly TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between Europe and the United States "will not be concluded now" that Donald Trump has been elected to succeed Obama.

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Thanks for the LINK. If it’s, indeed, true that the TPP and TTIP are dead, we need to focus our energy on combating the Trade and Investment Services Agreement (TiSA)–another scary “trade” agreement that threatens our rights, welfare and planet.

Kinda looks to me like the T-rump victory pushed these craven Neo-Libs to pull these horrible, corporate give-away treaties. I mean, I loathe T-rump , but the minute he was elected, Obusha pulled the TPP. He could have done that at any time during or even before then, and may even have swung the swing states by doing so. Instead, he was lying about the TPP contents to Beoing employees well into the Fall, saying it didn’t threaten our sovereignty even tho it clearly did, and Elizabeth Warren was saying so. I’m glad the neo libs and Obush got their asses handed to them on these trade deals, even if now we have a huge fight on our hands to bust T-rump. So let’s get going Kids–dump Pelosi.

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Merkel should be covertly apprehended, taken to an isolated location, and slowly over a week’s period of time, goround into dog food.

My guess is that it’ll be resurrected under Trump with even worse terms and some superficial “niceties” to deceive people (and rather transparently) that it’s something different.

What’s dismaying about Obama’s actions - is that he didn’t do this much sooner. Trump won a lot of support from people who believe that Donald has been against it while Hillary is so flip-floppy that she’s really for it. If Obama had put a swift end to this issue before the general went into swing, it would have taken a lot of wind out of Trump’s sails. He’s no friend of ordinary Americans and they shouldn’t have allowed him to take hold of this card.

I truly wonder, at this point, if the Democrats truly wanted to beat Trump.


Just curious: How would you build an economy/society for all? In real life, not everyone is able to work, and there aren’t jobs for all. Actual welfare ended 20 years ago (TANF is a short-term work program, only for those with children). Our welfare reform has been so successful that the overall life expectancy of the US poor (not the same as min. wage workers) has fallen to age 60-62, below that of some third world countries. Even liberals seem to find this acceptable.


In 2015, before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. This wasn’t a secret, was routinely noted in the news, and we weren’t surprised, since her husband had signed on to NAFTA. With this election, the media marketed (with rare exception) tried hard to define the TPP as Obama’s idea. In fact, he did state from the start that he did not support the TPP, but would also not block it if that’s what Congress chose.

Alright, yeah, this is gonna’ be an over-the-top, excessively intellectual post. That said, here’s go. The TTIP and APTA both come down from the Enlightenment. Assumed is a Platonic logicist (yes, that’s a word) universe which is linearly deductive from the top down, and linearly inductive from the bottom up. Central to this development was Isaac Newton and his now classical physics. Rational thinking is dialectical, so that if carried out to a self-evident conclusion, it will progress in the same manner for all humans, and this will conform with the universal structure.

Further assumed is this rigid structure is genetically inherent in human thinking, allowing humans to adhere to it. All that interferes with the harmonious existence of conformity with this hierarchical logical structure is emotion. So, like many characters in teen-age science fiction novels and television CSI shows, the scientist is the one who knows truth, and knows it because emotionless–effectively, having no personality.

Founded on this implicit assumption, the discipline of economics in its traditional form, assumes an economy free of regulation will produce a plenty fulfilling all human desires. This is so because such an economy is in harmony with the logicist universe. It is upon this foundation that the TTIP and APTA rest.

Interfering with this perfection are misunderstanding and emotion. Misunderstanding is exhibited by the ignorant masses, which is why economic policy cannot be left to the democratic process. Additionally, emotion is exhibited by the ignorant masses as well, reinforcing economic policy not being left to the democratic process.

WARNING: Now, I’m going to get really heavy. Central to the alternative in Western thought are Gottfried Leibniz and Gottlob Frege. Devolving from these two is topological mathematics. Put most simply, in any circumstance, one is in the midst of a topological neighborhood of points which all share a common property. So being, if choosing to extend to a point in a neighborhood of points sharing a common property, there is no more reason to do so to any one than to any other.

As such, however one proceeds is arbitrary, and an arbitrary choice is a value. If a value is designated an emotion, then at root, the world is normative (subjective) at its foundation. To exclude emotion is to render one paralyzed, unable to proceed. Choosing a point to which to extend places one within another topological neighborhood, which will differ from a neighborhood one would have found oneself if choosing to extend to a different point. This is when no choice is more rational than another. Continuing on to yet another neighborhood, and another, ad infinitum, one will progress in an indefinite manner.

This being true for every individual, disorder will ensue, there being no Newtonian perfectly orderly and rational logicist universe. With this disorder, confronted is the world of Thomas Hobbes, wherein there is a “war of all against all”, and life is “poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Now comes need for government to regulate economics, dismissing free trade.

Ah, but what when considering, “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices” (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations)? Presumably, just put this out of your pretty little head. As Bobby McFerrin sang, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!