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Anger Aimed at Troika's Ruthless Neoliberalism as Greece Exit Looms


Anger Aimed at Troika's Ruthless Neoliberalism as Greece Exit Looms

Jon Queally, staff writer

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker delivered a speech in Brussels on Monday that observers say has dramatically escalated the tensions surrounding a referendum vote in Greece next Sunday that could ultimately result in the country's exit from the Eurozone.


Power to the Pi Epsilon Omega Pi Lambda Epsilon!


Very good! :wink:


If only Americans could be so courageous.


Once again we see evidence of what the raw power of the 0.001% is attempting, with its uncaring contempt for people, as it looks only toward more profits, more power and control.

  • Read the Declaration of Independence, compare its charges and the abuse of the people that fueled the War of Independence and, the abuses currently imposed on the people by the regime infesting D.C.
  • Support the Greek’s in their attempt to regain their freedom and democracy.
  • Like the little snowball that begins rolling at the top of the mountain, gaining mass as it thunders down into the valley, carrying all before it, perhaps their movement will gather mass and eventually bury the Greedopolists under tons of freedom, to suffocate and expire, alone and unmourned by We the People of the World.


This isn’t about analysis, it’s about power and they (Troika) have been wrong every step of the way. So it’s time to put an end to this unthinkability. Otherwise Greece will face endless austerity, and a depression with no hint of an end. Krugman

That pretty much says it all…


Finally, Krugman! Now let’s get the American Troika to come to its senses.

“How do you expect common people to understand such complex issues?”

Us common people understand it fine. You neoliberals steal our pensions/social security, our land, our resources, put basic human needs out of reach. Support wars and privatization everywhere. Then as we die off, you tell us it’s good for us as you retreat to your gated mansions. Simple, really.


“the ultimatum was, in effect, a move to replace the Greek government.”

And I’m sure that who they had picked to run the Greek government after that blackmail worked would be every bit as beneficent as the one in Detroit, or the Nazis in control of Ukraine. There appear to be idiots everywhere in today’s world!


Those very same ‘gated communities’ would make a perfect mausoleum when the peons finally get sick of this abuse …

Pwr 2 the GREEK peons!


Copied from Bloomberg business

This Is What the Greek Referendum Ballot Will Look Like

Question translation:
Should the draft agreement submitted by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on 25.06.2015 that consists of two parts be accepted?
The first document is titled "Reforms for the completion of the current program and beyond’’ and the second "Preliminary Debt Sustainability Analysis’’
Answer boxes: Not approved/NO - Approved/YES


I agree with the author that the Troika wants to colonize Greece and force it’s leftist government out. They would much prefer a military junta to the socialists in charge. However the Greek officials made grave mistakes by making many concessions to the banksters, they should have said no and stuck with it whilst charting their own destiny. The people of Greece don’t have much to lose they have seen worse and their best bit would be to join the BRICS nations that is where the future lies.


Why would anyone hold to the notion that capitalism and democracy can mix or, worse, be interchangeable?



How bout intentional and perpetual austerity- Personally, I see Corporatism/Fascism, Totalitarianism, Capitalism and Austerity as peas in the same pod-


Think Detroit here in the US; as for Greece, they have been living with Troika-imposed austerity since 2010/11. It means the majority of government programs designed to keep citizens from losing everything (including money for such basic needs as food and water) are no longer available; it also means those who are on pensions are receiving less than they have earned. And in the case of Detroit, in the poorest sections there are no street lights; it takes far too long for police and firemen to get to the calls, and power and water have been cut off to many.


Exactly! Or in other/OTHER words: “Let them eat cake!”


Just replace the word “austerity” with the word “looting.”


Thank you, wolfess. That’s about the simplest and best description of “austerity” I’ve seen.


You’re welcome :relaxed: And thank you for the compliment!