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Anger and Confusion After Facebook Suspends Environmental and Indigenous Groups' Accounts Ahead of Pipeline Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/anger-and-confusion-after-facebook-suspends-environmental-and-indigenous-groups


The death march to fascism continues.


I hate Facebook.


Anyone who went on or stays with FB is out of their minds.


Note how much of it’s been privatized.



“Whatever it is, I’m against it!”

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For political reasons I have always stayed off of Facebook. I took a look at Facebook about 5 years ago but then I shut it down and left it off.

As a world we need to shut it down and leave it off. We need to encourage other people to shut it down and leave it off for political reasons.

You should learn that a listening project changes people’s minds like nothing else does. This means that some small group among us should find out if a climate/indigenous listening project out in the heartland would actually reach people. If so, we need to mobilize about one million listening project people to go out to all of North America. That will stop the political barrier to climate change. Are you game?

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…stupid phucking white man


I am not out of my mind. I am on FB simply because there are several groups there that I want to be a part of and that doesn’t make everyone nuts. I don’t like FB and I spend as little time as possible there. I will say that FB is on dangerous ground but who is going to challenge them? We have allowed this to get out of hand and you can’t stuff it back into the box once it’s out.

Couldn’t be much clearer: Which side are you on? Which side are you on?


It may sound funny but I had a REALLY bad feeling about that privately-owned info gathering site. Read too much history and the entire idea was extremely suspicious when it suddenly popped into prominence…and everybody who is anybody and everybody who isn’t signed up and there was something socially somehow ‘wrong with you’ if you didn’t have an ‘account’ on FaceBlech.

Didn’t anybody read the freaking contract that explicitly stated all info became property of the owners to with what they wished for profits unknown? The entire thing smelled like dead fish left out in the desert sun too long.

So I never went on it, didn’t like what I saw in that contract at all, and never put my small shop up on it which probably affected gear orders because…it never a smart move to not follow the herd in this society.

Same thing with cell phones but not at first. Remember when they were for ‘emergencies’ and limited in spread (the old telephone in the car thing). Before they became so addicting, just as the telecommunications industry hired psychologists said they would! They spread like a virus (good analogy, eh?) and now we know why being that the NSA & CIA suck up every single cell phone call and store it forever after running it through their algorithms to…well, we have much damning evidence of what they use information for now don’t we? And the bonus was that the government can track every movement to every place that phone goes. For months back even. Wow! That’s way beyond 1984 and more into the Brave New World level.

But…people didn’t care and how many people do you know that doesn’t have a cell phone? I refuse to call them ‘smart’ because they aren’t, just invasive as hell.

And us old surfer dudes thought TV was bad and an instrument of the oppressive politicians and governments. They were but we had no idea how much worse it was going to get with the new technology.

ErnestineBass, I hate FaceBlech also and will never sign onto it but look how many sites one goes to that flick up a faceblech link or google when they are loading…including this one. We can’t escape them!



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When Google first came out, someone asked how the site was supposed to make money. “Well, duh,” I said, “It’s a data mining outfit. It compiles user data, then sells it to advertisers and the government.” Faceplant is no different.

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