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Anger and Unrest Nationwide as Protests Over Killing of George Floyd Spread Across US Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/anger-and-unrest-nationwide-protests-over-killing-george-floyd-spread-across-us

My advice to black America? Follow the example of radical white america…
Arm yourselves. If you don’t, you and your children will have to get used to random police lynchings, that is if you haven’t become used to them already.

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Come one everyone Let’s be honest , are protests a perfect action? No,But when we look at all social justice movements in the past, none of those have come about as a result of nice, polite activism.


Will this be the time when US citizens finally rise up against the totalitarian fascist police state we all live in, or will the knee come down on all our necks. The time in now or never. I wish non-violence could be the response that works, but one must recall that the USA was FOUNDED on armed violence ever since its beginning. All I know is that the future is looking very dystopian unless a miracle occurs.


“In Columbus, Ohio demonstrators breached the state house before being attacked by police wielding tear gas.”

In Lansing Michigan, white demonstrators with assault rifles breached the state house. Other than being blocked at the chamber and office doors, nothing happened to them.


HEre’s something I haven’t heard before. Why is this not being talked about?


Ok the article says one worked outside and one inside and ‘probably’ didn’t know each other. Hmmm, didn’t even recognize each other? uh huh… never even heard of the other guy

George Floyd and ex-officer Derek Chauvin worked security at the same nightclub


I was thinking this way as well. This time we might actually put enough fear of job loss in the minds of police to change the atmosphere of master over slave or soldier over enemy.
This also shows us that disarming police would not be enough.

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For those who haven’t been watching the live streams of Minneapolis at night, one thing is apparent. There are a lot of guns there and not by the police. The ground was littered in casings and shots rang out almost nonstop all night. After all, they got the police to retreat and then flee.

If we don’t, especially if you are black, just a matter of time until you are one of your race will probably receive the same fate. Lets face it, in FASCIST, Amerika, African, Americans are still regarded by many police departments…AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS! When even the ex president of the U.S. was called illegitimate and a second class citizen by the current president…what does that tell you?

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That’s generous. I think the police see them more as sentient property of the state.

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Yes, the only difference between slavery and now is instead of literal chains, many have economic chains and are considered by too many in the police state to be the property of the police, state!


Its totally wrong for cops to get the message that this kind of gratuitous violence is okay.

Native Americans are also police targets where there’s a significant population of them; a Native friend who lived in the Pacific Northwest told me about constant police harassment by Seattle cops of people “driving while Indian.”


Not just for radicals. All citizens should be armed.

Absolutely agree. Native Americans are perhaps the only group with a stronger claim than African Americans. Genocide for one, chains for the other. I root for them all!

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Do you honestly think black folks are open to hearing any advice from white America? All they need to do is look around them to see the harm these white-identifying folks–radical or not–have brought to this land.

And Indigenous women in particular both in US America and Canada.

If even that!

Wait! Police brutality in America? The same America that the so-called “Pan-democrats” here in Hong Kong are asking for help from and complaining to about police brutality? If the US had the same level of police brutality as in Hong Kong we would think is was a miracle.

Right now, I am not looking forward to the new normal that’s coming down here, while looking horrified at the same old, same old back in the good old US of A, with the added disaster of Trump’s corona virus response which Hong Kong has gotten down to zero locally transmitted cases over the past 14 days. If there is a place of safety and sanity somewhere, they would probably be too smart to want us USA-ers to join them. Good luck to us all.

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