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Anger Mounts as Democrats Accuse GOP of Imperiling Covid Relief Over Effort to 'Sabotage a Biden Presidency'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/19/anger-mounts-democrats-accuse-gop-imperiling-covid-relief-over-effort-sabotage-biden


Lesser of two evils voting translates to both Political Parties wanting to see the other fail and people suffer while a given party in power.

“We can not be as bad as they were…” is the essence of any given Political Campaign. LOTE is less about making things better for citizens of the United States of America as it is about not making things as bad for them as “the other party”.

The Republicans certainly want Biden to fail but I have seen no signs the Democrats wanted the republicans to succeed. COVID 19 and Trumps failure in responding to it is one of the big reasons for the Democrats success in winning the Presidency.


This is kinda what we get for supporting a party that would rather lose than have a Progressive President


I think your onto something. Yes, it’s all about the 2-party duopoly staying in power and the hell with the people…a bone will get thrown soon, then it’s back to more squabbling about who right or who’s wrong. Our so-called republic-democracy is a joke.


Suspira, with all due respect, what can you cheer on from these past 4 years of the Trump administration? Racism? Xenophobia? Trump’s health care plan? Gun control? Military spending?

There are also a litany of objections to republicans controlling our state of Iowa, with Medicaid services privatized and corporations owning the state and its environment. Our 3 Dubuque Democratic state legislators have their hands full in doing all they can to protect some sanity and reasonableness in Des Moines. But that’s just us in Iowa.

Yes, perhaps Democrats should have done more to want the republicans “to succeed.”


Simple solution…

Convert the federal reserve system into a federal public banking system.

Don’t listen to predictions of corruption, Instead examine the reality of capitalist corruption banking in secret on distant islands; that’s the corrupt reality of today. Capitalist banking and business corruption is a bad deal. Get rid of it. No public banking corporation.


There nothing to cheer for from the Trump administration, nor did I suggest there was. The point is both parties want the other to fail.

It not about whether or not the American Public “wins” for the Democrats or Republicans . They are only concerned with their own personal success as a Political party.

Governments should work on the behalf of the citizens of their Country and when a given candidate runs for office office their duty should be to work to ensure things are made better for their citizens whether they are the party in power or whether they in opposition.

Progress can never be made if at any given time half the people in office are more concerned with seeing the party in power fail so that they can win the next election.


These stupid-ass negotiations for the so-called “covid” relief bill are really something else i believe. Remember after the last big corporate bailout happened earlier this year? I suspect most of the squabbling involves how much is going to bail out WallStreet(secretly being negotiated which we won’t see any time soon). It’s not about the paltry $600 dollar stimulus checks, or the added pathetic $300 addition to state unemployment benefits. We are being duped again by the entrenched oligarchy who make us suffer…and the congress is bought and paid-for by them. Cheers!


What if the goals of the two parties are different? Republicans want to shred the safety net and enrich corporations and the wealthy. Dems, not quite so much. Of course Dems want Republicans to fail–and what is wrong with that?

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Sorry but when Trump came in people and Democrats tried to work with him. The Repubs want to take this away because it will be a slush fund according to the Repub ----this is how they have been propping up the stock market.

The Republican party needs to go BYE BYE ----Democrats are the inclusive conservative party. They actually balance a budget.

Trump is floating the idea of a military takeover through Flynn --it is being discussed in the White House. REPUBLICANS ARE TRAITORS!


The Republican Party, “imperiling COVID relief…” because, well - they just can.
Jeopardizing the literal lives of every American, even those who voted for them.
The party that harbors highly-placed persons who simultaneously give aid to Putin.
The party that separates young children from their parents and then, when compelled to do so, cannot find their parents.
The party that wants to deprive 33 million of their health insurance.


Implicit in my suggestion is that Governments are there to provide for the well being of the people. The republicans have shown no sign of doing that.

The problem is that both Political parties move in that direction putting the interest of their party and financial backers ahead of the people.

I look at it like this. The Barn is burning down on some farm. Neighbours come from miles around and roll up their sleeves to put that fire out. They are setting aside all personal differences and grievances that they might have with one another.

Obviously if one of those neighbours is adding to the flames you are not going to help that neighbour succeed.

So going back to the United States of America. When has things in the past 40+ years been made better for the working class and how? Why is there little progress in that regard?

When trump wanted suggested pulling all troops out of Afghanistan , why was he savaged by the Democrats for making that proposal?

As importantly , when a Politician is making statements about the need to help the poor with things like stimulus cheques , how many in either Political party are genuinely concerned about their plight and how many are just grandstanding for votes the next election?

(I certainly feel AOC and Sanders genuine but I do not have the same feelings about Pelosi and Schumer)


Until this anger spills out into the comity and fear enters the halls of power, nothing will ever change. A complex system remains in status quo mode, fearing change of any kind. Only when something like a global pandemic killing hundreds of thousands and upending current economic modes will collapse the pillars of the system. Climate change, environmental collapse, resource wars…all will severely impact the status quo, if not demolish it.
Remember what happened to Easter Island. And, to a lesser extent to Iceland. The homo sapiens who migrated to these places cut down all the trees. In Iceland, it was an immediate catastrophe, leading to loss of top soil until they planted grasses in the rich volcanic soil. But trees simply would not return to the past number. They were used to slash and burn agriculture in a place where they could just move on once land was depleted.
Easter Island was not as fast, but it happened. They were used to slash and burn as well, but failed to replant what they felled. The land was depleted and they left a barren wasteland with those strange heads.
So…change, adapt, or die. The suits don’t care…yet…
As for the GOP, I’ve now dubbed them Greedy Oligarchal Plutocrats, redundant, I know, but…


Defining eating a day old Happy Meal from a trash bin v. eating a freshly bagged hot one as " a paltry and pathetic " nothing burger is quite a verbal stretch.
Go ahead and try eating both at one sitting and tell us how that’s working out, will ya’?
Bon Appetit there, bucko!

And their voters don’t hold those things against them.
Then again, if they’re not wearing masks, they’re apparently not interested in the safety net either.


If you want to speculate about Trump’s response to the pandemic just check out what’s happening in California.* Some hospital ICUS are experiencing 130% occupancy and also denying vaccine ( promised/undelivered ?) to frontline workers. Think the Dees really tried to sabotage the response from Trump, Mitch & Co?
How many Republicans does it take to fill up a federal prison? * 82 million voters sure as hell would like to find out.


Gangster psychopaths, out in the open. What we get for not paying attention. Long terms in orange suits.


Uh, ok. Looks like your thinking in an alternate reality or something. What’s all that gibberish got to do with my points about wall street and handouts to them. Next time please expound on my comments generally. Thanks.


Not caring about the people attached to that paltry and pathetic $$$ makes you kind of callous and, well, a little pathetic.
Lives are in the balance and…oh well, whatever.

drama queen â–ş
n. A person who reacts theatrically to minor difficulties, regularly tries to be the center of attention, and treats other people’s problems as less important than his or her own.
n. Any exaggeratedly dramatic person, especially female or gay man.


“Its all a big act”

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