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Anger. Shock. Dismay. Still.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/12/anger-shock-dismay-still


A police state is a form of dystopia, not a goal to aspire to.

We have a serious police problem in this country. We have had for quite some time, and it’s only gotten worse.


And yet again , the perpetrators of the community continue to be allowed to suck air. When will someone do what desperately needs to be done ?

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Brett Hankison is far from the only criminal thug cop. Thousands of them.

They don’t like “defund the police,” how about “reallocate police funding.”


The first militarization of US police took place during the 1950’s/1960’s.
The Obama administration accelerated transfer of military gear worth $494 million to local police departments.
Heavily militarized police is not your friend. It is a telltale sign of the state’s oppressive character. Yes, dystopian…


Anger. Shock. Dismay. Indeed!
That article exposed some disgusting, no, Thank you but I wish I hadn’t read it.
We need to clean this system up, immediately, if not sooner.

I commented previously about the defund lingo needing change

I have been trying to figure out how to move the people’s movement forward while getting the police on board. The police/military types are always what stands between the masses and the powers, we need them to realize, they are us.
I have been thinking of this…

Retrain the Police.

Ron didnt like the idea, I think s/he misinterpreted my point though, but perhaps not.

@Ron_Genise :

Yeah. Let the opposition set the language. Call the pro-life instead of pro-birth. Call them the law and order party instead of racist party. By all means, use the language of the enemy as your own.

my point is

The police/military types are always what stands between the masses and the powers, we need them to realize, they are us.

I believe my idea works because I am not forcing the military/police to confront the idea they are not wanted or needed. They see defund and are probably being told in the office that defund means, take your job. (I think that as we solve the problems that are (inflicting?) needing attention, the police can be phased out entirely.)
If we retrain the police to use other skill sets when dealing with different sensitive situations, hiring experts, etc. I think many positive changes can be made.

As I said, the police/military are part of us. We need to embrace them. Or they will stand against us.


a few bad actors–how about a police dept and political administration that has failed it’s basic duties and abrogated the law for the benefit of the law breakers in their own institutions-I call it the corruption of hate



Nothing the police did was correct, and then for the court to lie even more-----------no responsibility and this seems to happen to so many police in so many cities.
We seem to have devolved into law and ODOR society , as with so many police , in so many cases --------- THIS STINKS!


Creating that sense of unity (common-unity or community)
I’m rambling…I woke up in the early hours with this thought.

Retrain Our Police
Let’s Retrain Our Police

You can’t train, or retrain, thugs. Perhaps “refund the police” better suits your laziness to persuade.

You have noticed that Biden was called a fvcking socialist during the campaign, don’t you? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE DIMS USE. They always play fvcking defense.

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You’re a disgusting person. buh bye.


You’re still alive, there is still hope for you.
Good luck.

Good riddance

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