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Anger Translation: Why Obama was Ranting against GOP Climate Policy at Press Dinner


Anger Translation: Why Obama was Ranting against GOP Climate Policy at Press Dinner

Juan Cole

The Comedy Central show, Key and Peele, made famous a bit by Keegan-Michael Key on Obama called the “Luther, the anger translator,” which plays on the president’s laid back approach to controversial issues. But at the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner, Obama outdid “Luther” in ranting against climate denialism. The irascible Luther, taken aback, told the president he needed “counseling.”


Though Obama has been better on climate than his predecessors, he has overseen the greatest expansion of domestic oil and gas drilling and has opened the east coast to oil drilling. Though he has prevented the XL pipeline, other similar lines proliferate. Actions speak louder that words. The Trans Pacific Partnership that he is pushing may well undermine necessary efforts to curtail carbon much less mitigate, and adapt to the climate catastrophe resulting from capitalism.


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.“We’ve solved the economic problems. We haven’t solved the policy problems, and it is because we don’t care enough. Some two-bit thugs in Syria can announce themselves fundamentalists and cut off a few heads, and the US public will suddenly demand that billions of dollars be spent bombing them.”

The above may qualify as the most idiotic use of the WE-frame, to date.

Sure. Americans are just clamoring for more $ to be wasted on overseas wars… it’s not about Big Coal, and Big Oil, and Big Frack (ing) standing in the way of massive policy shifts.

More ridiculous conflation between what elites ELECT to do and use their media, financial, and military might to impose, and the alleged Will of The Governed.

This is far from the only Official Narrative that Mr. Cole regurgitates like a parrot with a sensitive tummy.


The entire premise that Obama or the Democratic party leaders care about the deep and global threats to the planet from global warming, petrochemical pollution, and exposure to environmental toxins is laughable nonsense for the true believers. Where was US leadership in Copenhagen or Durban? Even mainstream press writers called them failures. EPA chief Lisa Jackson was pressured out of office over Obama support for Keystone, and failure to defend the right of the EPA to defend clean air, along with his suppression of the evidence of water contamination from fracking.
Where the hell is the promised clean coal? Liar, liar the world’s on fire. Why was Tim De Christopher sent to jail? Where is the justice department on Coal company violations? A decision on Keystone? Don’t hold your breath. What about his support for the TPP? This is designed to avoid environmental controls as other trade agreement have done.
Get Real. Obama works for the same corporate masters as the republicans. The biosphere of earth continues to be raped by and for a lucrative system of militarism, debt slavery, human slavery, and colonial murder and resource theft that has been the modus operandi of corporate capitalism from the Dutch East India Company to Apple computer.


Obama wasted his political capital long ago.

He is a lame duck qucaking for, for, for what?

For regressive pseudo-free trade monstrosities.

His hot air about the environment is mere show to mellow out the left which hates his trade policy.

He is merely crying for the children to come back into the rotten fold.

He should have thought about that when he was letting Wall Street write the so-called banking and finance reform.


Now if Juan can figure out how to get China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, ect al to sign up. Solar and wind have a long way to go before they can even attempt to replace the current energy sources. It is one thing to be 80% of the NEW power sources in a developed economy, it is something altogether different to be 80% of the total power generation.