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Angering Organic Farmers and Advocates, Trump's USDA Kills Animal Welfare Rule


Angering Organic Farmers and Advocates, Trump's USDA Kills Animal Welfare Rule

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Angering organic farmers and advocates, the Trump administration announced on Monday that it will officially withdraw a rule that would have added animal welfare regulations for meat, eggs, and dairy that is marketed as "organic."

"The decision nullifies 14 years of policymaking in a process mandated by Congress, and marks an about-face for the agency."
—Lynne Curry, Civil Eats


My only comment at this point with my head exploding several times a day, is to heap more condemnation and outrage on the vile criminal corrupt trump regime and all who sail in it! Any rotten filth they can come up with to serve profits above all else, even Mother Earth, all her creatures and works, must be expected from the despicable scum…I sure hope payback will be severe, swift, and sure, unlikely as that is given the state of morality and integrity in today’s vulture capitalist sellout condtruct…


In a just world, these politicians and bureaucrats would be rounded up and treated the same way they would treat the animals. Put them in pens and let them roll around in their own shit. Actually it would be more humane to put them down as the rabid animals they all are.


Trump has certainly brought out the nasty side of human beings. He has brought out the worst in his supporters and he is governing based on the worst in himself. We humans can do very natsy things and supposedly the idea of civilized society is to bring out the best in people. Trump has whole different approach to life which may be summed up as winning (making money especially) is everything and do whatever it takes to win. It is just amazing how many millions of Americans who think of themselves as good people go along with all the cruelty Trump inflicts.


And why have they waited this long to establish this rule? What is the history of this in USDA with this rule? Was it Clinton, Bush, Obama admiinistrations who also refused to accept this rule? It took 10 years to develop these standards and they finally got it done on January 19, 1917? Maybe a 2016 USDA was stalling to dump this in Trump’s lap? I don’t know the answers to these questions but it seems one should before blaming Trump.




Perhaps you should find the “answers” before you construct such rhetorical questions in a framework that amounts to apologetics for this right wing Administration.

I mean, to be fair.


Psychedelic Chicken–I don’t think so. I think the basis is “innocent until proven guilty” and I believe that applies universally, not just to people one likes. Obama made sure he got the gay marriage changes in before he left office. Control of the food supply is at least as important as that, so why didn’t this get a little push?

The food supply control is a bi-partisan activity and the quicker people grasp that the better. Both Clinton and Obama had Monsanto executives in charge of food policy…

I guess I am also tired of the “blame Trump” meme when, for example, deportations fell in the first 6 months of 2017 compared to the first 6 months of 2016. Where was the outcry in 2016? The power elite is drumming up everyone and everything to get rid of Trump and it appears mainly so we can go to war with Russia. Progressives should get off this bandwagon–the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. PEACE.


And Trump isn’t driving us toward war. Yeah right.

You won’t find me defending ANYTHING corporate, but the new rules WERE going to go into effect.

That your argument amounts to Trump apologetics is what I was adddressing.

This Administration has taken Corporate Governance to a whole new level.

Some on the “left” can’t comprehend this and still see some fucking silver lining to a Trump Administration.

Bizarre to the nth degree.


Tom Vilsack, former governor of Iowa and OhBummer’s Sec. of Ag., was never a Monsanto executive prior to serving two terms.
You make some strong assertions, but this 14 year ordeal and arduous process, deserved a much better fate.
It happened under Trump’s control and was done by his crooked minions, he gets the middle finger on this. Bon Appetit my aching arse!


Let’s face it: trump is the embodiment of DEATH!


Other than defending Trump, she’s not wrong. I attended one of the initial conferences after the standards were passed (2002). The reason for the national standards was because the major food corp’s. were skirting the standards in the states that had them ( the major produce states ), and selling their products as organic. The majority of small organic farmers were glad to see USDA step into the fray with rules that had pretty severe penalties ($10,000 fine per act). The certification rules weren’t exactly fair, small producers (1-25 acres) were paying almost as much as the large corp. farms that had thousands of acres, to receive their certifications. It varied because USDA left the certification costs up to the discretion of each state, instead of nationwide. A lot of the very small producers (myself included), decided it wasn’t worth the cost. Turned out to be a good decision as far as I was concerned, but bad overall for the industry. About 4-5 mo. after the convention, I read an article in New Farm magazine about a major chicken producer in GA. that got caught marketing conventionally raised birds as organic. The head of USDA (don’t remember her name), knew about this, and accessed no fines. That’s why today I advise people to only buy organic from small farms. They are much more likely to be following the rules, and of coarse local is better anyway.


Lots of things are going wrong or have already gone wrong with the government monopolizing this word, “organic”.

First of all, the real organic farmers, the little guys, are all priced out of registering their produce and livestock as officially “organic”. You can buy “unsprayed” produce at your local farmers’ market.

Next, the integrity of large producers’ food labeled “organic” is open to question. The federal government has no particular interest in enforcing any “organic” regulations, so how do you know what’s in the food?

One independent investigator used a drone to look at a few huge “free range” chicken farms. He couldn’t find any free range area or any outside chickens whatsoever. The chickens were all permanently stuffed inside huge feedlot-sized buildings.

It turns out that “organic” cows can eat GMO feed. This makes no sense from an organic agriculture standpoint. If the feed contains glyphosate, so do the cows. If the feed contains formaldehyde as many GMO crops do for some reason, so do the cows and so do the people in turn.

There’s a remedy. You personally should ask your store what their independent third party vetting process is for organic products. Tell them that if their store vetting process boils down to “we just trust the Trump administration every time” then the stuff on their shelves is probably not that trustworthy, is it now. Remember, Ben and Jerry’s/Unilever ice cream was recently found to be contaminated with glyphosate, a carcinogenic herbicide.

Instead of trying to vainly trust a megachain, try moving your dollars to your local natural food store or your local co-op store. They’ll tend to buy local themselves. Locality means that the local farmers won’t want to lose their reputation for food integrity, because basic integrity is everything when you’re local.


I will lobby the afterlife to send Donald Trump back as a pig - breeding sow, confined to a small cage and forced to bear litter after litter, never being allowed to raise her children.


It wasn’t Vilsack I was referring to, altho he was as big a supporter of pro-Monsanto/biotech as anyone. The Monsanto exec was Michael Taylor, a Monsanto V-P 1998-2001… Clinton had him in charge of shaping and implementing biotech policies and setting US policy for Africa. His title was Deputy Commissioner for Policy.

He was back in 2009 as Advisor to FDA Commissioner on food safety. In between he worked with Rockefeller and Gates Foiundations as go-between for US gov’t and Monsanto.

I totally agree the plan should have been adopted. Yes, Trump was ultimately responsible but I don’t blame him for the policy. This is the policy of the power elite and it didn’t offend Trump the way it might have done Obama, so he just kicked the can down the road.

My main point is go after the policy, not the rubber stamper.and we will be more likely to gain more support for opposition. There are millions of people all over the country who support the animal welfare policies because they produce higher quality food but won’t join if it has an anti-Trump perspective. By putting an anti-Trump spin on every decision we increase the divide and conquer strategy.

If Bernie was President, or even Ron Paul, they would have allowed the policy to go forward, and they would have likely found nerve agent in their soup. .https://www.organicconsumers.org/news/michael-taylor-monsantos-man-obama-administration#close


Was recently reading that presently they are feeding animals manure –
This followed a 25 year practice of feeding animals other dead animals – even
road kill. 400 years earlier that practice had been banned because of the results.

People are buying organic food to ensure they are not eating GMO foods.

People are turning to farmers’ markets for food.

Many large food stores are turning over more shelf space to organic foods.

Last time there was an alert about GMO foods, there were large groups of
shoppers at the large vegetable market I use near the NJ shore which carries a
lot of fresh organic vegetation.

Sadly, it’s also creating a larger market for organic animals for eating!


Are they going to kill the animals anyway?


If you see my argument as “Trump apologetics” so be it. They’re all driving us to war and have been long before Trump was president. I still maintain that, on the food front it is no different than the war front. Do you really think Hillary would have done this differently? The woman who gives $225,000 speeches at Goldman Sachs and has stated the the Drug War can’t end because there’s too much money in it?

TPTB are responsible.and that is where the fury should be directed, not at some puppet who is also an ignoramus, which I see as divisive. The only thing that will keep Americans from becoming lambs for the slaughter is if we all join together and foil their divide and conquer strategy. Before the election I saw Trump as the Trojan Horse for the corporate state. He’s no different than those before him, he’s just a loudmouth bully so it is noticed more.

Maybe it makes people feel good to hate him but that is a self defeating emotion.


Tell me something I don’t know and fight against regarding the Corporate State.

I mean I’ve covered in countless posts every aspect of what you are informing me of here.

What I’m trying to inform you of here, is on this topic oddly enough, we are told by you to ignore what this right wing fascist dickhead Trump has done to this rule.

My bad, Trump is the same as Hillary right?

Open your eyes already.

Hell I’ve posted the breakdown of Clinton’s speech tour to how much she made per hour, per day over that two year period.

Again, tell me something I don’t already know and espouse.

He’s no different eh?

You are clucking blind.


Clinton would not have put Gorusch on the Supreme Court, who is going to be sitting for years and we have barely begun to feel. At least Scalia had a libertarian streak. That in itself, is and will be a huge difference going into the future.