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Angry, Desperate, Rejected


Angry, Desperate, Rejected

Kathy Kelly

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King gave his boldest and perhaps most defining speech. It alienated liberal allies in the North and the Northern press, plus many in King's own civil rights movement, and prompted President Johnson to withdraw King's secret service detail. Exactly one year later, forty-nine years ago on April 4, he was assassinated.


Kathy, what a wonderful lady for peace!

MLK: " A nation focused on military defense more than social uplift is approaching spiritual death."

Prescient statement to say the least.


Shantiananda- You may have overlooked it but it would be courteous to hit the "like" heart icon to fully appreciate Kathy's article :))
Otherwise you wrote A heartfelt statement!!!!


Yes, I missed it, good point. Thanks.


Is anyone else out there finding it impossible to go from the article to the comments section???
When I hit the "comments" function I am directed back to the article in the "archives" section???
I am unable to view "comments" or make any.....