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'Angry, Snarling, Terrifying': Trump Confirms Nightmarish Immigration Vision


'Angry, Snarling, Terrifying': Trump Confirms Nightmarish Immigration Vision

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a chilling speech on Wednesday night, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric, adopting a cutthroat tone as he reiterated his vow to deport millions of undocumented people and build a wall on the border with Mexico—which that country would pay for, of course.


I certainly hope he’s now alienated his Latino apologists, and sufficiently humiliated his new professional political advisers. And the dizzying pace of Wednesday’s pivots makes it clear he’s a dust devil. Good grief, does he think nobody in Mexico could see what he was saying in Arizona?


Who hires these illegal immigrants without papers?
Perhaps Trump should be holding the corporations responsible for their anti-American behavior?

Trump, his donors and plutocratic advisors are lunatics.


Maybe himself. Didn’t he talk about his “great” Mexican employees just hours earlier?


The next four years with Hillary as the president (and she will be) aren’t going to be pleasant for the Left.
Let’s hope that the Left is making a plan and then follows that plan of resistance?


Come on writers and journalists - get with the program.
Like so many articles this reads _Trump thinks that …_then continues to parrot his spoken ideas.

Trump doesn’t think ANY of these things. He simply knows that by stating them a dumb media will repeat them and get him yet more publicity. As long as the media continues to be so obliging, Trump will go on exploiting.


“They show you the teeth of the wolf so you run to the jaws of the fox.” - Malcolm X


In 2007, Hillary & Obama as presidential candidates promised to renegotiate3 NAFTA. They did nothing and more factories and jobs moved to Mexico. I don’t know what Obama’s excuse is. Hillary seemed more interested in using the State Depart as a means to raise money for her self and her family foundation.


Obama has shipped 2.8 million Latinos out of this country during his presidency. That is more deportations then any other president in history including FDR, who at least had the decency to put the undesirables into concentration camps.

Hillary wants to continue Obama’s immigration policy which is crude at best.

(PS The concentration camp stuff was sarcasm.)


Hillary is corrupt to the core.
That’s her excuse.


Anyone who votes for either Trump or Hillary is making the same mistake in judgment. That I’ll concede Times.


The president takes their instructions on matters of war and peace from the oligarchy.


Aliens are in outer space, traveling in strange looking space ships, also undocumented.


True. Trump has been playing the MSM like a fiddle!


Evil is as evil does. Clinton isn’t the lesser evil, she’s the more effective evil.

The cartoon demagogue would find it impossible to get anything through Congress, while Clinton’s every war/regime change and austerity measure would sail right through.


Also true!


Is there anybody who still believes that Trump was NOT planted to assure Clinton wins ?

During the seventies I coached a high school debate team and can assure you that my C students could run circles around Trump. Trump would have been eliminated in the first cuts if he had tried out for the team.


There should no longer be any doubt that Trump is leading a white nationalist movement in America. This movement is opposed to pretty much everything America stands for. What he has been saying will be coming is basically a police state. Yes, there will be many jobs for the white working class, which will largely be jobs in various police forces. He has called for a tripling of the number of police who are now employed for deportation of illegal immigrants who commits crimes. He claims the police will end violent crimes in black neighborhoods with high crime rates. That sounds like literally an occupation of these neighborhoods by well-armed police. He has called for the torturing of terrorists. Defining who is a terrorist is difficult. I could be someone blocking construction of a pipeline seen as vital to the economy. What he is offering is a country with fewer non-whites and almost the absence of violent crime. Basically he is appealing to people who do not like a free open society where it is much easier to commit violent crimes than in a police state. You can’t have it both ways. His supporters seem be much more concerned with security than freedom and are opting for his vision of a police state. He has expressed admiration for Putin, Sadaam, and other dictators. How much clearer can it get in what direction he intends to the United States.


Just to be clear, don’t spout that according to the law stuff in East Los Angeles. Why? You figure it out.


Who said “all,” or “hate” for that matter? And what do you call Drumpf’s maligning of the judge on his lawsuit because his parents were (legal) immigrants from Mexico? That door certainly swings both ways.