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Angry Trump Baby Takes Flight as UK Protests Tell US President He's Not Welcome


Angry Trump Baby Takes Flight as UK Protests Tell US President He's Not Welcome

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The Ego has landed" in the United Kingdom, and the Trump Baby has taken flight.


The great Trump Baby Blimp conundrum:

It makes you want to fire at it, which would defeat its message. Oh, the existential irony…


Maybe they would loan it to us so we could fly it over the National Mall? Or clone it 50 times, one for each state? Or, the possibilities are endless. Geez how I love England. Exile on Main street anyone?


Well, by now the bloviator in chief has given a fair exposé of the pinball modus of this potus. I find myself looking more and more at settling with just giving him the office and making it irrelevant at the local, state and national level. The real battle is for citizen representation against predatory industrial usurpation of the “consumer”. Organize with petitions, letters, visits to reps with advocacy organizations that keep count and flood the bastards from now until midterms. MAKE THEM UNCOMFORTABLE BEYOND ANYTHING THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN.

Try replacing all reference of “consumer” in all administrative and legal documents with the original link to the Constitution of “citizen” and watch the $#!t hit fan but fast,


“The Ego has landed.”
“Houston, the Ego has landed!”

And then the reality returns that we have a fascist militarist tyrant in office who is destroying healthcare to millions of Americans (including myself) whose fascist stacked SupremeCourt just gutted my partner’s public sector union and will in all likelihood damage or even destroy my household and those of many more Americans before his time is up.HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER WHEN REAGAN/BUSH WERE FINALLY DRIVEN OUT WITH BILL CLINTON’S WIN IN1992? The elation was palpable. And now we’re looking at the very real possibility of 16 years or more of Trump/Pence. The tyranny and fascism of this administration will make Reagan/Bush look likealtar boys.


Great idea…fellow Citizen!


The blazing orange Donald Lucifer Trump slammed the queen of england in visitation with a royal flush. When coming down the palace balistrade following the flush, the prince of whales had to reapply his size P triple wide cross my heart bra and he summoned the duchess of sussexx to spray behind himself and that he wouldn’t need his diaper reapplied. The new duchess said in hindsight she wished she would have worn more gear such as goggles and respirator and the queen questions the fairness of the card game as she claims she had 2 four of spades in her hand along with a number 7 uno card. God save the queen!


Careful ! You’ll be accused by Chuck Schumer of “incivilty”.


The sun newspaper is a sensationalist garbage tabloid.


He sure fits that criteria of a narcissist – thin skinned – hurt feelings, boo hoo all for HIMSELF feeling victimized while he continues his racists rants against others non-stop.


Trumps narcissism makes him invulnerable to protests. To him it validates how great he is and how dumb the protesters are.


Absolutely remarkable likeness of his narcissistic trumptardiness!


Old goat sir…I am with you on your idea to make them uncomfortable beyond anything that they have known, they obviously have no problem with playing dirty so so be it, take the so called gloves of decorum off, and have at it. This is now a war for every thing that is decent, decency…something that Trump can’t even spell.and I bet he hasn’t even read the constitution, and could care less about it.


Ditton, I had the same idea. Let’s ask the English if they will bring that balloon to the US to display everywhere Old Orange Butt goes. Or clone it.