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Anguish Into Action: It Takes Us


Anguish Into Action: It Takes Us

In a ghastly synchronicity, a searing photo exhibit and two films about our nation's relentless bloodletting, and the "anguish, love and perseverance" of those left behind, appeared less than 24 hours after the Charleston massacre again reminded us the bloodshed goes on. Joe Quint's "It Takes Us" exhibit, a film about Jordan Davis and Quint's film of Sandy Hook survivors - broken and declaring, "This is who we are now" - insist it must stop.


If only an exhibit like this could change the national consciousness on violence and the continuing bizarre belief held by millions that being legally able to own a gun has any relationship to the level of personal freedom that we can enjoy. One can only hope …


I find the latest mass shooting in Charleston appalling and the reaction of a large part of the US population just as warped and appalling. The scum bag Roof (Ruf as they say down South) had to have been filled with bile and hatred by racist family and friends. If livid racism and hatred is a sickness, it isn’t one that a human being is born with.

And I’m just as appalled by the devious and dirty manner in which the racists reactionaries over at Fox turned the slaughter of black people in a church from an act of racial hatred into a violent act against “Christians”. Screw Fox and the millions of USAns that take in the garbage it spews.

Also, from what I understand, the little shit got the gun as a gift. One can even question whether it was held legally.


Oh baloney, he was high on hate and stupidity. Lots of people take drugs/medications and don’t go on a killing spree. Were you his prescribing doctor? He was a loser, he dropped out of high school, he had been in multiple schools over the years due to his family moving so many times. The kid had serious mental problems before he took any drugs.