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Animals Protected from Sexual Abuse, But Not Factory Farm Abuse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/28/animals-protected-sexual-abuse-not-factory-farm-abuse


Additionally, these animals are not allowed to sexually reproduce, they are artificially inseminated by humans, genetically modified, and cloned for human preferred traits. Set them free while they still possess their inherent natural place on the planet. Solve this issue and you solve a lot of others by doing so.


There is an Easy solution to the Barbaric Treatment of our fellow Mammals and other Animals:


It is not that difficult, there are thousands of Plant Based options.

I have not consumed Animal Products for over 40 years and believe me Plant Based Meals are mouthwatering delicious and a Gastronomical Banquet of Joy and Pleasure, especially knowing that no animals had to suffer to satisfy your taste buds.

Just go to Google for thousands of delectable Vegan Recipes; your body will appreciate Healthier Food and the Planet will thank you.


Justin Trudeau is an ignorant tool of big-business, one that allows industry to “regulate” itself and buys-out a corporate environmental nightmare pipeline to save their profits at citizens expense. And this animal welfare failure.

“while there are some minimal regulations governing the transport and slaughter of animals — there are effectively no laws protecting their welfare during the rest of their lives.”

This failure to protect animals from factory-farm abuses by Trudeau an unforgivable act by a very ignorant, malleable, and corrupt person - a tool.that just doesn’t care - as has become all too clear!.A “progressive”? I think not.

Why do the most corrupt, often depraved, always rise to the political top? That is their nature.

“Farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined.” - Jane Goodall


first a disclaimer because I agree with the rest of it. Factory farms are horrific conditions for any living beings. And these are real creatures with real feelings don’t ever think not.
How can anyone imagine that in the hundreds of millions of evolution that no species had feelings until humans came along and all of a sudden, this microscopically tiny blip in evolutionary time, developed all these traits not ever before seen. Nonsense.
That also leads me to the only bone I have to pick, and I should, about stating that animals do not exhibit such human traits as “deceitfulness, cruelty, greed, sexual treachery.”
Those traits didn’t suddenly show up at homo sapiens. Any close contact with animals, from pets such as dogs to large farm animals such as horses will reveal pecking orders (a term from chicken behavior, chickens will peck and even kill others), rivalries, jealousies, humor, embarrassment, depression, exhalation, meanness, generosity and on and on. Plenty of greed (feeding, treats, beds).
That nit noted, I am on the page for the rest. As well as the irony of such sex-interested nonsense versus the mass torture of the lives of these animals. They are neither above nor below us and although they don’t build skyscrapers or write plays they do have lives and imaginations and expectations, in those ways, not so far from humans.

Creature mammals should all have the same rights as humans ---- as we are all mammals. At least in Greek literature centaurs have language and power. If the Greeks could come up with the concept of democracy, maybe we should look at their much n-better respect of the other mammals.

As much a part of God’s creation as we are, without all the arrogance.

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