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Ankara’s Climbdown on Assad


Ankara’s Climbdown on Assad

Vijay Prashad

Sharp changes in the war on Syria have impacted the policy of the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Initially Mr. Erdogan believed that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would fall precipitously. It did not. Rather than overthrow Mr. Assad, the war has placed Turkey itself in danger — a ‘failed coup’ on July 15 came alongside a renewed war against Turkey’s Kurdish population, just as Islamic State (IS) attacks in the country have raised alarm bells about Mr. Erdogan’s adventurism. An adjustment of Turkey’s policy is now on the cards.


Shakespeare (or whoever wrote the amazing plays) understood many esoteric teachings. Had I gone on for a Masters in English Literature, I would have written a thesis on Shakespeare’s use of the magical, mystical, and metaphysical in his greatest works.

The tragedy of Julius Caesar begins with an eclipse. Retained as a component of astrological lore (based on a compilation of compelling data) is the idea that eclipses mark the death of rulers. I believe it’s still true.

There will be a solar eclipse on September 1 that is, as we astrologers define it, dangerously afflicted.

Right now (and I do mean right now) the planet Mars–which signifies armies and the state of war, is joined with Saturn, the planet that defines authoritarian governments. Both are crossing Sagittarius (currently at 9-10 degrees of that sign). And next week’s eclipse falls at 9 degrees Virgo. The distance between these 2 mutable signs is 90-degrees signifying the “square” or worst possible relationship between these moving spheres.

In addition, the sign of Virgo “answers” to Mercury and Mercury begins one of its 3-4 mischievous annual retrograde periods on August 28. When the planet the eclipse symbolically stirs is (for all intents and purposes) moving backwards, then what had appeared as progress will rewind. Events from the past considered settled flare up with new gusto.

Sagittarius is the sign of religious ideology. Mars and Saturn paired there make for the kind of self-righteous rigidity seen in too many persons, particularly the world’s authoritarians.

And Virgo is the sign of detail, precision, and often too much focus on minutiae to the point of missing the big picture.

I’ve also noticed that when tensions escalate among the mutable signs, there tend to be accidents associated with bridges, railroad crossings, and trains.

I don’t often share the portents… but this time I think it’s important to do so.

One final point, Mercury is the guardian of language and communications. Since this eclipse represents a sort of “darkening of the light” applied to one of the chief signs devoted TO language and communications, one might surmise that it will be HIGH TIDE on false narratives, dis-information, and propaganda.

If only the knowledge of a thing guaranteed a remedy against it!

Portia was right to advise her husband Julius Caesar not t go out to the Senate that day… but men, and the world patriarchy has built, prove resistant to intuition and all of the wisdom that Right Brain reveals.


Although your forecast is sound, to me, a semi-Astrologer, I wish you could hazard a more “masks off” interpretation. But I always look forward to your writings, even though the portent is not very desirable.

Thanks for sharing Siouxrose!


I’m not sure what you mean by a “mask’s off” explanation. If that’s covert text for asking me to predict WHO will encounter an assassination attempt, I would not venture a guess.

I’ve watched astrologers try to predict who would win Presidential nominations and the truth is, there are so many factors and variables unrelated to the candidates… but rather, tied to those in their various support circles, as to make the prediction close to impossible.

I also won’t provide “best dates” for those who plan to schedule Caesarian section birth experiences. I would not wish to take responsibility for “playing god” insofar as the karmic nature of timing is concerned.

If there is something you think I could more clearly explain, let me know. If it’s something I feel skilled at, or interested in further decoding, I’ll do my best.



I am honored that you wrote me off the list. I’ve admired your posts for quite a few years and only recently have emerged to occasionally post.

You are correct, I was hinting for a prediction, but of course that is the (very) Scorpionic part of me, tee-hee.

I should be better at such things. I do some astrology but not very predictive stuff.

I enjoy your writing, especially the way you sound out people with the “we” framing. Very astute.

Blessed Be, always

I’ve edited my post because I thought it was to you personally - - ooops!


Neocon coup failed unlike egypt Turks turn away from nato. Neocon iraq war supporters back on fox supporting coup If Putin gets turkey out of nato then ukraines goose is cooked.


Thank you for the response.

I really can’t say for certain that anyone WILL be assassinated. The Weather Channel had a news item up stating that the solar eclipse due on August 21, 2017 will be a MAJOR one.

This week’s September 1 eclipse is in Virgo and it would impact Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius natives most intensely.

Since it’s at 9 degrees, that usually translates to those born 8-10 days into each sign. For instance, if Gemini begins on May 21, those born May 29-31 will be most directly impacted; and eclipses do promote major changes.

If you know astrology, you understand that people also have moon signs, Ascendant signs, and so forth. That’s why given the complex number of world leaders and the details relevant to each one’s natal chart, the research required to make an informed prediction would involve a major time commitment.

Noting that Saturn–the planet of Conservative politics and politicians is headed for Capricorn (winter solstice, 2017) and that it will eventually meet up with Pluto there (and noting that much in the way of today’s mass surveillance state arose during Pluto’s transit of Capricorn)… I wanted to find out what happened when these two giants met before in this most strict, rigid, authoritarian of signs.

I found the dates! But then I realized, that 500 years ago, there was no known (at the time) alternative to the church-state that bore down on all souls, even the financial elites. Uranus–the planet of revolution and individual self-determination was not yet discovered, nor was Pluto.

There is a fascinating case (and Carl Jung did discuss this in one of his books) to be made for the fact that until a planet is discovered, the full force of its influence is not operational.

Given Pluto’s 248 year cycle, I looked to the 1760s, but when it transited Capricorn in that century, Saturn never met up with it in Capricorn.

So I went back further… and these dates are based on the Gregorian Calendar. Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn in January 1284. The only event I could find is that 180 Jews who refused to be baptized were set on fire in Munich, Germany.

I then found another date when this pair me… it was at 4-degrees of Capricorn on January 11, 1518. I couldn’t find much that stood out.

However, the first date did occur during the bloody Crusades and the 2nd date did occur during the rigid, brutal Inquisition.

Essentially Pluto and Saturn have only met in Capricorn 2 other times in 1000 years… and they will do so in 2018-2019… And I can’t imagine the times being particularly liberal or elites NOT clamping down. Religious fanatics, or that darkest bond of all–the morphing of church-state-military–look to have a heyday at that time.

After, starting at the end of 2020 and reaching a crescendo (I hope) in 2024… the forces of Light, independence, self-determination, invention, innovation, and TRUTH reach a climax that will hold for some time.

Since climate change will be accelerating throughout this 8 year phase, the necessity that works as the Mother of Invention will indeed be catalyzed. But the Aquarian Age is a great champion of (and inspiration for) that very thing.


You really speak the language well, although this looks rather serious. I get that about the moon signs, etc. I feel my Scorpio - ness is tempered by my Moon and Ascendant Capricorn. A friend of mine who is Astrologer-lite, like me, says there is a corollary influence between the two, sorta opposite, sorta not.

What is really fascinating is your comment about Jung, which I never heard before, but has the ring of truth. Additionally the rarely met planets and effects also draws my fascination and possible dread.

I often feel that though the Age of A is / nearly / upon us, it is the transition from the Age of Pisces that may be more felt in the world. I liken that to your comment on the clamping down. The dying fish, struggling for air, flopping about, causing some consternation. And of course Capricorn has the ambitious nature of a Fish that wants to climb Mountains (or a Goat that would brave the depths of the bitter, bitter sea).
Thank you for these comments.