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Annals of Scumbaggery Part 724


Annals of Scumbaggery Part 724

Remarkably, the sordid saga of Roy Moore gets ever sleazier. Added to the sexual assaults of teenagers: As a judge, he defended the rights of sexual offenders against their victims; in his 30s he was banned from a local mall for cruising for teenage girls; he lied about Christian endorsements; someone sent out fake robocalls for him using such a dog-whistle Jewish name one bemused observer mused, "Why not just stick with Jewy McJew?"


I noticed that the most recent victim to come out about Roy was 16 at the time, and he was 28. The first to come out had been 14 at the time, when he was over 30. Meaning: As Roy gets older, his victims get younger! Given a little more time and support, Roy-boy may soon be raping 8-year-olds as his sickness progresses.


Surely Samuel Johnson was mistaken. It is not patriotism, but religiosity, which is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


It seems to me like this guy would fit right in - in Washington. Trump can send him to the middle east or North Korea to negotiate “big” deals. Apparently Moore represents a wide swath of the American public - wing-nuts, gun lovers, haters, sexual predators, etc, etc. After all - it is a swamp and Moore belongs in one.


Another day in the Unhinged States of America!


OMG…Still Laughing…in a twisted kinda way most entertaining

I started to go with the …apparent endless death spiral.
While on spot, it lacked the twisted entertaining value.

Of course none of this should be entertaining, because we know just how many people
are sexually accosted without bringing it to record.
Real Shitty Behavior from People Abusing Positions of Power.

Yet there is a special place for Mr Moore in our thoughts and it’s called…
“Well its About Fricking Time”

This BS has to be brought out to the same degree as Priestly Pedophiles and moore (get it)

A Continuous clean up until we get at least near to the bottom.

Of course we’re doing such a bang up job on stopping Mass Shootings that one wonders.


Interesting post. And right on about the extent of this issue raised by how long we have avoided this conversation. Evidently, we have drawn the line when pedophilia becomes institutionalized in our religions and judiciary in ever increasing ways. Still hard to look at this as a step forward, I guess it is possible


Scumbaggery indeed! Apparently Xtian/Alabama values are on parade by the perp and the people still supporting this particular SB.
Moore seems to know which buttons to push to rally support for himself. His denials of any abuse or perv behavior toward the women now coming forward to indict Moore are clearly lies. His comment about them “waiting 40 years to come forward just before an election” do not hold water - the emotional strength generated by so many other women testifying against abusers (Weinstein) at this particular time clearly played a big part giving women the strength to speak-out - always abusers will attempt to blame their victims… It always astonishes how truly unhinged - insane but reasonably functional - some/many “religious” people/dogmas/beliefs/fantasy can be…


Hey, I have heard of some theocrats who actually support abortion for their own families in the back room of course but not for the public!


Look this is about time the women had a voice. However, most people in the US probably could care less- it’s not what is important compared to the big issues like putting food on the table, paying the rent, mortgage, taxes, lights etc. Yes, he is insane- but it’s not what stands out now to people especially in these times.


Another shooting with a nut job trying to enter a school in CA. The guy murdered his wife. The school janitor deterred the shooter. I hope the janitor is okay. Of course the NRA will say those little kids should have had guns!


No, he belongs on the other side of the dirt.


Someone should tell Roy Moore, his supporters and Hannity that “Lolita” was not a how-to manual.


Nope this is back page news because he only killed 4 people----the times we live in???


So people around this guy are saying they know nothing about this guys behavior-----yet he was banned from a mall and YMCA???Why does the media refrain from understanding how people like Moore are considered leaders in Alabama??? Rev Barber had some great commentary on state of the state of Alabama