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Anne Franke Center Says Trump 'Partly to Blame' for Wave of Antisemitism

Anne Franke Center Says Trump 'Partly to Blame' for Wave of Antisemitism

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Following the most recent round of bomb threats against Jewish community centers on Monday, the head of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect said that President Donald Trump is at least partly to blame due to the nationalistic thread that runs through his administration in addition to his failure to explicitly condemn the hateful acts.

I would not expect much from Trump. He is too busy making the outrageous claim that the press is the enemy of the people. And his supporters are already upset that he is hesitating in deporting the dreamers. If he came out strongly against these antisemitic acts a portion of his political base might completely collapse. Does Steve Bannon, his chief strategist, remind him every day it’s the “fear and hate stupid?”

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This isn’t fair. Trump has a Jewish daughter, like Southpark has Token.

Hmmmmmmmm, I just don’t get it.

Trump married a Jew, didn’t he? Isn’t his Son-in-Law (who may actually be running the country for 71 year old Donald) a Jew? Kushner or something?

Steve Bannon was the editor of Breitbart News, A JEWISH RAG. It was started in Israel. It still has offices in Jerusalem. If it, or Bannon or Trump were anti-Semitic, as this article implies, then why would Israel let their offices continue operation there? Why would Nut-and-Yahoo be dry-humping Trumps leg like a love-sick Labrador Retriever?

Adding to the confusion, the present editor at Breitbart News is Milo Y. the gay Jew. Wanna explain that to me?

So, the claims of Antisemitism and Homophobic that are leveled at the Trump Administration are confusing to say the least. For sure, Pence is that way. But I’m not sure Trump or Bannon are.

Perhaps Breitbart News is fake antisemitism designed to stir up sympathy for “the right for Israel to exist?”

None of this makes any sense, if you ask me.

Trumps owned by Israel, the Russian Mafia and the neo-cons, and has relations who are Jewish. Hard to imagine where the anti-semitism is coming from. Follow the money.

A rise in anti-Semitism is due to a rise in immigration from primitive Muslim dominant countries and nothing what so ever to do with Trump. Wow blaming Trump is joining blaming Russians as a main stream media memes. This to cover all the blunders of the Democrat/Republican Corporate party.

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The commenters here still don’t know what the alt-right is.

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Trump married three women who were not Jewish. His daughter Ivanka married a Jew and converted to Judaism. Trump now has grandchildren who are Jewish. I don’t think the article claims that either Trump or Bannon or antisemitic. I think was it infers is that they contributing to antisemitism because a lot of Trump’s supporters are antisemitic and Trump is not quickly and strongly condemning antisemitic acts. In other words, instead of doing the right thing he is doing the wrong thing to keep his antisemitic voters supporting him. Frankly, this is consistent with what Trump has done for years, the wrong thing. He has scammed people to make money, apparently committed sexual assault because he could not inhibit himself, lies constantly for political purposes, etc. It is just another reason why he is clearly unfit to be president. Hopefully the Russian scandal will bring him down, which it probably will if they ever do a good investigation, and he can go back to being a businessman and TV personality again and stop damaging this country and the world.


There is no evidence whatsoever that any of the bomb scares or acts of vandalism were committed by Muslims. I don’t think anyone yet has been arrested and they may not even have any suspects or leads. Muslims are actually helping Jews in Philadelphia deal with the cemetery vandalism and it has been previously reported that Jews are willing to help Muslims if Trump starts a Muslim registry. The rise in antisemitism can be blamed partly on Trump because he has failed to adequately condemn it. We can’t be sure whether anything he said would have made a difference but he has opened himself up to criticism by keeping quiet for a long time and then making a somewhat less then adequate statement.

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An increase in numbers of anti-Semitic attacks does not mean that just those immigrants are causing the attacks. They are immigrants, hence any attacks they carry out, would logically be in addition to those attacks being conducted by non-immigrants and thus an increase in anti-Semitic attacks (simple logic).
Primitive of course is also relative to the countries they are migrating from to the countries they are migrating to, proof of the primitiveness of the original country, the need to immigrate.

In a way, Steven Goldstein is right to blame Donald Trump for invoking the nationalist feelings a bye product of which is the rising antisemitism in the United States.

However, even though the feeling has come to the surface now, in rather a big way, it has always been there for long. A few years back, I was a regular reader of American newspapers and I detected in the readers’ comments a dislike towards Jews because of the disproportionate power the Jews and the pro-Israel lobbies exercised in America which made the non-Jewish Americans feel of being helpless in their own country.

Like for example Barack Obama pleaded to Benjamin Netanyahu to 'agree to a temporary freeze on settlements for our sake, but Netanyahu did not oblige. Rather going a step further, Netanyahu later openly canvassed for Obama’s rival for the second term election yet ended up receiving a bigger aid package from the same Obama. So, even US presidents were taken for a ride.

In fact, having no colonial history in our part of the world, Americans were once very popular in the Pakistan. However, this love for Americans has now turned into hatred for them, and the situation in very many of the Muslim states is about the same. And the main cause of this is the American governments excessive obsession with Israel, aiding and abetting it and supporting it at all forums including the United Nation even when Israel was in clear violation of international laws, humanitarian conventions and even the UN Security Council resolutions, and all this at the cost of Palestinians.

Even 9/11 had similar motivation behind it. Osama bin Laden, once a great favourite of Americans while he was fighting their revenge war with the Soviet Union, had thought that following this, the Americans will help solve problems in the Middle East, starting with solving Israeli-Palestinian issue in a just manner. However, with his hopes dashed, he became an avowed enemy of Americans.

So the American citizens could see that pro-Israel lobbies were forcing American governments to incur the animosity of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide in over fifty states in order to give undue and unjust benefits to about six million Jews in Israel out of the total Jewish population of around fifteen million in the whole world. In fact, Israel itself was created, nourished, nurtured and made the mightiest in the Middle East, a nuclear power as well, with the active support of the United States and the Western world.

Now, coming back to the present times, after the recent meeting between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump seems to have dropped even the half-hearted support for the two-state solution. Following this, Netanyahu has ordered accelerated usurpation of Palestinian land while the likes of Naftali Bennet are announcing the death of the two state solution. And this would have further hurt the feelings of those who believed, and not without justification, that the United States was being run for the benefit of Israelis at the cost of vast majority of indigenous Americans. And the fact that Trump’s Jewish son-in-law has become his top adviser on Middle East and Trumps daughter has adopted Judaism only serve to increase Americans’ apprehensions.

So, while Donald Trump may have brought the antisemitism to the surface, the greater responsibility for it lies with successive Israeli governments and pro-Israel lobbies who, by forcing American Presidents to act for the sole benefit of Israel, have created a feeling of helplessness among Americans resulting in rising antisemitism in the United States.

We all have got to realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Thus, gaining undue favours for Israel by arm-twisting of US leadership on the strength of pro-Israel lobbies and their iron-grip on American administration could not come without a cost which, in this case, is this rising antisemitism.

The real tragedy is that even people like Steven Goldstein can’t see through it all, which is why he has chosen to single out Donald Trump for condemnation.


President ME may be some White Supremacist, but’s it’s Bannon behind the curtain.

Trump may really want that wall, but Bannon couldn’t care less. That is smoke and mirrors BS. What Bannon wants and intends to get is burning the Establishment to the ground and he has said that over and over and over. Regs gone. Rules gone. Agencies and Depts. gutted financially and with personal shortages.

ICE, Border Patrol, DHS, Immigration Enforcement (all PDs drafted as well as military as needed)will be used and some sort of ban will be in place to halt immigration–That is one thing Bannon has pushed and keeps pushing. He has stated more than once over the years exactly who and what he is and now he claims to be Lenin, well, look at what Lenin did to the USSR, and its people. Bannon is some mix of Rasputin and Lenin alright.

As for Trump, he’s an idiot and being led his his need for adoration and Bannon is delivering. Trump is doing what he has always done: My way, or the highway and that doesn’t work in the Beltway, or the Federal govt. He was a poor businessman, a tyrant, liar, thief, sexual predator, and ripped off everyone he ever knew (from friends to labor and Everyman). What changed? Nothing at all. He’s still the same. The entire family has accomplished nothing of meaning and all have been failures with no real skills except the Big Con. Well guess what? Bannon is playing the biggest con on all of them now as he intends to cut all their throats to pull off his greatest caper: Burning DeeCee to the ground.
Bannon is a white supremacist. He would have been SS.

Trump would have been a footnote in NY history. A narcissistic slumlord, preying on the weak, etc. Building gaudy hotels. Serving bad food, bad service, cheap merchandise-- all over-priced. Failing at everything he and his crooked family touched.Thank the Clinton’s (and Obama) for his delivery. And the one or two who took him under their wing, and got him into the WH. Bannon was one of those psychopaths. Trump was shocked that he won and so were they. He is still in shock, but doing what he has always done. Bannon sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and Trump is his bitch. The jester, joker, and klown. I do believe Conway is Harley (Batman fame).

Remember Lenin. Remember history.

Oh, and both are about to gut the labor market (corporate profits) with this immigration ban/raid agenda.

What makes you think Pence is antisemitic?


I misspoke. Pence is homophobic, not anti-Semitic. As gov of Indiana he signed legislation jailing gays and “retraining” them, which was thrown out by their supreme court, IIRC.

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The neo cons and Christian Right gave been among Israels top supporters. Just seems strange its cropping up now.

Possible motive?

In December, a controversial bill, the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act (ASAA), failed to pass Congress. The ASAA would have imposed a definition of anti-Semitism that is so broad it would encompass virtually any criticism of Israel.
Its due to be reintroduced this year.