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Annexation Is Happening Whether Netanyahu Is Reelected or Not

Annexation Is Happening Whether Netanyahu Is Reelected or Not

Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man

Four years ago, on the eve of Israeli elections, Benjamin Netanyahu promised in a television interview that there would never be a Palestinian state on his watch. He retracted the statement a few days after winning, but only those who wanted to believe him actually did. Opposing Palestinian statehood has always been Netanyahu’s policy. He has diverged from it on rare occasions, when he was under enormous pressure to do so, and even then with a conspiratorial wink to his supporters.

And people are surprised, why? How many times does a country return land that it takes in war?

Especially so when they’re propped up by the likes of Schumer & Cohorts. The Clintonistas and their cash cows in AIPAC, etc.
The Zionists & MENA allies will provoke wars with Syria and Iran at any cost. If this happens the Russian government’s hand will be forced to trigger a response, Turkey jumps in and all hell breaks loose, perhaps.


Good article.

A recent poll found that 42% of Israelis support Israeli annexation of the West Bank with 30% uncertain and only 28% opposed (Source:
https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israeli-palestinian-conflict-solutions/.premium-42-of-israelis-back-west-bank-annexation-including-two-state-supporters-1.7047313 ).
It does seem likely that the Israeli’s will put into power a government that is even further to the right. Given contemporary trends, it does seem likely that, regardless of who gets into power, the Israeli government will permanently annex the West Bank and leave Palestinian residents with even less rights.

Oh, you mean like the US retained California? So you’d like Israel to do with the West Bank what the US did with California?

I doubt it. You see the Mexicans living in California already became citizens of the US. So let Israel annex the West Bank and let the Palestinians living there become full citizens of Israel with full and equal rights. Maybe also let the people in Gaza return to their homes, not to mention the refugees that Israel’s hasn’t let return for over 70 years who still live in camps.

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One state solution or two state solution. Let’s just gitter done.

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In my mind the only really just solution is a one democratic state solution, one state in the land of Ancient Canaan where everyone living there are full citizens with full and equal rights and the refugees have the right of return and compensation for if not restoration of their property. I am okay with this one state allowing any Jew to immigrate and be citizens too.

If that is not possible, then a lesser just solution but one I’d accept as a compromise is two states with the West Bank with East Jerusalem and Gaza as a Palestinian state and the settlements are dismantled. It would also need compensation of property for the refugees.

But what Nitwit-a-Yahoo wants to do is neither. Neither annex and grant citizenship nor pull out and let it be its own state.

The only other solution I can conceive of is that the US pay for the transportation of all the Palestinians, including refugees, to a new country carved out of the United States where all existing Americans have to leave it. Say carve this new country out of Upstate New York?

I’ve already suggested moving Israel to south Texas with access to the Gulf. Why not?

I think you’re serious.

I’m not. I’m being facetious to show how ludicrous the concept of Zionism was in the first place.

But the Evangelic American Gentile Zionists would never support moving Israel to part of the US. But they would support moving Palestine until it meant they’d lose their land and their homes and their business to a bunch of folk that the powers that be decided needed a homeland in part of the US.

That would mean an America VS Iran scuffle unless Trump settles that score ahead of time. Let’s wait for the elcetion results tonight. Uncle Beji might be out on the street.

Good point. There would be outrage once they realized that Jews from Israel weren’t just lesser Christians, or a conduit for the end times.

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