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'Annexation Is Illegal. Period.': UN Human Rights Chief Slams Israeli Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/annexation-illegal-period-un-human-rights-chief-slams-israeli-government


Q: What’s the difference between the Palestinian Bantustan and the Warsaw Ghetto?
A: About 80 years.


An act of war, again and again.
Israel needs to impose a zero birth rate on it’s people if it;s a population expansion.
If it is due to corporate expansion, well that’s criminal.

Palestinians should announce they are annexing all the land stolen from them by Israel in the Nakba of 1947-48, to remind the world of Israel’s beginning as a nation on stolen land (just like the U.S.).


We become what we hate and immoral actors are ALWAYS ready to leverage, stoke and bring hell to earth for their own benefit. Dehumanized Technostans corroding from the inside while the metal is polished and the pollution permeates… both material and spiritual.


Our government supports this. We shouldn’t be surprised, it is our heritage and history. A replay of the U.S. stealing lands from our native Indian tribes.
Did the tribes fight back as best they could against a bully with more guns? Of course they did.
So Israel feels it has some right to steal lands from the Palestinians, and of course Palestine fights back.
But they need bigger gun support.

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“The top human rights official for the United Nations on Monday added her voice”

What good is a bloody “voice”. The UN needs to send their troops in there to occupy the proposed land and stay there till the illegal occupiers are repelled.

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Nothing illegal at all, that land already legally belongs to Israel and it is up to Israel to choose what to do with it.

Says who?

the j^%$

Says UN Charter Article 80, for one, it enshrines all the agreement made by League of Nations on that issue as 100% legal an applicable to this day. This gives the Jewish state land up to Jordan River ( and including all of West Bank) and Arabs land on the other side of that river dividing British Mandate Palestine into two states one for the Arabs, that is now called Jordan, and one for the Jews.

It’s interesting that you hang your argument on a defunct body, yet ignore its successor’s rulings on the question. To name just a few examples (there are many, many more):

UN General Assembly Resolution 181;

UN Security Council Resolution 242;

UN Security Council Resolution 338.

UN resolutions are not international laws they are suggested guidelines…Real international law is based on the signed agreement of countries that are involved in that law. The League of Nation ( which is just a former name for UN) agreements are real international laws they carry agreements of all the countries who controlled territories in question at that time ( and that is why they are enshrined in the UN charter). Resolution 181 for example was rejected by Arabs so it is completely meaningless now, and never became international law.

The only resolution you listed that carries any weight, in this case, is 242 but in that resolution, Israel never agreed to establish an Arab Palestinian entity or a state within its territory ( that was established by Article 80) nor was there any agreement to use 1967 armistice lines as a border of any future state. And all the future agreements as 242 states between Arabs and Israel were to be based on a peace agreement and Israel’s security demands all of which Arabs repeatedly rejected.

It is also interesting that you hang your argument on rejecting League of Nation decisions and international law created by League of Nations when it comes to Israel alone. International law established by the League of Nations created about 40 countries around the globe and many more countries were established later based on earlier League of Nation agreements. Do you vehemently deny current borders of approximately 40 other states created by a League of Nation? or is it just the borders of Israel because you hate Jews so much?

Bullshit. I don’t even hate my first wife–whom I married in a Reform temple.

“That which is hateful to yourself, do not do to others. That is the whole of Torah, all the rest is commentary.”

I heard that one before:
“How can I be racist? when I have a black friend …”

Hitler almost married a jew Stefanie Rabatsch in a reform temple too…are you going to claim that he did not become a mad racist afterward?.. like you?