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Annexation Without Citizenship Is Apartheid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/11/annexation-without-citizenship-apartheid

According to Marx , society was seen as two classes: the rich and the poor. … One theory believed by Karl Marx was that the capitalist system created a feeling of alienation for the workers (a feeling of powerlessness) and thus religion would be a means for workers to accept their plight in life.


How ironic that the jews were subjected to 'second class citizenship" by the Nazis and now they’re using the same tactics to impose second class citizenship on the Palestinians. Obviously Israel needs to end its apartheid State, but this is unlikely to happen due to generations of intense propaganda by Israel and many jews outside of Israel as well. Basing a country on ‘race’ or on ‘religion’ is a recipe for disaster, but because Israel has nuclear weapons, bought-and-paid-for politicians in the U.S. and the greatest military in the Middle East, Palestinians will continue to suffer at the hands of this brutal regime.
BDS is one excellent solution to ending apartheid, but more importantly is the need for all citizens around the globe to have an open and honest discussion about the treatment of Palestinians, Israeli racism and the need to transform Israel into a fair and equitable place for all of its inhabitants. We can begin here at home by forcing all political candidates to recognize the rights of Palestinians to full citizenship in Israel. But to convince many Israelis that they are in fact not the “chosen people”, will require persistence and a global re-education program to dismantle the prejudice that has been promoted over generations.


I think the shift from a Palestinian national struggle to a civil rights demand for citizenship in a “ersatz Israel” may well resonate with those who currently view Israel as the “victim”. Rather than supposedly “threaten” Israel’s existence it calls for Israel’s “expansion”, providing legitimacy to the hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers presently illegally occupying the West Bank.


I think we may have to boycott the U.S. for BDS to be effective.

It appears Israel is intent upon going in the opposition direction, of de-citizening (if that’s a word) its Palestinian Jerusalem residents.