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Announcing North Korea Summit Back On, Trump Says Letter From Kim He "Didn't Open" Is "Very Interesting"


Announcing North Korea Summit Back On, Trump Says Letter From Kim He "Didn't Open" Is "Very Interesting"

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump's chaotic brand of internation diplomacy was back on display Friday afternoon as he announced—following an Oval Office meeting with a high-ranking North Korean official—that a summit he cancelled earlier this month between the two countries is now back on track.

"We'll be meeting June 12 in Singapore. You people will have to be in Singapore," Trump told reporters at the White House after emerging from a more than hour-long meeting with North Korea's Kim Yong Chol, a chief negotiator and top aide to the nation's leader Kim Jong-Un.



Wow. What an utter whack-job fruit-loop fuck-noodle. Every time he opens his mouth, he vomits the stupidest, weirdest, wackiest shit. I swear this man doesn’t even know in advance what he is going to say - he just lives and talks and thinks from one second to the next. Scary as all hell. And later, when confronted with his insanity, he apparently has zero concerns about it. Scarier.


Who would ever let a nut case like this run a snow cone stand let alone a country? Oh right Americans.


Knowing Trumps comprehension skills are very low, he probably needs someone to read and explain it to him.


Maybe if it was a video file

With topless pole dancers


Most Duh’Murikuns are getting just what they deserve.  Unfortunately, others who live here have to suffer along with them.


this man is insane. this is glaring proof. he must legally be removed from office.
also, he is trying to “sell” access to a news item to reporters, actually publically auctioning it off ?
how much more proof do we need that he is dangerously inept , insane and incompetent ??? when will someone finally DO something about this ???


We don’t need any more evidence that Trump is a gibbering idiot; we need strategies to neutralize or at least isolate him to keep damage to a minimum. If there’s a chance for this summit to produce anything of substance, someone needs to keep Trump the hell out of it. Maybe tell him his adoring fans are outside and want to see him, for instance, then lock the door behind him and let the adults get to work.


The MSM strikes again! Why did no one say ‘but just a few minutes ago you said it was an interesting letter?’ And then let the whole world hear him deny he said any such thing. We need to be gathering every bit of documented proof that he has dementia, or worse, is a pathological lier and a stark raving lunatic.


Oh right: The fucked up Electoral College. (Americans elected Clinton by ~ 3 million votes)


This November!!!


The North Koreans used some very nice letters on the sealed envelope – the best ever.


Orange Butt is such a jackass.