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Announcing Retrial, Federal Prosecutors to Continue 'Unconscionable Prosecution' of Humanitarian Scott Warren for Helping Migrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/announcing-retrial-federal-prosecutors-continue-unconscionable-prosecution


People that would shelter Blacks who were escaping slavery in the South so as to seek sanctuary in Canada were also prosecuted.

I find it ironic that the same Government now looks back on those people as heroes and defenders of Liberty even as they try to prosecute Scott Warren using the same rationale those prosecutors did in the early 1800’s.

Assholes are always assholes.


I’d like to bail Dr Scott Warren out of jail, free the migrants & have Trump live in those camps.


This “Assministration” wants more migrants to die before they reach our country.

This is the sad fact for why they are persecuting this “Good Samaritan.”


Please forgive me if this seems trite, but I often retreat to elements of what I “cut my progressive teeth” on:


Ah, her oh so lovely voice!
and definitely not trite Wise Owl.
A wee bit over produced though…

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These “prosecutors” are really stupid lawyers. I am of the understanding that you never make a martyr of someone that has the sympathy of the public. To retry after a hung jury in this case is really very stupid and will not look good on someone’s resume, DUH


Hi WiseOwl:
That is a beautiful song…if you can find out where Greta Thunberg is, you should send it to her. And if you can’t, well, hopefully kids on their marches will start singing this song --everywhere! : )

Hi Ditton:
How many times can a hung jury allow the prosecutor to keep tying a case----forever? Or is it until that lawyer person gets the verdict they want? Is there a limit or is it state by state?

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I’m not a lawyer but have some background. The only reason a judge might consider it is that it was a hung jury and you can’t be tried for the same crime twice unless it is Federal vs State charges. This is a Federal case coming out of the District of AZ, they are trying to make an example with this case, they just blew it, dummies. I doubt it seriously if they will ever find a jury that will convict now, the jury pool has been poisoned from exposure and his defense lawyer knows this.


Hi Ditton:
Thank you for that information. I hope they lose the retrial then----as when a nation decides that treating others humanely is a crime—whoa -------we are all in trouble!


Mr. President, I hope you can visit my city soon. To make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty I’ll save for you some rotten eggs and some toilet water to quench your thirst.


Oh stardustBID, I think we are already in trouble. It’s just a matter of who’s rights are next to be violated. The rest of us are in a queue waiting our turn.


and a large handful of prosecutors as well!

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This seems like the perfect case for the jurors to reinstate jury nullification, a powerful tool in the hands of the citizens, taken away by prosecutors long ago.


Prosecutors are assholes. That’s a rule of thumb. They seem to have been born that way. Now that I got that off my chest, I’m having difficulty understanding exactly what they are prosecuting Warren for. Since when is it a criminal act to give (as in free) anyone food, water, and shelter…the essentials of life. I live in South Texas and have for the past fifty years and this is common practice among ranchers who have large ranches. I have a friend whose family lives near Hebbronville, Texas and they own 43,000 acres of ranch land. They have shacks all over their ranch that they keep stocked with canned food plus most of the shacks have windmills that keep a steady supply of fresh water available for both livestock and illegal border crossers. They just don’t find it appealing to find the corpses of people who have been overcome by the heat and die of thirst on their ranch. Besides it isn’t generally the immigrants themselves who are the criminal element as Trump would have you believe. These are generally people trying to escape a living hell in their home countries thanks in no small part to the U.S.’s drug war activity’s and trade agreements that eliminate many of the previously available agricultural jobs in their home nation. The true criminals are the “coyotes” who take all the money these people have to their name to promise them asylum in the U.S. only to dump them at the border to try to make the rest of the trip on their own or stuff them sixty to eighty at a time into the trailer of an 18 wheeler headed north. Several such trucks have been stopped by State Troopers only to open the trailer to find mass death because of heat stroke. These people are desperate to the point few U.S. citizens can comprehend. I’ll take my hat off to anyone who does anything to make their odds of survival any higher.


Until we find a way to have the leverage over the criminals and
murderers running our government – we will be left praying for peace
and an end to wars and human slaughter – and persecution and torture
of heroes like Scott Warren and Julian Assange.

It wasn’t simply a failure of Our Founders that we weren’t given the tools
to remove those with hearts of stone from our government – those who
enjoy spilling the blood of those they’ve gained power over all over the world.


Navy Seal “Eddie” Gallagher was just found not guilty of slitting the throat of a 15 year old “ISIS” fighter who was an injured prisoner in American custody and for shooting and killing civilians. By all accounts Gallagher is a psychopathic murderer. And he is now walking free among us all, exonerated of his worst alleged crimes. He apparently is being found guilty only of taking a photograph of himself re-enlisting while standing over the body of the boy he murdered. Message here, if you murder someone for the military and the Zionists just don’t take a picture of it. Beyond that, you’re good to go.
Meanwhile the Federal prosecuting attorneys in the State of Arizona are going ahead with a retrial of humanitarian Scott Warren in an attempt to throw him in jail for years, a man who left water and food for dying migrants in the desert.
God have mercy on America. This nation has lost its way.


The prosecution of Scott Warren is political. Conviction in political trials is not about the law, truth, or justice, they are about the State oppression. If they State want a person found guilty, they will be. Warren is being tried in Arizona where many jurors are likely to be conservative and/or religious fundamentalists. The State will prohibit progressives from serving as jurors. Warren will be found guilty of some offenses. The only chance he has of getting a light sentence is if his legal team focuses on religious freedom.


If italy can do it: