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Announcing the Trumpys!


Announcing the Trumpys!

Robert Weissman
Finally, an award ready to recognizing the worst elements of what is likely to go down as the worst presidency in American history


“The worst”? You mean even worse than the eight horrendous years of GW Bush? Holy cow!


You mean the worst so far. W was the worst up til then, but we still have at least the appearance of a republic left, although really the US is an oligarchic dictatorship now. Yes, it can get worse, and starting with the degraded government, even richer rich people, unleashed psychopathic corporations, empowered neo-Nazis and racists, another right wing ideologue could utterly destroy the US, and thus the world by continuing Business As Usual in ecological devastation, increasing inequality, degradation of rights and imperial ambitions, the next–Pence, maybe, will degrade everything further unless we peacefully revolt and prevent it.


I presume there will be a tin plated plaster or plastic statuette — may I suggest as a model the character of Tweetle-Dum from Alice in Wonderland*, but for the sake of authenticity, considerably fatter and even more short-tempered.

  (I tried to upload the 480x360 original – big enough to see – but no luck . . .   :frowning: )

*  More accurately, in the case of Trump, Tweetle-Dumb from Alas in BLunder-Land.


Well It’s about time. Finally we get to vote and our voice’s will be heard! Granted, it won’t save the republic or the environment but it is a start.