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Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict

Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict

Amira Hass

We know her name: Razan al-Najjar. But what’s his? What’s the name of the soldier who killed her, with direct fire to the chest last Friday? We don’t know, and we probably won’t ever know.

In contrast to the Palestinians suspected of killing Israelis, the Israeli who killed Najjar is protected from exposure to the cameras and an in-depth breakdown of his family history, including his relatives’ participation in routine attacks on Palestinians as part of their military service or their political affiliation.


Many in Israel have embraced dehumanization of Palestinians to such a degree that even in the clearly cold-blooded murder of Razan al-Najjar is portrayed as a defensive action against a terror supporting nurse.


Hi Dan,

I would like to believe that what you say is the case. I do know, however, that the US and Israeli militaries put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the ‘enemy’ is dehumanized. They use hate and fear to train soldiers to process even the most egregious human rights violations as crucial actions necessary to protect comrades in arms, the homeland, and the soldiers own families.


The use of potentially lethal force is taken only as a last resort, in a proportionate manner and to the minimal extent required.

When there are only two “resorts” of action, namely “don’t shoot” and “shoot with lethal intent”, Israeli soldiers choose the latter on the dehumanized Palestinian people. Remember the Israeli soldier caught on video shooting 2x in the head a wounded Palestinian young man lying bleeding in the street next to an ambulance?

The Israeli state is brutal, sociopathic murdering apartheid.


If it wasn’t painfully clear before it should be crystal clear now - Israel is a rogue terrorist state (and WE are supporting this terrorist state).

From ‘The Jewish Press’: al-Najjar was “a pro-terrorist female Gazan nurse” and “the IDF confirmed that soldiers were indeed firing — but not at the TERROR-SUPPORTING VOLUNTEER NURSE” (emphasis mine)

What scum would write this bull? And now, al-Najjar’s brother may have been one of two Palestinians killed trying to breach the border with an axe. An axe. Against automatic weapons, warplanes, and tanks. If it WAS him, I wonder what would have set him off on such a suicidal venture? Hmm.

To continue to support this terrorist nation is immoral. When I was young, I supported Israel when attacked in 1967 and 1973 because, well, THEY were being attacked. Now, the Palestinians are being TRAMPLED on by Netanyahu’s thugs with nary a peep from our “leaders” (who are beholden to AIPAC money). What, one Senator (Sanders) and two Representatives have condemned this so far? How low WE have sunk in this country.


Take a good look US–this is where we as a country are headed in promoting our own civil war. Bibi Netanyahu is Trump raised to the nth power and his crazy quilt coalition of support within the Knesset make the Republicans and Democrats currently running the House and Senate seem like reasonable statesmen and women.
The US (and the rest of the world) has no correspondents as dedicated to the truth as Amira Hass or
Robert Fisk of the Independent in the UK. Instead we have Fox News and CNN stenographers who parrot whatever party line they are given. Shameful.


Sometimes I pose a set of theological questions on this issue. Please give it some thought. It goes like this: After wandering the desert 40 years after receiving the 10 Commandments, God offers the tribe of Israel all Philistine lands if they’d kill ‘ALL’ inhabitants and livestock. Did God hope the Israelites would refuse the offer? Did God not give up on the Israelites because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill everyone? Is what’s happening today in Palestine (Philistines) the same question of God offering Israel the land in exchange for killing the inhabitants? Will God give up on Israel this time?

When has America not been this low? This country was built on genocide and slavery and then Hell bent on American hegemony.

Excellent article about America’s cruelty. Will we ever outgrow it? Not in my lifetime I think …


There are elements in US media that are actively promoting this cruelty.

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I agree with Steve_Fernandez. It would be nice to believe that the murdering Israeli soldiers/snipers will suffer pangs of conscience for the rest of their lives, but I think it more likely they are proud of their actions. What would be nice would be to believe they will burn in hell for eternity, but that is unlikely too. :frowning:

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The trouble is some humans don’t see others in the same manner as themselves. I’m guessing it’s in the genome of certain folks and they see others as basically, vermin. We’re all connected whether we like it or not. And the atrocities won’t stop until this ‘design flaw’ changes. BTW I’m not a creationist but design flaw in the genome fits well. I’m an atheist.

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I hear you, DC. The idea of God being on our side, each side in combat, plays to human prejudices as an excuse to act inhumanely immoral. The theological question I pose is meant for believers to consider, ie, Could their interpretation of the ‘holly bibble’ be inaccurate? Mostly, I practice a kind of yin/yang balance, live and let live agnostic creed. I’d be okay atheist, but a little mystery about the meaning of life can help to understand and deal with why things go wrong. Facetiously I’ll tell lady friends that Heaven will be nice because there’ll be shopping, YES, and then ask, "Do you really want to wear the same gown every day in Heaven? What about a party dress and fancy new shoes for special occasions? They love it. And of course, you could say God is love. People need to hear the love part.

The real question might be do they even have a soul left which can feel anything. Probably just numb or clueless - probably well taken care of by the system until they are used up and left to their own drunken or drugged out devices to cope.

That concept of God has served many human beings well as they go about enslaving, controlling, murdering and plundering.

The people need to become conscious of reality -not the illusions they have been fed and believe. When we come face to face with the reality of our true history and the nature of many of our leaders, we will begin to reform. This is something we each must do for ourselves - our education systems and institutions will not help in that effort because they are actually a result of it.