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'Another Alarm Bell in the Climate Emergency' as Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Second Lowest Extent on Record

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/another-alarm-bell-climate-emergency-arctic-sea-ice-shrinks-second-lowest-extent

2020 was worse than the story lets on.

The Arctic Ocean was in record low territory all spring and half the summer. This means that during the important 90% of the season, the Arctic Ocean was bluer than ever and was absorbing solar heat into the deep ocean, not reflecting it back into space.

Through November we’re going to see a long reluctance for the Arctic Ocean to freeze back over, until the surface water cools down enough. This will probably affect weather patterns. We’ll have more moisture in the Arctic air.


A warming world and the planet’s AC is on the fritz.

:sunny: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” ~~Albert Einstein

People will be learning the hard way.

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Put your mind at ease folks, this is simply an experiment to see if life can be sustained once the ice cap, to say nothing of massive amounts of land ice, have melted. The odds are probably not, but just maybe some of the elites in their protected bunkers and enclaves can hold out for a couple thousand years and all will be well. Best of luck and do not forget to vote!


The Earth’s climate is in transition from one state to another.

One form of this change involves what the chaos and complexity people call hysteresis, where the change, once it occurs, is not easily reversed.

We’ve known this for a longish time, but are still unsure where the tipping point is, or in the worst case scenario, was.

And yet the world is consumed by suspicion, mistrust and hate, and a madman is in the White House.


I think Trumps reply to Albert Einstein’s quote would be something like:" Albert Einstein was a smart mathematician but he got a lot of things wrong."

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Yep! They will not learn until millions are dying from climate devastation and it cannot be denied anymore. But the problem is… it could very well be too late by then…and some say it is too late now!


An object in motion … there’s no outside force in sight at the moment, and even then.


Bernie: " Joe Biden is my friend. " With those words, Bernie sold out his progressive base.


Did you hear Joes latest brief public appearance yesterday in Wisconsin? He sounded tired. His voice had no energy. He basically hit as many taking points as he could for about 10-15 minutes, and withered off into the sunset.
I just figured this Democratic campaign out. It’s a re make of “Weekend at Bernie’s” starring Joe Biden. A small group of people are going to drive Joes corpse around the country and pretend he’s alive.
What a selling point for the voters! Who would you rather have for your next president? A live Donald Trump or a dead Joe Biden?

Don’t forget Kamela

You know those charts and graphs that demonstrate with horrifying clarity the death and suffering that still continues to be caused by the US government’s negligent response to COVID-19? Those charts and graphs are so helpful because they really & truly encourage government officials and media figures to shut down COVID-19 risk-related activities. Why couldn’t we do the same with respect to the anthropogenic climate emergency?

Who is good at making charts and graphs? Let’s do this. Let’s use our talents to help show government officials how deadly this climate emergency is. I mean, a lot more people are suffering and dying as a result of climate risk-related activities than are suffering and dying as a result of COVID-19 risk-related activities.

The good news is that COVID-19 has shown that 1) governments are really & truly concerned about alleviating human suffering, and 2) governments are serious about shutting down activities — even routine activities — that produce or perpetuate lethal risks (for example, viral risks, cancer risks, climate risks, etc). There is no denying that we are living in a Golden Age of Government (GAG), where we can rely on our elected officials to finally shut down industries that used to kill millions of people with impunity. Surely this is one positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I for one am really looking forward to the day — and it’s coming soon, rest assured — when government officials shut down the oil refineries and chemical plants along Cancer Alley in Louisiana. I mean, those things cause so much death and suffering, and this has already been proved with numerous charts and graphs. Now that governments have adopted their new ethic of care and compassion, now that governments are working so hard to reduce death and suffering, its only a matter of time before they order a complete halt to extraction, refinement and use of fossil fuels. I say hallelujah. It’s about time!

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Or another way to put it; Trump is 100% corrupt and totally insane, Biden is 90% corrupt, a war monger and a Wall Street and elite banking stooge. Biden is the LOTE, but who wouldn’t be?

Interesting conundrum. According to the electoral college and the 20th amendment, succession is pretty cut and dry, so long as the president dies between the date the electoral votes are certified and the inauguration. In that case, the Vice President or VP automatically assumes their position. It’s gets very sketchy however if the Winner of the election dies before the electoral college meets. In that instance about half the states pretty much say their “electors” are free agents and can nominate however they like, making it entirely possible that a VP elect could be tossed away for another successor. It also makes it likely that nobody gets to 270 and the election goes to the House.
Could be very interesting times ahead.

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Oh, and on global warming. Our choice is Trump or Biden. Therefore, global warming will not be seriously addressed until 2025, if then.
I guess I’ll just go listen to some Carol King, “it’s too late baby, now it’s too late…”

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Or " I feel the earth move!"

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The Pentagon knows - and since at least 2010 identified climate change as a clear and present danger.

As we speak, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has declared La Nina conditions - the cold phase of ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation).

Nice graphs and maps - really beautiful - best practice science.

That’s not the problem Maria. We are really really good at science and techy things.

But we suck at politics - at governance.

Governments have been largely captured by for profit, and for profit only corporate interests.

It is built into our publicly traded corporate charters - and stamped OK by the Supreme Court.

Corporate entities traded publicly are persons as envisaged by the law - but in fact they are pathological persons as they are beholden by law only to their shareholders wallets - by law !

Much needs to change if we are to survive as civilizations.

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Relevancy, please?

I believe that what Albert Einstein showed was that matter and Energy are two forms of the same thing and that matter can bee turned itinerary and energy can be turned I go matter.

Bernie is caught between a rock (aka the American voters) and a hard place (aka wall street/dnc/1%).