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Another Arab Spring Is Coming to Egypt


Another Arab Spring Is Coming to Egypt

Mohamad Elmasry

Egypt's January 25, 2011 uprising is history, and - depending on how upcoming five-year anniversary protests play out - so may be the uprising's aspirations for "bread, freedom, and social justice".


the Saudi's bailed out the Egyptian military dictatorship by providing billions in aid.
But now that oil prices are so low reducing Saudi oil revenues and the Saudis are neck deep in their own Big Muddy in Yemen it is doubtful the Saudis can provide more billions for the Egyptian dictatorship. So they will face increasing economic pressures. As usual the elites have done nothing to prepare for the Green Transition against Peak Oil and Climate Change. Wasting more billions on arms they cannot afford, investing nothing in solar arrays in the desert or desalinization. Never building Green Transit to replace the idiotic Cairo highway beltway snarled as usual in traffic, pollution and requiring more oil imports to drive.
So another Arab Spring is probably coming to Egypt...
Hopefully it will be helped with a Sanders Presidency converting military aid to aid for the Green Transition for Green Transit, solar arrays in the desert and desalinization plants...


While the CD chorus that sits here daily in judgment pushes the meme that citizens are to blame for U.S foreign wars, and asks why these citizens aren't "doing" anything, I'd answer that what's happened in Egypt runs parallel to what has (and is happening) happened inside the U.S.

What is it that defines a police state if it's not 2.2 million incarcerated, millions more on probation or parole, millions living terrified of cops, and just about everyone else under covert surveillance?

Just because only some protestors have been roughed up, and only Black citizens have died in police custody, and only a few mysterious accidents have "taken out" important journalists and political spokespersons doesn't mean that what's defined in the following 2 descriptive paragraphs is not the same modus operandi working inside "the homeland":

"'How has Sisi managed to re-solidify an authoritarian order? How has he managed to subdue a motivated citizenry that has, in the past, appeared willing to die for freedom? Finally, how long will he be able to survive amid growing discontent?

"Brute force

"Sisi has governed Egypt with a proverbial iron fist, intimidating, jailing and killing dissenters and manufacturing loyalty through fear. The police, military, judiciary and media have all played key roles."

It's pretty easy for people sitting on the sidelines to demand that others get locked up or beaten up or worse. If they really think U.S. citizens aren't doing enough to stop the wars, let THEM take their places at the front of lines of protest and risk being shot at or incarcerated.


yikes. now this is an impressive reactionary fever dream.


Sounds like a jewish person trying to re-write history to me!