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'Another Attempted Coup': US Rebuked for 'Absurd' Drug Trafficking Charges Against Venezuela's Maduro

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/another-attempted-coup-us-rebuked-absurd-drug-trafficking-charges-against-venezuelas

Time for our target nations to offer dead or alive bounties for our own top criminals.


To all this that continue to persist advancing the “Russians interfered in our elections” and use the US Governments various indictments as their proof , look no farther then this article to understand just how the US Government works.

They make stuff up as they go along.


I wonder how many thugs and cocaine dealers in Venezuela would love to plant drugs on Maduro and collect the $15,000,000.00 bribe.

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We’ve fallen off a cliff and into a zombieland/Twilight Zone world absent the rule of law.
Our leaders are fascist criminals.
They do whatever they want, invading and occupying the world, killing Iranians by blocking medical supplies, trying to overthrow leaders of foreign governments.
America has always been a gangster state, but under this Fuhrer, the level of criminality and audacious brutal arrogance have exceeded all that came before.
And I guarantee you that the American people will not rise up and do the street revolution necessary. It won’t be because of the virus social distancing rules that they remain docile and complaint. It’s because they are drugged, entertained, addicted, obese humanimals, complicit in their own torture and eventual slaughter, complicit in the harm their government does.


Exactly. Everybody knows it was Cheech and Chong.

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Hey! Trafficing cocaine into the US; that’s the CIA’s racket. Take care of the mug-ya know.
The US government just acting like the on going criminal enterprise, mob, that it is.
I call this the Al Capone, Sam Giacanna, et. al. school of government.


What’s a humanimal? (And you spelled compliant wrong.) Although complaint works just as well.

I believe there is more insanity on the way.


Compare this to the just passed US Senate corporate give away. In responce to one confirmed case, the Maduro administration suspended rent payments, instituted a nationwide firing freeze, gave bonuses to workers, prohibited telecoms from cutting off people’s phones or internet, reached an agreement with hotel chains to provide 4,000 beds in case the crisis escalates, and pledged to pay the salaries of employees of small and medium businesses.


Maduro & Co. must have one hell of a good marketing/sales dept. to offer such costly support to its people. A brilliant public relations move, though. And, this sneaky FARC bunch, always up to something aren’t they? How long have we USAins been trying to eradicate er…ah, teach them a new skill set besides self-defense?
Or, at least get them to grow corn and soybeans?
I’ve seen the advertisements for Maduro Marching Powder and Maduro Rock Products on my local Fox Channel. Their prices look good and next weekend they’re co-hosting with local Walgreens stores, a free sample give-away to the first 200 people who show up with a straw or glass pipe. Pretty sharp propagandists this Maduro bunch, I’ll give them that.

You won’t find many dealers in Venezuela. They are all hanging out in Columbia and Bolivia.

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Venezuelan oil reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode in Las Vegas. Franklin, after getting hooked on playing the slots is lured from his sleep back to the machines. Oil seems to have the same addiction problem.
“Franklin, Franklin.”

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We need to address the corrupt international criminal organization occupying the leaderships of our two mainstream political parties and virtually every US governmental agency before we can trust that such corruption is not continuing the miscarriage of American domestic justice activities, in our international policies practices. There does not appear to be a true justice system in America any longer, merely corrupt criminal gangsterism which serves only “Just-Us” protection of political mobsters not a system that works to protect American citizens and civil society.

…there are more in the Senate, House, SCOTUS and the White House than you will find in all of Latin America.