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Another Bad Idea Brought to You by the Koch Brothers

Another Bad Idea Brought to You by the Koch Brothers

Larry Willis

Some ideas are so mind-numbingly bad that they do not deserve a serious response. Moon advertising comes to mind. (That’s right. Advertisements projected across the moon. An idea so universally hated that Congress threatened to intervene in the early 90s despite the utter infeasibility of it.) Stopping hurricanes with hydrogen bombs. (No joke: an actual real life meteorologist championed this idea.) Rebooting Casablanca as a live TV musical event starring a cast of unruly kindergarten-aged children who missed naptime and who are all very upset about it.


. . .  And a Bad Idea brought to you by Indivisible!

In spite of the DNC’s blatant cheating in 2016, Bernie Sanders – along with several others – has been conned into signing a pledge to support whomever wins the DamnocRatic nomination for President.   IMHO, none of them – NOT ONE – should have signed UNTIL and UNLESS the DNC and its subordinate DCCC and DSCC agree to the following:

  • To Immediately and Permanently abolish “rigging” of the primary through voting by anti-democratic party-insider “superdelegates” at the DamnocRatic Convention.

  • To Immediately and Permanently cease and desist from any and all attempts to dissuade candi­dates from challenging sitting members of Congress in the primaries.

Having no idea who “Indivisible” really is, and what anti-democratic forces may be backing this group, I hereby recommend that Bernie and all other progressive candidates remove their names from this so-called “Indivisible” pledge until and unless the DamnocRatic party agrees irrevocably – for the first time in decades – to hold truly open and fair primaries.


just saw pelosi and schumer, coming out of the whitehouse after a meeting w/trump, smiley, happy, said trump was going to offer trillion dollar infrastructure funds. they say it’s a good start, BS! this IS appeasment to the monster, does anyone, not under crazy illusion, even think this thing will deal in good faith with dems! Impeachment is what needs to be started, not negotiations with trump, who does not even know what good faith dealing is. also, I’m sure the “public/private” partnership will result in unheard of fees, tolls, and who knows what else these predatory capitalists will come up with to gouge the public more than they already do, keep thinking back to the old SteppingWolf song “Monster”, feels like thats where we are at at this point.


If there was actually karma and justice in the world the Koch brothers would have faced a firing squad a long time ago.

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Methinks that the Koch Brothers must of been on some fancy designer drugs when they came up with the idea of cutting funds for public transport in order to put it into highway repair. Either that or their noses are so far up in the air that their brains are not getting enough oxygen.

Speaking of bad ideas, think of all the money that needs to be spent on social services and housing that could be saved and instead be diverted to better support the interests of the wealthy — if the homeless were allowed to setup tent colonies on the lawns and parks and golf courses of the rich, and if all laws passed that infringe on the enterprising activities of beggars and petty thieves were eased in these fine neighborhoods thus enabling them to be more self sufficient. They would be able to grow gardens and raise poultry and goats.


If the dried up old pieces of shrimp poop don’t hurry up and pass along, it could surely happen.

Will their passing be an improvement? Has anyone checked to take a look their spawn to see how they likely will behave when the wealth gets inherited?

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"They want transit dead so they can further enrich themselves and their business interests. "

They prolly not aware that “,every dollar invested in public transportation generates $4 in economic returns. Yes, every $10 million made in capital investments generates $30 million in increased sales for American businesses”

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No, karma would dictate long, painful lingering deaths from cancer caused by the poisons they sell.

But we can show them compassion and help society by getting the full truth and their ceasing all efforts in the SlowCoup their executing through a Truth and Reconciliation process.

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They sell fossil fuels. This move is both ideology and business for the Kochs. Like their funding of the climate denial industry, the rightward drive of the US and much of the world, and their stunting of the building of clean safe renewable energy, it comes out of the same emotional illness that makes them addicted to money and power.

They’ve also tried to use $10 million a year to sell the ludicrous idea that fossil fuels are good for poor people

and are pretty close to getting a Constitutional Convention, at which they and the rest of the oligarchic extremist right could rewrite the US Constitution to create a pseudo-theocratic neo-feudal fascist nation.

We need to fully fund public transit and improve it with more service, more cities and towns, lower prices, and a comprehensive, coordinated system of a national (and international) high speed rail network hooked into more other rail, light rail, systems of EV buses and jitneys, and bike shares, as part of the “war measures” of a radical, emergency climate mobilization.

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Ha ha ha! I’m guessing the 2 brothers (who always make me think of the 2 rich guys in Trading Places (Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis) have a couple of pretty big houses at least, and could do with some roommates, as well. You know, just for the duration, as a war measure.

Basically Koch Industries are just ‘commies’ sucking at Gubmint breasts. They can’t make any money unless they control the government, and tell lies about the working of the economy.
So the alternative is to break billionaire power, refuse to let them pollute the world, and have them pay taxes.