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Another City Jumps Aboard Growing Movement to Impeach Trump


Another City Jumps Aboard Growing Movement to Impeach Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Ten American municipalities are now calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, after elected officials in Brookline, Massachusetts passed a resolution last week asking Congress to begin an investigation that might lead to his removal from office.


"Congress to began an investigation that might lead to his removal from office".

Don't be fooled! Even if Trump is impeached, nothing will change because Trump is not the problem, he is only a figure head and a puppet of the Deep State.

The sole purpose of the Deep State is to maintain a permanent war economy, Trump like all puppet presidents before him, with the possible exception of JFK, are selected for that role. Until the Deep State is impeached, the war economy will not change!


Liberals need to think things through. Impeaching Trump would feel good for a short while, but would lead to a far far right wing government, efficient and undistracted by Trump-type scandals.


At the very least Congress needs to carry out an independent investigation of Trump's connections to Russia and whatever role Russia might have played in influencing the election. Once we have more information on all this then decisions about impeachment can be made. The Trump administration appears to have several cover-ups going on and many Republicans in Congress are in effect assisting with these cover-ups. Of course Trump has millions of supporters in this country who actually believe that the major news outlets do nothing but put out fake news as Trump contends. Apparently, craziness is the new normal.


Shanti, you are so right. The only thing that I would add, is to Impeach the Duopoly.

The Duopoly is corrupt to it's core.


Exactly!!   Like the impeachment of Emperor Commodus by the Roman Senate many centuries ago, the im- peachment of Tweetle-Dumb would do more harm than good. With our Commode-ius out of the way, the ex-
tremist ideologues Pence & Ryan would have complete control of the government; at least for the moment
their agenda is being somewhat impeded by the firestorm swirling around Herr Drumpf and his minions.


Thanks for your reply.


BINGO! Thanks.


stick him in jail.


The first principle is the emoluments clause--as mentioned in the article.

From all those who swore an oath of office to "uphold the constitution of the United States" this past January, I want an explanation of their understanding how this president is NOT in violation by virtue of his well-known assets.

Legal experts argued that Trump was in violation of the constitution on day one. As for the 476 other members of Congress, they damn well are NOT doing much to "uphold the constitution of the United States" by turning a blind eye to Trump's thumb in our face violation.

It all comes down to equality before the law. If all are not equal, then why are some few above all others???


People should not be foolish and fall for the argument that Pence is worse than Trump. That makes not more sense then the earlier argument that Hillary Clinton would be worse than Trump. I disagree on with Pence on many issues but he has been a strong defender of freedom of the press. Trump is trying to destroy democracy by claiming the mainstream press only puts out fake facts. Pence at least is not trying to undermine democracy. Also, he does seem to be a white supremacist like Trump. It appears that Trump's goal is to establish a white nationalist dictatorship. If we can get rid of Trump as president we will be better off although of course things will not be good with people like Pence, Ryan, and McConnell in charge.


Come on, folks. Let's get a grip here, shall we?

First, whatever you think about conflicts of interest or emoluments, there has been no finding that President a Trump has done anything illegal. You might not like it, but it hasn't yet been found to be against the law.

You can't impeach the President unless he breaks a law. Period. It doesn't matter if 99% of the population wants him gone, you can't impeach him without a crime.

Even if there were reasonable grounds for impeachment, a Republican controlled House would have to vote in favor. Not gonna happen. Even if they DID vote to impeach, the trial is heard by a a Republican controlled Senate and the Chief Justice. No way in hell are they gonna convict except possibly for first degree murder or child molestation.

Stop dreaming!!


But the Deep State is the principal force behind the impeachment effort. I view Trump as a bulwark against the Deep State's efforts to demonize Russia and foil all attempts at rapprochement with that country. Without this rapprochement, there is no way the military and surveillance states can be reigned in, nor is there any hope of moving forward with any of the worthy progressive causes this site promotes.


Impeaching Trump will not solve the problem:



I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective, but from my perspective, if Trump tries to step on the toes of the deep state, like JFK did,he will probably meet the same fate.


The emoluments clause is addressing the possibility of quid pro quo arrangements between state players. "I will enrich you personally in exchange for (unspecified) action on the part of the US." Normal business transactions don't count. If you have a specific gift or payment that can be tied to a specific policy, then MAYBE you have a violation of that clause. But remember, the crowd you have to convince is the Republican controlled House. Do you really think they're going to vote for impeachment?


I agree, in referrence to Hilliary and Drümpf – "What's sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander."
I.E. "Lock 'em BOTH Up!!"   (Or, somewhat more grammatically correct, "Lock Up BOTH of 'em!!")