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'Another Day, Another Death Knell' for TTIP as France Calls for End of Talks


'Another Day, Another Death Knell' for TTIP as France Calls for End of Talks

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though the office of the U.S Trade Representative on Monday said efforts to seal a trade deal between the U.S. and the European Union were still "making steady progress," the attempt to put an optimistic spin on the struggling negotiations was undermined once again on Tuesday as France's financial minister called for the outright suspension of talks.


Germany and now France say that this deal is dead.
Of course US negotiators are claiming that “progress is being made everyday.”
More and more the US oligarchy is sounding like a drug addled mental patient.


Couldn’t agree more. They are so used to getting their way they are just sure it will work even though most disagree. Magical thinking again.


This morning NPR concluded their report on this event with “the deal would have created a trade zone that added 100,000 jobs” (they didn’t say where the jobs would be located). “Talks are expected to resume to create another European trade deal”.

One battle down and more to fight if corporate control of government is to be reversed.


And yet our “Liberal” President is going all-out to push the TPP here. I would say that European countries have taken a long look at Greece and are now balking. The Fascists will come back with more “trade” deals, but maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning.


NPR is too stupid to even be called Neo-Liberal shills. Without a thought, they just regurgitate what the Masters put in front of them these days.