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Another Day, Another Disaster. And Another, And Another...

Another Day, Another Disaster. And Another, And Another...

Michael Winship

I’ve been trying to write something about the events of the past few days for the last week and a half, and every time I set out to achieve editorial brilliance, or at least try to keep typos and the splitting of infinitives to a minimum, something else wacky happens and it’s back to square one. I’d say it’s Sisyphean if only I knew what that meant.

Sometimes, mere minutes pass before the next incredible piece of Trump-induced folly strikes. It’s as if the country’s being run by Beetlejuice.

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I remain hopeful, but not naively so, that Pence can be impeached simultaneously along with Trump. That would prevent the issuance of a pardon for either and would warm my soul. Mueller’s efforts, held close to the vest by design, are frustratingly opaque at times. Pence’s name does not seem to percolate up to the headlines with respect to the special prosecutor’s investigation, but as head of the transition team Pence’s fingers had to be deep in the pie of treason. Perhaps it is just that Pence is too much of a snooze to be headline worthy. Maybe I’ll regret not having children so I could explain what I hope is coming down the pike to grandchildren. Interesting times indeed.


I checked with my Fox-“informed” relatives, and it turns out none of the things you’ve enumerated here actually happened.
Or, if they did, that they’re not illegal.
Or, if they are, “whatabout Democrats?”

This is your real problem. Chump’s the sideshow.


Exactly. Quite apart from all of the legal flummery that Congre$$ is relying upon to ignore the countless threats to our country and its workers, we are simply invited to sit back and watch as Don and his wrecking crew deconstruct the administrative state. Regardless of how we vote, we are all threatened by the continuation of this regime.


At least Beetlejuice was funny.


Your soul can be warmed with Pence’s impeachment? Just that? Mine would warm up with Pence in front of a firing squad.


The teenager that dwells deep in my soul would want to binge watch that, if you know what I mean.

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I’m sorry, Mr. Winship, but I think we have already hit the “darkest pit of chaos.”
In the short term there is nothing we can do about it. Even the people who might be able to force change can move only as slowly as a turtle.
The options run from cynicism to despair. I think I’m in the latter group.

“widely regarded as HUD’s most capable political leader,” is stepping down out of frustration with Carson and Trump:

What ? there is an actual person in the present govie that is capable.
Nah we are just to far down the rabbit hole for me to believe that

“Democrats are exactly the same??” That kind of ridiculous false equivalence, peddled by GOP trolls, maybe Russians wanting Trump in power to undermine the US, and total nihilists, and it contributed to hurting all the people so adversely affected by the Trump regime - Federal workers, immigrants, trans, immigrants, labor unions, poor women seeking birth control or abortion, those who care about wildlife, nature…

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Dear Michael:

I too enjoy putting pen to paper and I too had to stand back because my head was spinning. However, it does not take a professional to see that there is something dreadfully wrong with this person and what he does is not just on fantasy TV but is being done in broad daylight every day and its effects are seen and felt by every American on every street.

I keep waiting for everyone else to wake up from the nightmare and do something. Those streets are ours and if we do not take them back then we deserve what we get. There is no better time than now with this shutdown and with teachers across America watching, and the youth of the nation demanding change……what’s not to like.

America is at a threshold and it is time to awaken the beast. Give us a few weeks of unrest in the streets with a White House full of stupid people unable to tie their own shoes laces, Our pursuit of happiness will be in the demand for climate awareness and action, the healthcare and education that we all deserve. The descent housing in where we get to raise the next generation.

Finally, slavery built this country, we must honor those lives that were lost to such an evil endeavor, and not let another time pass with another American saga of forcing AMERICANS to work without decent care and compensation. The time for rebellion is now. Those streets are our streets and if we wish to survive ….well….that is where you will find me with my brothers and sisters.