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Another Day, Another Scandal: Facebook Secretly Gave Companies 'Special Access' to User Data Without Consent, Report Alleges


Another Day, Another Scandal: Facebook Secretly Gave Companies 'Special Access' to User Data Without Consent, Report Alleges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than a week after the New York Times revealed in an explosive report that Facebook formed agreements with a number of major devicemakers that gave them vast access to users' personal data without their consent, yet another report—this time by the Wall Street Journal—alleged on Friday that the social medi


This is not a scandal. It is SOP in a totalitarian corporate state. To stop this criminality, we have to organize to build power to non-violently end the capitalist political economy.


I agree Tom, however, the non-violent approach to change will require millions of us to commit to it, for the long haul.

The average American, in my opinion, isn’t concerned with committing to social change this way.

Their idea of recycling is about their limit to addressing change.


Just what we need: Yet another too-big-to-fail corporation.
(Regulate Facebook? Hahahahaha…)


There may be millions out there just waiting for someone to organize them all. I know maybe 10 years ago little old me try to start a million man march on DC and NYC banks and media centers. I posted everywhere and tried to get steam, send messages to progressive radio talents. Nothing materialized because I was a nobody even those I tried to get to a few somebodies.

There may be millions of people like myself, you and others that would take a stand if it were organized and lamestreet media could not ignore.


I responded to Pony Boy the above. It is possible but need celebrity.


STOP pretending to be surprised, STOP considering this NEWS. This is the business model Zuckerberg has adopted from the very beginning.

The ONLY way you can stop it is to stop using Farcebook.

And maybe a class-action suit…:thinking:


I respectfully disagree about celebrity. Organizing requires building committees of committed local leaders who then bring localities, etc. together around a common program to exercise power. I’ve been an activist and union guy most of my life. There aren’t any short cuts. I know that we live in a time of multiple existential crises, but we have to put the time thing in the hands of goddesses and gods (who’ve granted us more time already than scientifically possible) and just keep building.

Unfortunately, two fo the best movements going aren’t actually organizing successfully. Electorally, the Greens have a great program and good leadership, but few hard-core organizers. And then there is the Poor Peoples’ Campaign, but they too aren’t really organizing, but relying on the charisma of Rev. William Barber and “morality.” Aint gonna work. Didn’t work, but we’ll see if they can mobilize their March on Washington.

Anyway, them’s my thoughts and my actions are congruent, starting with a smaller footprint of recycling, growing our own, local activism, etc. I’d be lying to say I’m not tired.

But Tweeting, social media and celebs just won’t do what we need as a species to stop violating our biosphere and embrace life, not death.


There should be NO surprise here. When Facebook was launched , I was encouraged by many to join including by members of my family. I am no luddite but on reviewing their business model I knew this was what they were all about and warned any that I knew not to join unless they wanted all their personal infromation packaged up and sold to others for a profit.


Hang in there Julie.

The day you’re looking for is coming.

Have faith.


We now have new European regulations and I am now informed that if I don’t agree I can no longer use whatsapp. Also for the past 2 weeks nearly EVERY site I visit wants me to accept their cookie policies.
They are saying it’s all tied in with the u.s. regulations.


Just wondering, what is your real given name?
I am asking because you seem to have this rather annoying habit (to me at least) of responding to some posters with their given name rather than their chosen on-screen moniker.
(and please, make no mistake, I often find common cause with your insights and posts here at CD…)


What is “real” anymore, BeijaFlor?

Please accept my apologies to you for being annoying.

If it’s all the same to you, I’ll remain PonyBoy here.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Thanks Pony Boy, I am hoping you are right. My love of horses and interacting with them is giving me comfort. Right now I have six horses that I am able to give a little love and care too. It helps. But lookign forward to the day we all can make real change.


Another great reason to cancel, Facebook.


BOYCOTT facebook!!!