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Another Deadly Drone Mistake: At What Point Do We Say Enough?


Another Deadly Drone Mistake: At What Point Do We Say Enough?

Ted Gup

It was an obscure item last week that drew little media attention. An apartment building in Afghanistan’s remote Nangarhar province was apparently hit by an American drone strike, killing at least fifteen civilians and injuring thirteen more. The villagers were gathered to welcome a returning tribal leader.


The neurosis of paranoia is not serving the overextended American Empire well. Time to change medication.


"Enough" is not part of the MIC's vocabulary. The US has been in a perpetual state of war-making since its inception, even in peacetime. If no actual enemy exists, they invent one. Borders don't stop the US from intervening in the affairs of other nations and governments (think US backed coups in Central and South America, Ukraine, Bosnia, etc.).

There is no enough when it comes to US imperialism. Not even outer space is safe.


Whether the next President is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, US drone murder and crowd killing (signature strikes) are likely to increase. The only means of mitigating this is through the organization of a strong grass roots anti-war / pro-peace movement. Increased participation is such a movement is likely given the likelihood of increased US militarism over the next several years.


I, among many, said 'enough' years ago. Unfortunately, the MSM treats these incidents (if they get mention at all) as casual 15 second bullet items on their nightly reports. No outrage there. We the People have to have time to work hard to discover the atrocities being committed in our name.

We could be loudly protesting in the streets and the political machine would ignore us and harass us and treat us like we are ignorant. Apparently, there is no 'enough' when it comes to war profiteering.


Let us get rid of the term "mistakenly" when referring to these crimes. The US government uses it all the time , from when they down Civilian Airlines to when they bomb Syrian troops and wedding parties.

The attacks are deliberate. They know full well that the Consequences of a bomb going off will affect an entire area and not just a single target and they know full well that they can not conclusively identify anyone based on a video image.

For the sake of argument a person wants to kill a known felon so plants bombs in a hi- rise building he thinks he sees that person enter. As it turns out that person was not the one in question and as it turns out 350 other people are killed when that bomb goes off.

Do we let that person go because he made a mistake?

There was a local case very much like that here in Vancouver. A person claimed he felt his life in danger from a local bully. He set fire to the house said person lived in at one time killing three children and their mother.

His lawyer argued it was just a mistake.

He was found guilty of murder on 4 counts because the judge concluded that any rational person would understand that setting fire to a home where multiple people lived would put all in danger and not just the one and that the accused simply disregarding this to set the fire showed intent to set that fire to kill someone.

The US military does this very thing. They are not mistakes. They just do not care who they kill.

This is defined as a war crime.


Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy...

"Obama Acknowledges Future Presidents May Wage Perpetual, Secret Drone War"


We will probably say enough is enough when a drone "mistake" becomes a nuclear weapon "mistake" but by then it will already be too late.


"Imagine if a foreign power inadvertently wiped out an entire company of U.S. soldiers. There would be hell to pay."

Hell to pay? Really? Mr. Ted Gup needs to brush up on his history. Maye he can start by looking up USS Liberty.


The late scholar Chalmers Johnson referred to the almost certain response to this kind of stuff as "blowback." They create a lot of "blowback" when they do these things. Assuming impunity, they make the world more dangerous for everybody including Americans. It is not in the interest of the people of the world to have governments doing these kind of things but we find governments somehow have a different agenda than that of the people.

It is obvious that the American people have little to do with how their government acts or operates but one wonders if they would really care if they understood but most of them would not understand unless their football game or favorite tv show was interrupted by a drone attack. They just cannot or will not imagine what the empire does.


"mistakenly bombed a hospital in Kunduz,"

And kept mistakenly attacking it for four hours during which time the hospital staff repeatedly contacted the authorities to say what was happening.


None of those bombings were errors. They were simply planned terror attacks. Ours has become then most evil country on the planet.


People just need to pay attention. The anti-war, environmental and Green Party forces must unite and create a commotion that can't be ignored.


Or when 241 marines were blown up in Beirut. The Reagan administration's response? Invade Grenada.