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Another Death By Cop: We're All One Bullet Away From Being A Hashtag


Another Death By Cop: We're All One Bullet Away From Being A Hashtag

The cold-blooded murder of Walter Scott by Michael Slager in North Charleston - wherein a white cop repeatedly shot a black guy in the back for no discernible reason, handcuffed him as he lay dying, planted evidence and made up a wholly bogus story about it all - was notable, alas, for just one reason: The chance video showing Slager shot Scott "like a runaway slave." What's wrong with this picture: Slager's been charged, not so much for what he did, but because we SAW what he did.


The Blue Klux Klan strikes again. It seems like there is no end to the violence perpetrated against working people, poor people and people of color.


Blue Klux Klan.

Love it. Succint and spot on.


The cop’s been arrested for murder.
White cop, unarmed black, runaway slave: yellow, race hustling journalism at its finest.


How many more? Many more because in a police state black lives do not matter. And in the past, too many cold blooded, murders of black people by white policemen, that the cops have lied about to exonerate themselves from culpability. I was told about another incident by my uncle that was never reported, as to what actually happened. He happened to be close to another situation in which the alleged " suspect" was running away from the cop and saw with his own eyes the cop shooting him in the back.


Question to Slager: “Do you regret shooting an innocent man in the back while fleeing your brutality?”

Answer by Slager: “The only thing I regret is that I got caught.”


A bad apple

In a rotten barrel


Great label, for the latest version of the KKK mentality. I am sickened, about the probably hundreds of killings, over the years, before cell phone videos, or the dash cams! The entire country, needs a cleansing of police depts. that use violence and needless killing to control or cause fear. The bad cops need to be fired, and retraining of the others. It is strange to me, that the only killings, we see on the news, are white cop, black victim. I suspect, the same thing is happening, against the Mexican and immigrant people, and women, but we are not seeing that? A few other incidents, are shown, but the scope is hidden. Also, WHY would this guy, be handcuffed, after being shot in the back, and dying?


One thing you will notice in the video is how “routine” it all seemed to the cop. One would think that most people who made a “bad choice” and shot someone as a consequence of that choice would be in a panic after such a murder. This Police officer acted like it all had happened before and almost immediately started setting up the “crime scene” as as to match the story he later invented.

In other words he has done this before, been with Police officers who have or has been instructed as to how to cover up his tracks after a murder. It like he was following a training manual step by step.


This is what happens when the police are militarized in both equipment and training. The military is taught to kill. Anyone trying to flee is fair game, armed or not. This is why it is a bad idea to use the military as a police force as the sad result of such practice was shown in Iraq and Afghanistan. A properly trained police officer would recognize the fleeing subject as part of the community he is sworn to protect. Unfortunately the police are not being properly trained. They are schooled on the ways to use force. Their peers school them on how to cover up overuse of force.