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Another Demand for Russian ‘Hacking’ Proof


Another Demand for Russian ‘Hacking’ Proof

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

MEMORANDUM FOR: President Barack Obama

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: A Key Issue That Still Needs to be Resolved

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take the oath of office Friday, a pall hangs over his upcoming presidency amid an unprecedentedly concerted campaign to delegitimize it. Unconfirmed accusations continue to swirl alleging that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized “Russian hacking” that helped put Mr. Trump in the White House.


This article shows how the Ukraine tried to influence the election in the favor of Clinton and worked with the Clinton Campaign to discredit trump.

Note this not a "pro-trump" source as they do advance the "Russian Hackers" meme and mention in the same article how Putin directed attacks on Clinton citing these agency reports as a source.

I use this to point out the double standards of the media here. If we accept the premise that Russia "tried to influence the election" even given the fact that these same agencies acknowledge that the information gained from the DNC and from Podesta was accurate and the "truth" , where is the same sense of urgency over Ukrainian meddling as they trried to dig up dirt on Trump?


Well, that kind of says it all right there, doesn't it? They accept what reality TV has-been and self-admitted sexual assault enthusiast Trump says on good faith.

All the myriad connections between Trump and his team with Russia are left unsaid.

Trump's foreign policy matching precisely what the Kremlin says? Not addressed here.

The phone calls between Flynn and the ambassador? No mention of those, either.

And for all those who call out Obama for the drone strikes, there's no way to avoid looking at Putin's murderous reign in Russia and his expansionist goals.


It seems to me that Trump won because of James Comey, not the material released by Wikileaks. Clinton had a commanding lead in the polls before Comey but after he sent that letter to Congress her lead began to shrink. It was only a couple of days before the election that it was announced that no new emails were found. Will we ever know Comey's motives? He was advised by the Justice Department not to send the letter. We may or may never find out for certain if Russia was involved but we sure know Comey was involved. It will be interesting to see if Congress turns up anything new about Russia and about Comey.


Oh, c'mon, "the same sense of urgency" involving the Ukraine?


Thanks CD for posting this excellent piece.


Yes, the same.

The issue is a foreign country trying to influence an election .Apparently with you it is ok if some countries do it just as long as they are working for your preferred candidate.

This demonstrates that your own sense of outrage an act. Thanks for making my point.


Murderous regime?

during all of this years Putin in power the corresponding US presidents have killed more peoples abroad and invaded or attacked more countries.

If Putin's qualifies as a murderous regime than so was that of Bush and Obama.


You may have noticed that I mentioned Obama in my post, but you're the type that can't pass up an opportunity to say that Putin isn't so bad, really. Just ask the families of the journalists he's killed. Or the families of the people in Aleppo. I know, I know. Civilian deaths are only bad when caused by Americans.


I am quite certain that there are and will be times when many foreign nations will have a preference as to the outcome of one of our Presidential elections. They may well have or will seek to influence the outcome. They can and could use many different methods, both minor and more than minor. Personally, I am more troubled by the thought of a major foreign power's efforts than those of a relatively weaker nation.


This coming from a citizen of the most powerful country on Earth and one that has likely interfered in the elections and affairs of other nations more than the rest of the Worlds countries put together in the last 50 years.

It only logical to assume the more powerful a Country is the better able it is to effect such outcomes be it via propaganda or as I the case of the USA sponsoring coups or outright invading another.

So when we remove the fact that you are not concerned about other Countries meddling in the USA and are only concerned if said Country powerful I can only make one conclusion.

It is another Countries power to stand up to the USA that bothers you.

How Authoritarian of you.


"Meddling" can take many forms. It absolutely will happen many times in the future with a great number of nations. The world needs to come to some agreements about acceptable and unacceptable forms of meddling. Of course, the more powerful nations may well ignore any protocols.


I appreciate this demand made to Obama.

However, I know there is no chance he'll do it, just like there's no chance he'll commute Chelsea Manning's sentence.

He's got too much at stake after serving the 1% so dutifully for the last decade to in anyway risk his cashing in once he's out of office.

Plus he has duped so many who still think he's a progressive hero that he knows he doesn't need to do these things to insure his legacy of their hero worship is intact.

If I'm wrong on either of these (and I sure hope I am) I will come back to this thread and admit it and call myself silly names.


The CIA charter demands they do not operate domestically but rather they gave us the MKULTA mind control assassins. The unwittingly gave LSD to experiment with captives. They acknowledge waterboarding and taking power drills to people's heads interrogating them We operate Guantanimo in a nation we overthrew during the Spanish American War annexing Guam, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines. The CIA overthrew Iran in 1953 which provided oil and gas to America and all our allies during both World Wars I and II through British Anglo-Iranian Oil and invaded Panama to kidnap Noriega in his own palace in Panama City, Panama just before he could testify before Congress during the Iran Contra Hearing. The CIA's Department of Plans is the assassination department. Clapper admitted lying to Congress about torture and spying, a felony but was never arrested and still has his position. Our government is a secret demanding blind trust from us and has the audacity to say only they can determine who is a terrorist while barbecuing the Mideast, carpetbagging the dead, stealing their oil and baking a gazillion terrorists who detest us like Betty Bubba Crocker. Take our nation back. Resist. They assassinated Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X Little, John Lennon and this is just the truth. It shall set you free, the CIA motto. Betrayal. Resist.


Looks like you are wrong about Chelsea.


Comey screwed up the initial investigation.

I have some retired FBI friends who were shocked at Comey's interference in the investigation. When an investigation has been ordered, the resulting report goes to a grand jury to determine if a case should move forward. It's NEVER stopped by political hierarchy. The director doesn't determine guilt or innocence, that's the grand jury's job. If they think it should move forward, it gets sent to the relevant prosecutor who decides if it can be won or not.

Comey has a long history with the AG. That's why he was appointed. If the agent's report had been handled the same way every other investigation is handled, there would be little or no controversy.

It sure looked like a cover up. The second "investigation" was just more fumbling around.


We gotta get to May 17 first.


There is a difference between the many known facts that you point out and turning speculations in your mind into facts. Please try to remain in the real world, but keep your distrust.


Have you seen one Iraqi oil rig? Why do you think all our military actions are censored? Why do you think there is no body count, no flag-draped coffins, no dead, no stealth bombers taking off to bomb a nation which has no air force, no navy, no missile system or aerial defenses to fight back which we previously armed to kill Iranians from 81 to 88? I am rooted in the real world and it is smoldering.



I'm thrilled.


I am a flibbertigibbet doodle dawd. I am a left over hippie whose mind has been blown into nonsensical nothingness. I am a dyed in the wool skeptic who has trouble believing it when people sing happy birthday to you to me. I'm a nutcase with a overblown sense of self who kisses cats.

It never felt so good to call myself silly names.