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Another Democratic Party Group Hacked: 'Even Easier Than DNC Breach'


Another Democratic Party Group Hacked: 'Even Easier Than DNC Breach'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The hacker or hackers known as Guccifer 2.0 on Friday claimed credit for a new leak of information, this time from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, writing on their blog, "It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach."


I think there are people in the CIA who have gone back to using typewriters. Sounds like a good idea. I doubt if Guccifer 2.0 can figure out how to hack a piece of paper.


We the Peons need Guccifer 2.0 to hack into the election machines all over this worthless country so on November 8, 2016 we can see who is REALLY winning the election! Until then, please keep these dumps coming so that we can take action on the abject lawlessness of that **H**orribly **R**epulsive **C**riminal with an eye toward FIRING it b4 the General Election!


Watch, the one trick pony, also known as the Hillary Campaign, will blame Vladimir Putin-did-it in an ever louder voice.
It’s hilarious that Hill is running against Putin-did-it as much as she is running against Trump.



The battle of good vs evil will not be televised. It will be online.


Edward Snowden escaped to Russia. He has to pay for his stay somehow. He used to work for the NSA. NSA probably always had access to DNC and other party servers. So, yeah, not too fat fetched.


I read somewhere, maybe it was Greenwald, that Snowden is making a good living on the lecture circuit in Russia.



All of that and her complete medical records as well.


Hillary hates Putin’s guts because he’s outsmarted her at every turn.
Even Hillary’s anti-Russian mouthpiece, UN Ambassador Samantha Powers, has been uncharacteristically quite recently out of embarrassment.
Hillary hates Snowden’s guts because he made her look like a fool.
When she’s elected the fun will continue.


No. Just pointing out how using computers for communications has made everyone vulnerable. People used to write on typewriters and send what they wrote by mail and then later faxes. That it made it much harder to steal information. The CIA has gotten so concerned that supposedly they purchased IBM typewriters to go back to the pre-computer way of writing. Digitizing everything has created sort of a nightmare. There is concern that Russia will hack computers used in our election. I believe there are states that do not use any paper ballots so the people vote electronically. So voting now also has the same problem of being vulnerable to hacking. Putin could choose our president. Based on recent conjecture it sounds like he is trying to hard to do so by manipulating Trump and hacking e-mails.


Nancy Pelosi reports ‘scores of obscene calls’ after Democratic party hack

Nancy Pelosi warned fellow Democrats on Saturday to change their cellphone numbers and not let family members read their text messages after personal and official information of Democratic House members and congressional staff was posted online.

The House minority leader told Democratic lawmakers that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other Democratic party entities were the target of “an electronic Watergate break-in”.

As a result, a mix of personal and official information of Democratic members and hundreds of congressional staff, purportedly from a hack of the DCCC, was posted online, Pelosi said.

Pelosi said she was flying from Florida to California when she heard about the posting of information such as cell phone numbers.

“Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages,” Pelosi said in her letter to colleagues. “Please be careful not to allow your children or family members to answer your phone or read incoming text messages. This morning, I am changing my phone number and I advise you to do so as well.”

Each of the recent breaches of cyber security at US government agencies and now the Democratic Party raise the question - wtf has the NSA been doing the last couple of decades?

In one sense, of course, that’s a rhetorical question. The National Security Agency has morphed into the National Surveillance Agency. That’s where the countless billions of dollars have been spent.

But really - don’t you think the NSA would close all the backdoors here at home first, before going peeking into everyone else’s business? Or has it been important to them to keep those back doors open?


"According to Ars Technica “the real aim of the leak appears to be to…influence the US Presidential Election.”

So, exposing heretofore Hidden Truth is now a no-no.


It’s code, meant to imply that Guccifer 2.0 is a terrorist. Because the intent is to influence or coerce a group of people or a government. Never mind that no violence is involved. That definition doesn’t apply to our politicians, nor to lobbyists, only to the powerless.

So, yes. Exposing hidden truth will get you killed, but engaging in the cover-up will get you promoted.



" … it would be nice to see more of them spread their wings a little to some of the other frequented alternative news sites."

Don’t worry, we do (smile)


The Clinton campaign, through surrogate superPAC Correct The Record, run by noted hatchet man David Brock, has allocated over $6 million to hire an ‘army of trolls’ to go onto forums and attack people sympathetic to Bernie Sanders supporters. Now that Bernie is out of the picture, their sights are now set on people expressing interest in the Green Party, and specifically Jill Stein.

Either you have never come across this information (it is known, has been for months) or are being willfully ignorant. But come on. Russian hackers? Putin’s decides our next president? After $hillary worked so hard to steal the primary from Bernie, do you think she’d let Putin steal the election from her?

If you’re not a troll, you’re using their talking points, which means they’re getting your services for free. Why not join them and make some money off of them? I mean, that IS the Clinton way. Besides, you seem much more eloquent than the average troll. Could even teach them a thing or two, instead of the usual “a vote for X is a vote for Trump” tripe.


These e-mails are internal party political strategizing which have nothing to do with the US congressional affairs or policymaking and enforcement by the agencies in the US government. They may be revealing a lot or sleaze and hunger for power among the Democrat party members but are no more covered by FOIA than the e-mails of, say, the NRA would be.

ALL political parties everywhere do this sort of stuff. But in most parts of the world, there are far more political parties to choose from. The solution is more political parties.


No - only the selection of their candidates. A party’s internal selection of political candidates has nothing to do with elections themselves.
go to the UK or Canada and you find the same stuff going on in the parties.


Ah, but can they convince the NSA to do that, too?

And then we start working on getting the Pentagon to return to horses. Maybe things can calm down a bit around here.


I actually was a little scared to like this post


Actually not. To Clinton supporters, any amount of wrong doing on her part and any amount of evidence, is merely a show a republican mud slinging on this shiny econ of honesty and integrity. Nearly all of them refuse to face any evidence. With a DoJ and FBI and of course Mr Obama, protecting her, . . all this will make for interesting gossip and headline filing with no tangible change in the mindset of the voters.

In this sense, all propaganda acts like a war. Those with the best propaganda resources can effectively block any truth reaching the people. At the same time, whichever version of truth of an incident comes out first and could be rammed on the public with endless repetition on the MSM, that version of trust will shape the minds of people. Too bad Goebbels did not have TV and internet back then. Or else, he could have succeeded in making everyone believe that Hitler was the 2nd coming of the Christ.