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'Another Giant Spending Spree': Budget Deal Denounced as Wasteful Gift to War Profiteers

'Another Giant Spending Spree': Budget Deal Denounced as Wasteful Gift to War Profiteers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Peace advocates are denouncing the new bipartisan budget deal, which was produced to prevent another government shutdown, because of an "outrageous" decision to boost military spending while education, infrastructure, an urgent renewable energy transition, and other programs remain underfund

When will people wake up and realize that the war profiteers could care less about a military solution! If you were a billion$$, war profiteering, contractor like Boeing, Lockheed or so many others, the last thing you would want is a military solution.

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Killing people is very expensive.

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Although I don’t hold out much hope that my two democrat senators and democrat rep will vote against the budget “deal” as I have just now demanded of them, the DoD needs to be defunded, not given more at the expense of social programs…

The message needs to be sent that this kind of budget provides no protection against any real threats, now or in the future. This requires that Progressives or leftists need to have a rational defense policy, based on the very limited threats the US actually faces as follows:

A modest navy similar to the present coast guard. A few attack submarines and maybe two ballistic missile subs to deter any future nuclear threats. No ground based nuclear missiles. A modest Air Force designed to attack any incoming hostile aircraft and incapable of long range bombing. No drones. No special forces. No CIA paramilitaries, and CIA for that matter. No NSA. An FBI limited to domestic interstate crimes like bank robberies or kidnapping. No overseas bases. And an army of many millions of men and women based on universal military training and brief assignments within the US borders. (With liberal alternate service for objectors)

Such a defense force would more than adequately provide safety against any imaginable enemy for ages to come, there being no actual enemy in sight today. As to terrorists, their hostility to the US is based on US military attacks on their homelands and would disappear once we stop such criminal attacks.

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Look at what hate does. Isn’t it amazing? Our government hates everything, so we must spend our monies on killing everything in sight. The Earth and everything on it is our target. Seems we are doing a bang up job of it too. Pretty darn sick, ain’t it? It is insanity.

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Congresspeople were saying that the troops have been underfunded, the money was needed for training stateside and pointed out that too many troops have died during training.

I wonder, though, whether the money will go for troops or however money will make training safer, or will it go to corporations and real or imaginary war contracts.

They might just be saying we need more money for the troops and for training programs, then give the money to contractors so a month down the line they can point to the fact that the troops and their training still isn’t being funded so they still need more money (which would be diverted to more “contracts”,) ad inf,

You’d figure a Christian nation would eventually get the hint that God would rather it didn’t exist.

Well, that is if they were christians and if they really believed in gawd.

Are we missing the point? The war budget needs no expansion.
Could this gift’s sole purpose be to give cover for even deeper cuts to the social safety net?


A great country would be quickly rebuilding Puerto Rico and getting people off of living on the streets in US cities. The leadership in power in this country shows over and over again that they don’t care about main street and the average people. Great things could be done but there is no will on the part of those who control the strings. What can we do?

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HEY Chucky, what a great deal you made with your R’Con buds! How much of this war/weapons death funding increase is earmarked for Israel? You sold-out Dreamers for a bag of mumbles and empty promises…as usual! US politicians that serve a foreign power’s interests and/or betray-sellout the 99% and Dreamers should swing!


What else is new? Duopolistic addiction to corporate greed is the root of most of our – and the world’s – problems.

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Their evil knows no end.

“killing people is very expensive”.
That’s why the pentagon asks for a cost of living increase every year.

Oddly, in the last budget increase, there were some people in the Pentangle with a few threads of conscience, who told Congress that they didn’t need more money; they had plenty.The paranoid hippie in me believes that the Repulsive-cans are against birth control and abortion simply because they want to make sure they have plenty of cannon fodder. How else could they continue to make money from endless war?

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Call me a cynic but f**king really!? That’s an increase mind you, of almost 150% more than China’s ENTIRE budget for a year of around $215 billion. It’s enough money to run several small nations entirely. It’s 3 Jeff Bezos. It’s…well fill in the blank. BTW, China is 2nd in total military spending waaaayyyy behind the US.

I’m watching this upcoming giveaway…er, vote, very closely. My Senators from Oregon aren’t doing our state any justice with an AYE on this budget. We have a very small MIC footprint.
Now, our neighbors to the North and South, will vote AYE, in a heartbeat. 4 Democratic women Senators and only one rich uncle among them, named Sam. Those states can keep their Senators, and their blood money, as far as I’m concerned.

Killing three million innocents to keep them from turning into dominos was worth it.

Here is more info on the schumer sellout deal and where his true loyalties lie! The photo shows a slick weasel sellout and israeli shill!

Schumer also agreed to “the inclusion of an energy tax credit for advanced nuclear power facilities, which will cost $12.2 billion in 2018”.

Thus Schumer stands with NY Gov Cuomo bailing-out failed aged & deadly nuc plants rather than sustainable green energy support!

“Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has become the first high-profile Democrat to publicly oppose the nuclear deal the U.S. and six world powers struck with Iran. he will vote against it” so schumer represents Israeli interests first, anti-Iran nuclear deal propaganda and trumps pro-war madness, rather than any semblance of honor or wisdom - typical!