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Another Group Joins the Impeachment Chorus, Adding to Pressure on House Democrats

Another Group Joins the Impeachment Chorus, Adding to Pressure on House Democrats

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Another progressive organization is calling for impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump as pressure increases on House Democratic leadership to hold the administration to account.

"These are high crimes"
—Sean Eldridge

Stand Up America, an organization founded in the wake of Trump's election by activist Sean Eldridge, announced the push to impeach Tuesday in an email.

Get off your rich ass, Pelosi, and start the proceedings. Stop playing your usual political games and pandering to special interests and do your job! Regardless of the Rethug-controlled Senate an impeachment will bring out things about this monster in the Oval Office that Americans need to know.
No wonder Nancy feels intimidated by real representatives like AOC. Unlike her, they take their oaths of office seriously and actually stand for something instead of being absorbed into the right-of-center DNC machine.

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Delusional are those who expect the current crop of Democrat leadership to start to do their constitutional duties this late in their careers.

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Is DONALD J. TRUMP the only political action figure in America capable of shooting someone dead on Fifth avenue, in New York City?

Is there anyone who learned how to operate a dueling pistol in the DNC? Come on downtown! Shoot the breeze, and anyone in your way. Make history. Put your lead into someone else’s ass.

Presently impeachment is a futile exercise in arrogance. It is like a bar room brawl, everybody comes out bloody with busted teeth with no clear winner, except the sob that started the thing and left

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Reagan should have been impeached over Iran-Contra. Clinton should have been impeached over his ties to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait and the military use of force in Somalia and Yugoslavia. Bush-Cheney should have been impeached for the Iraq War. Obama should have been impeached for illegal drone strikes executing US citizens without trial and the entrance of US troops into Syria. If Congress actually did their constitutional duty they would have put a stop to the imperial presidency a long time ago.


Crime deserves punishment. Period.

The current crop of leadership in the House reportedly pushed on Pelosi hard last week. Just because Pelosi is leading from behind—and saying stupid things that make her position untenable—doesn’t mean her whole caucus or leadership team is with her.

All I can say is: harass your Congress critters. Call them several times each day and send emails and messages each day demanding impeachment. Do sit ins in front of their offices, get organized. Because the problem we have now is a sedate public. I mean where are the marches? Where are the protests? Heed my words: we are not going to win this by voting our way out of it. You cannot vote out dictators. That is, by definition, not a thing. So get organized and do something people.

Ummm…no. Not true. Impeachment opens the door for transparency and oversight. it helps contain the threat before all hell breaks loose. There is merit in upholding the rule of law and accountability. It isnt for nothing. Impeachment at this point is not to remove Trump from office but to contain him. Let those senators who turn a blind eye to his crimes go on record saying so, for all voters and Americans, to see. An impeachment would also forever tarnish this criminal POTUS’ record and show everyone in this country, from the GOP goons who chose to cover for him to anyone who ever thinks of doing a repeat of Trumo (If we survive him that is), that no one,no one is above the law and that our response to brazen lawlessness, treason, corruption and rank abuse of power is not and cannot ever be sitting by idly on our asses as Pelosi is doing and having Barr and co laugh at our faces as we issue subpoenas they gleefully ignore.

The country is already divided. Those who know what Trump is are not gonna be swayed by a conviction in the senate and his worthless supporters would vote for him even if he was convicted. it is doubtful that there are large swaths of the population undecided. If anything, failure to impeach only alienates Progressives and thus the democratic base that is needed to win this election. Focus your efforts on the under 30 vote - the forgotten generation whose only chance to ever own a home is if someone dies and they inherit it. Student loans, climate change. Those voters want a party that fights back, that stands for something and relentlessly and unapologetically does so because they know that it’s worth it, that their efforts would imprive the lives for every American,. Voters want to see accountability, not cowards who make excuses for criminals and traitors. We have worked too hard to get the House back in one of the most crucial elections in US history, to just be forced to stand by and watch these fools sit on their butts and do NOTHING while Trump ruins this nation each day a bit resulting in death by a thousand cuts.

Advocating against impeachment is fatal at this point seriously irresponsible because the less Trump is kept in check, the more brazen he will get to the point where the 2020 election results wont matter or there wont even be free elections come 2020.


As one who has been a defender of Pelosi in the past—it’s tough to wrangle 218 votes from 218 districts in 50 states from across the country—I couldn’t agree more. At this point, I don’t really even know what her position is anymore, except to say untenable.

At CD it becomes more and more uncommon to see republicans being blamed for anything along with democrats. And nearly never alone in the legislative realm. OK, Mitch the warlock once in a while.

Pelosi and other Corporate State Democrats will have none of this impeachment of a fucking fascist stuff. I mean, the tax breaks that Trump and Republicans have given them, and the fact that they are moving the pendulum so far to the right that the insufferable incrementalist corporate under the table servicing Corporate Democrats don’t have to work so damn hard moving to the right in tandem. Republicans go much further to the right, CSDs take a few more steps to the right and can still juxtapose themselves as being “closer to the center”. I’m so clucking sick of this scam.

Hell, Trump even winning the next election would be a great thing for their agenda to keep screwing over people in exchange for power, wealth, and privilege for themselves.

Think him winning would actually bother them one whit?

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Explanations and excuses vary, but the owners get served and the Democrats get very little done for the people - that is a constant.

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Correct. The United States of War last actually declared war on Dec. 8, 1941. The Congress has shamefully abdicated its constitutional responsibility.

Pelosi is the epitome of the “limousine liberal” serving the interests that really own and rule this country. She is a perfect example of what I call a “DINO-saur”. She needs to go.

Good answer. The analogy used by this poster was ridiculous.

If the Democrats are hesitant to begin impeachment hearing because they are afraid of losing the presidential election in 2020, they don’t need to be if they run Biden because they will lose the election with such a lackluster candidate.

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I agree and from my perspective, ever since Truman sent American, troops into harms way in Korea in 1950 without Congressional approval, the U.S. Presidents since have been culpable of many Constitutionally, illegal wars. That is not Democracy; that is Fascism!!

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