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Another Guilty Verdict for Monsanto as Jury Finds Roundup Was 'Substantial Factor' in Causing Man's Cancer

Another Guilty Verdict for Monsanto as Jury Finds Roundup Was 'Substantial Factor' in Causing Man's Cancer

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a landmark verdict against Monsanto that could have far-reaching implications, a federal jury on Tuesday found that the weed-killer Roundup was "a substantial factor" in causing a 70-year-old plaintiff's cancer.

"The day of reckoning for Bayer and its cancer-causing weedkiller is getting closer."
—Ken Cook, Environmental Working Group

Agent Orange by another name … like this stuff was not known for decades. I would say ask my brother in law but he died an early painful death following two long tours in Viet Nam war zones.

More troubling, but poorly mentioned, is Dwayne Johnson’s occupation: Hosing down public spaces and school yards! In a society that locks up glue sniffers for long terms, the criminals that have pushed mass poisoning for over half a century will walk free with golden parachutes…after making generous donations to their congressional sponsors to allow one last run.


Finally finally finally these fiends are being taken to task.

The natural world has been under siege for years due to these greedy lying -----!.

Crimes against life itself would be a fitting judgement.


The most dramatic construction in the university town where I live has been consistently in research and clinical facilities dedicated to CANCER. GD money system gets us coming and going. “In the year 2525, no more consumers left to shuck and jive…”


If you have this stuff in your garage, yes, it’s hazardous waste. If you use this stuff, yes, you’re taking that giant risk, you’re rolling those big dice. If you’re selling this stuff, your store lacks integrity. If you own stock in Bayer, your stock just dropped 11% last night and there are thousands of other people who want your company’s cash. I have a good tobacco stock for you.


Monsanto and the petrochemical industry have been paying top dollar for about a century for the most devious of snake oil salesmen and manipulators - and have been weaponizing the industry for so long that the snake oil is slathered all over the god-almighty-deluded-shareholders. This is a case of zombies moving in unison on a suspended platform that, due to the toxic vibe is heading for collapse. Best way for the planet to survive is to stop using, boycott and divest.

These ‘players’ in the technological revolution are legends in their own minds.

I am also reminded that 70% of the food on our tables comes from small producers. There is NO REASON other than deluded greed for this degree of toxicity and death-wish masquerading as arrogant power.

A westerner can still, in many traditional Indigenous lands, walk through a forest garden and not even realize that it is indeed being cultivated, the scope and scale of the organic cultivation so thoroughly integrated and balanced as to be invisible until collection for a meal is demonstrated.

This art is being practiced by increasing numbers of westerners inspired by the work and aggregate research of Dave Jacke. Restorative, abundant and stunningly productive, explore the Edible Forest Garden and related innovations surging among the ever growing ranks of folks fed up with being poisoned.

Could you imagine if the investors in Monsanto transferred their ethical priorities to sustainability and gave up the religion of profit at any cost?


How many people have to die because of this Known Poison before they take it off of the shelves in Home Dopey, Lowe’s, Walmart and Garden Centers? My guess is this and other similar products will be right up front in displays in all of these stores, as Spring is here. The Govt has been in bed for too long with the Companies that produce this people killer. This is not about one man!


“Today’s verdict reinforces what another jury found last year, and what scientists with the state of California and the World Health Organization have concluded: Glyphosate causes cancer in people,” Environmental Working Group president Ken Cook said in a statement, referring to the active ingredient in Roundup.

This is a false statement. The International Agency for Research on Cancer found there was limited evidence linking glyphosate to cancer in humans.

The referenced paper Carcinogenicity of tetrachlorvinphos, parathion, malathion, diazinon, and glyphosate and the full monograph are available for review. Even the limited evidence has been generally disputed as coming from a not very well run experiment.


I’m not making claims about the morality or ethics of Monsanto as a company but the asserted linkage is a as anti-science as climate change denialism or anti-vaxxers.

After the Dust bowl of the 1930s many farmers in the USA were taught “regenerative” methods of Agriculture by differnt levels of Government as it was established that unsound methods had helped make that natural disaster worse. Even then this stuff was not new. The older farmers who had farmed family farms for generations practiced these methods.

What happened in the USA and Canada and than into Australia is there was a flood of migrants from Europe that did not have farming in their backgrounds. They came from Cities and worked factories and when the “New World” opened to settlement with promises of “free land” many become instant farmers. Migrants from East Europe and the steppes of Russia and the Ukraine tended to have more with a farming background.

Monsanto should be shut down by the government but it of course won’t. The executives should be given life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.


For what crime?

" Im not making claims a out the morality or ethics of Monsanto …"
Well you should be.
Hmm, first post and it just happens to be about defending the “purchased” science of the former Monsanto corporation.


Glyphosate may be toxic (ie poison) but that is different than a carcinogen. Most anything is toxic given a sufficient dose.

There is no evidence that Glyphosate is carcinogenic.

That would be quite the trick considering monsanto is now Bayer. Im guessing one of the reasons they merged was to change their name thus possibly deflect some of the poor image their name has worldwide and maybe even avoiding some leagal action. Not sure how that would work now that bayer is in charge and its headquarters are in Europe.


come on folks , welcome the new Monsanto / bayer apologist troll to CD.


Why should I be making claims about the morality or ethics of a company? The company’s actions are not related to the false claims of the Ken Cook.

What “purchased” science are you referring to? I linked to the Lancet release that is sited by Ken but says something different than what he is claiming it does.

Misrepresenting the science because one doesn’t like the company devalues research which is more than what ever practices Monsanto may be doing. We can’t point to research in some cases like climate change and ignore it in others.

Please point out where I am apologizing for Monsanto or trolling.

I pointed out the claims made about glyphosate misrepresent the research that Ken Cook is referencing. In my view misrepresenting research is harmful because it undercuts the value of research in general. It doesn’t matter if the false claim makes a good narrative for a target you dislike.

For what crime? For creating carcinogenic weed killers that cause cancer, those weed killers are also people killers. Monsanto employees never use those products on their property & never eat food that has been used with Monsanto products. Their commercials are meant to mislead the public.


Yea, money is important as a penalty but I want to see some people in prison over this and forfeiture of assets of some of the corporate executives and board members. It is time that we put aside the Reaganomics pass on corporate criminal behavior and got really, really tough.

To be expected. The jury has spoken and they apparently didn’t listen to the expert on this - Mr. Robert_Daniel_Pickard