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Another Gulf Oil Spill Adds Fuel to Movement Against New Offshore Drilling Leases



What about the jobs (cleaning up beaches, dispersing spills to ensure more efficient bioaccumulation of toxins, inspecting seafood for safety, advertising that the Gulf beaches are really safe...)? /s


Thank you, Ms. Sturgis for the excellent report.

Anytime one hears safety claims made when Oil Spills now have a HABIT of occurring with damning regularity, they should remember this:

"That's right: a modern pipeline at a high-tech deepwater development project leaked thousands of gallons of oil, and that leak was accidentally discovered. Not because high-tech telemetry on the pipeline signaled an alarm due to a drop in pressure; not because flow metering detected a difference between what was going in one end of the pipe vs. what was coming out the other. How long would this leak have continued, if not for the sheer luck of having a vigilant pilot happening by?"

Some years ago when I was working on a movie script that involved dolphins, by serendipity, I came upon a PBS video that featured Robin Williams "talking" to dolphins. They understand a LOT of words.

In any case, there need to be some kind of SIGNALS transmitted to Dolphin pods to alert them to these lethal spills.

Imagine more beautiful mammals washing up along the Gulf, and more tainted seafood sold as if it were safe (and unlabeled).

Mother Nature can't keep rebounding from all this BATTERY.

SHE is the ultimate metaphor of the battered spouse being destroyed by her should-be Divine Partner. (Most corporations are owned and run by white males = patriarchy. It is NOT a good partner to Mother Nature! When it's not pillaging and plundering natural resources, it's making outright war on some people or tribe or location.)


Each and everytime there one of these spills, be it by Oil tanker, or drilling at sea or of a pipeline, the amount that is in fact spilled is vastly understated in the official press releases,

At the same time the Corporations and Governments that promote these activities Publicly claim there will be minimal impact on the environment should they proceed,If there minimal impact on the environment why do they have to lie each and every time after one of these incidents occur?

Again , those in power that act as regulators in the approval processes HAVE to know the record of these industries and have to know that the threats to the environment stated at the hearings are far greater than what being claimed. They approve them anyways. The collude in the crime and will feign outrage and concern when such a spill occurs.


As soon as we get the Democrats and Republicans who refuse to effectively regulate in the People's interests out of office this and our war banking infrastructure and pharma problems can be addressed. Freeing ourselves from corporate party rule is the essential precursor to survival.


I went looking for an epa report on his spill and cannot find anything, where did this information come from. I would think epa would be a primary source?


Consider how all of the following operate and then imagine them working in concert:

  1. "Need to know basis,"
  2. "National Security"
  3. Free markets (= call to massacre any regulatory agency)
  4. "Just following orders"
  5. "Proprietary Information"
  6. No journalists allowed in the Gulf after the giant Maconda gash and ensuing oil gusher
  7. CIA acting as "Hitmen" to secure valuable assets for the corporations and/or 1%
  8. A corporately captured Mass Media that deceived the nation into wars of aggression
  9. No liars held to account. Instead, according to Janine Wedel (in her research on "Shadow Elites") they "fail upwards." Meaning--they are rewarded for their loyalty to specific Deep State Groups and following their agenda. Outcomes are not factored into the mix.
  10. How much did the mass media cover global warming until the past year or so?
  11. How much does the public hear about Fukushima... as if the problem has been remedied and there's no continuous STREAM of lethal radiation?
  12. How did the public learn about the illegal spying (that's still in place)?
  13. How did it learn about torture inside Guantanamo?
  14. How did it come to know that Assad did not "gas his own people" as pretext for continuing war into Syria (next on the list as per "The Project For a New American Century")?
  15. How many understand just how deeply the Nazi presence was woven into both the military and much of academia after W. W. II?
  16. There's a massive cover-up on the alleged safety of gen tech food.
  17. There's a massive cover-up on the alleged safety of vaccines.
  18. There's a deliberate campaign to increase mosquito spraying (of poisons into nature and our water tables) here in Florida under the allegation that it's intended to control Zika. (Zika did not cause the microcephaly problem in Brazil.)
  19. The public school focus on standardized testing is intended to cordon off children's minds and BLOCK the creative use of their intellects
  20. Note the closed voting systems that force an outcome that is NOT indicative of The People's Choice.

A cursory reading of ANY article by Robert Parry (added to a number of sickeningly funny anecdotes found on You Tube) shows how media Talking Heads ALL repeat the same narratives essentially reading from the same script!

The public is not intended to know... the new normal is totally contingent upon engineering a FALSE REALITY and repeating its details OFTEN.


Excellent bullet points.

Just to add.

What we have to do here in the West is learn to divine the truth from those official articles, in conjunction with other sources to start peeling away all of those layers of deception. The people living in the old USSR learned how to do this but that Authoritarian state had even less control over the process than does the well oiled machine in the West,

As those Hollywood Movies were being pumped out in the 1950's and 1960's speaking to the perils of Communism and "Mind Control" of the masses, the CIA was spending untold millions on that very same process. Those movies were part and parcel of that , the simple process of deflection to another so as to garner trust in the target audience.


Thank you for the nod.

Don't you think the fact that 50% of young kids are showing respect for Socialism, and that high percentages distrust the MSM, and huge crowds turn out for Sanders (and take part in all sorts of protests and events that oppose Establishment Politics) are PROOF that this skepticism is well in play?


Yes I have noticed this and as I said at the beginning of the Sanders bid for the Presidency is that this the most important reason for him to run. The people are being awakened after all of those years of conditioning.

It also one reason I remain vocal against those that suggest bringing children into the world some sort of evil. They ARE the future and they will be the Catalyst for significant changes.