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'Another Horrific Act of Gun Violence': More Than 20 Killed After Gunman Opens Fire in Texas Church


'Another Horrific Act of Gun Violence': More Than 20 Killed After Gunman Opens Fire in Texas Church

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Today an unthinkable tragedy occurred in our community," a nearby church wrote in response to the shooting


just wondering how many people of color are the shooters in these horrific mass killings??? any statistics???Who are these murderers in the land of the free and the home of the brave. uglier by the minute living in this country.


Very sad, too common.


American exceptionalism.


The 2nd amendment outweighs the 1st, you remember that from school right?


Enough praying. Enough platitudes. This just keeps getting worse. The NRA has yet more blood on its hands today.


Here comes another barrage of meaningless “thoughts and prayers” from every politician in the country, but, as usual, that’s all they have to offer.

On to the next mass shooting.


Do cops always have to shoot to kill?

It would be nice to catch the shooter alive and get some answers.


I really am sorry for everyone’s loss.
That being said.

Everyone from the President on down wants bigger and better guns so they can kill more and more people which has got to be the sickest thing I have ever experienced in my 66 years on this planet. I was the victim of an attempted murder at age 9 so I think and damn well know what I’m talking about. When you put someone in a uniform and teach them how to kill and they die you call them hero’s for killing people, sick and damn sick. This is our standard. My Hero’s don’t kill people they teach Peace.
Other countries have had this problem and FIXED IT!


I am sorry what happened to you at age 9. That is a big trauma. I agree with you: War is nothing more than sanctioned murder.


I’ve often wondered about this too. You would think that the law of averages would produce at least a wounded, but living, shooter occasionally. Strange and stranger. So it goes.


Agree with you once again, Ditton. Our heroes should be people who make the world a better place.
I could think of so many that it would take days to name them! One who just passed would be Harry Belafonte.


Depends on how you define mass shooting. Everyone has their own definitions to match their agenda.


White male was the shooter


This particular mass murderer was not shot by the police and the driver of the vehicle that killed so many in New York recently was captured alive.


The DC snipers were caught alive in 2001, and so was the Walmart shooter in Colorado a few days ago.


Amerikkkans either need to pass gun control or simply take mass shootings as the price that is to be paid for gun manufacturers profits. Enough of the damned “thoughts and prayers” platitudes. Politicians need to put up or shut up. They couldn’t even pass legislation to ban bump stocks. “Today an unthinkable tragedy occured…” Unthinkable? There is a mass shooting almost every day. Allow the families of shooting victims to sue the gun manufacturers and thumbprint readers will be put on every gun they make in no time.


Well, problem solved on the hero part, the Texas AG has it figured out:


Now isn’t the time to debate gun control. By the time is it time to debate it, there will be another mass gun murder and then that won’t be the time and so on and so on and so on.


Whites win again.