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Another Koch Criminal Justice Reform Trojan Horse: Reentry and Privatization


Another Koch Criminal Justice Reform Trojan Horse: Reentry and Privatization

Lisa Graves

As Congress considers major criminal justice reforms to address the devastating impact of gross sentencing disparities that have devastated minority communities, the Koch machine is seeking changes to the law that would benefit Koch Industries and other corporations by limiting their criminal liability, as the Center for Media and Democracy documented in 2015.

But that's not the only part of the agenda of the billionaire Koch brothers' network that is in play.


The Koch Brothers work as Exhibit A for why there should be a cap on wealth.

What kind of human being destroys the social safety net for others only to then snare unfortunate souls in the drift-nets (prisons) put in place to catch them?

Astrology is the DNA of our spiritual natures and there is no sign more linked to pure, naked opportunism than Capricorn. What I have found in committing to this field of research, counseling, and study for more than 40 years is that PLACES are just as reflective of these archetypes as are individuals.

Key West Florida incorporated (and thus became a viable entity) on a mid-January day. (I can't find its astrological chart at the moment, but I have interpreted it in the past.) In other words, its dominant identity is Capricorn, the sign of opportunism.

And Key West's early wealth was generated from "The Wreckers." And THIS was considered a LEGITIMATE business!

Essentially, this tiny island set up a Light House that purposely guided ships towards ROCKS and sharp reef so that the ship would end up compromised, and then "The Wreckers" could climb aboard and help themselves.

THAT is the mentality of the Koch Brothers and all of these disgusting Hedge Fund entrepreneurs as well as the vulture capitalists... the ones who buy out viable businesses, fire people, rob the assets, skim immediate profits off the top and then leave them for dead in a manner eerily reminiscent of how so many mineral-mining enterprises rape the land, leave toxic wounds open, and communities to pony up the often exorbitant sums needed for clean-ups.

NONE of this should be legal.

These types of unfair abuses make Democracy impossible and MOCK established law; but ultimately, what good is law if it isn't enforced? And since the kind of Money fiscally concocted by the Koch Brothers' shenanigans (and their like) has granted them the riches through which to purchase mass media, academic scholars, lawyers, and politicians... this nation (and much of the world) is at the point of a new form of Corporate Divine Right of King. In other words, what these behemoths deem as law essentially becomes it....


The Kochs aren't human beings. They have corporate charters for hearts, adding machines for brains, and they care not one whit for We the People. Right on SR11; it shouldn't be legal. It is unethical, immoral, hurtful, discriminatory policy that in a just society would wind them up in the privatized jails they so eagerly sold to state legislatures.I hope the people take their pitchforks to them before they drop dead.


I think you're an industry shill just playing a bit of a Columbo Game... politely calling upon me to define why Libertarian anti-govt. rhetoric--and its costly and disastrous outcomes--require any explanation.

How about what happened to the water in Flint, Michigan?

And someone like yourself, PAID to subliminally reinforce pro-privatization rhetoric would never question why there are 2.2 million prison beds in this country; why a recreational use of Pot in one state is legal, but can result in major prison time in another; and how it is that the dearth of jobs (and overall lack of investment in urban ghettos) ensures a steady stream of warm bodies to what's become a New Prison Plantation System: farming out largely Black labor for pennies on the dollar.

There is so much wrong with turning formerly efficiently run government programs over to for-profit entities who could care less about anything but profit.

Even viewers of "Law and Order" have seen episodes where items like mental health services (inside prisons) were cut back resulting in seriously dangerous outcomes.

I'll make it simple, pal... shove your pro-corporate agenda where the sun don't shine.

In the oft' change that you honestly wished to know the answers to your own formatted questions, I'd recommend you start by reading "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer.

Second on the list: "The Shadow Elite" by Janine Wedel. Find out why privatization cuts out any chain of accountability... and how that factors into public (and societal) health.

P.S. Tell your think tank handlers that IF they pay me 3X YOUR going rate, I'd be happy to write them an essay.


Just as we need to get money out of politics we need to get private companies out of the prison business. The Justice Department could be instrumental in getting this done if only they would.
Dealing with incarceration inequities is part of the Sanders call for change. My hope is that as we start breaking down the Big Money schemes this will be included. I have a personal reason this is so important as my nephew was sent to prison for twenty years for a crime he didn't commit and without any evidence, literally no evidence. It was one person saying he did it and no evidence it ever happened. This occurred in Texas, one of the worst offenders. Innocents being sent to prison to stuff the pockets of the corporation. Real reform is needed but as the article says, be careful where it comes from and who benefits.